KF7ETX 6 Meter Dipole Antenna

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Jonni Jeja: Great instruction. Does it need a balun?

DrTarpon1974: Very nice build; but of course, every dipole owned by a ham should be homebrew! I'd be embarrassed to buy one!

Cryptosporidium: USNERDOC - Question, how much did it cost you in 2011 and how much would it cost today?

Followup Question: Would you be able to put a kit together and ship to my QTH in Sweden? Of course I would pay in advance. Reason being I can't seem to find parts here.

bsdguy: Very nice job and great documentation.

Ernest Clark,Jr: Homebrew

Chris Walport: Could you use this as a possible
Scanner Antana?

Robert Alan Carter (W0QFW): Well, I guess I could call you MY ELMER :)  I know you might think your videos are old and maybe outdated, but to us who are just starting or getting back into the hobby, watching these videos really put the spark in things. Thanks for the info and .pdf, I too am off to the store to get some parts ;)  Thanks

john leonardelli: great job on some awesome creativity. so now off to the hardware store for parts

MrJinx58: You said your in a antenna restricted area.  I thought I saw a video on a vent antenna. Or look into Ventenna. As far as the lower bands Try something for inside your attic.


William Bynsdorp: I got the pdf that time. Now for to get the parts. Thanks again
73s  Bill ve3srh

Bill Bijnsdorp: tried to access the pdf but would open.
Bill ve3srh

kb5zcs: Can this antenna be made for 10 meters.......

Hein Krohne: My compliments, looks a great antenna. Wonder what the overall length is?

USNERDOC: That is a nice compliment! It would be quicker and less expensive for you to get two heavy duty whips and a Versa-Tee with coax feed from BuddiPole. Unfortunately I have no time to build these for folks . . . I am already behind on my own list of things to do! I did post a PDF instructional manual if you do want to press on to build your own. I added the link to the notes above. 73!

USNERDOC: @flashMXdesigner - working on it . . . stay tuned!

pcomp: I too am interested in building this, is there a link somewhere here to the pdf? 73 - David

ke4wsh: HI David where can i find the parts list for the 6 meter dipole ! great videos 73 ke4wsh

Jason Dailey: Hi Doc! Yet another great video! I have never had a chance to work 6 meters yet. Wait til you get your General license and explorer the bands down below 30 MHz:)

USNERDOC: @WE0H - good thought . . . not sure how well that would work with the chrome plating . . .

WE0H: Could that threaded insert in the whip be sweat soldered? Mike
KF7ETX 6 Meter Dipole Antenna 5 out of 5

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KF7ETX  6 Meter Dipole Antenna