GM 3100,3400 Thermostat Replacement

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GM 3100.3400 Thermostat Replacement
GM 3100.3400 Thermostat Replacement
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vvidrio: Thank you, it really helped me and it's a done job! Again Thanks!

anthony slade: My temperature hand goes up and down while I'm driving but it's not over heating does that mean I have to change the thermostat

Mark Webb: The GM engineer that designed this T stat system should be flogged.

Red Rider7: Oh the joys of having XXL hands and trying to work on nowadays vehicles. LOL. Thank you for this video!

American by Birth Southern by the Grace of GOD: I'm a CDJR tech and I have to say bud you make a really good How-To video! It gives me some good ideas for how to make a few myself on the CDJR line ups, so THANKS

Clint Luna: About how much coolant did you have to refill after this job? Thanks!

Joshua Jimenez: thanks,very informative.anyone ever tell you that you sound like Ray Ramano?

gazeebo88: Do you know what the metal clips are called/where to get them that close the air filter box? The Jiffy Lube people lost one of them (and of course didn't tell me) and now the filter box is closed with only 1 metal clip.
I've been looking all over amazon/ebay and can't find one that would fit this box. I'd appreciate any help. Besides that they also disconnected the breather hose to show me my air filter and never connected it again and also cracked the tube connected to the pcv valve. Not going back there again ..

Also, I have a GM3400 and the thermometer gauge in the car always shows a little under half. I had the thermostat replaced a year or so ago and I believe they used a 190(but I could be wrong)
Is this a good temperature or should I get a thermostat that makes it a little hotter?

WarMachine550: Is there anything else under there (in the area of the thermostat housing) that could leak coolant? A friends 01 Malibu has a coolant leak puddling right there underneath the thermostat housing. I didn't have time to dig any deeper when I looked at it. I'm thinking the thermostat housing is leaking, but I was wondering if it could be something else.

Veda Hansbro: i wish you actually showed you doing the work along with saying what you did for people who dont know. other than that, excellent video

Rahim D.: Hiya,
The 90 degree hose that you pulled out out the air intake hose that goes to the back.. what is it called, do you know? Mine did indeed break because it's -25 degrees Celsius here (-13f) and was brittle. I need to order a new one. Thanks mate. Great video btw.

bloodbath91n: thank you so much for your video on changing the thermostat on my 2005 Pontiac Grand Am and I did not know how in the world to get that bottom bolt off this video helps so much much appreciated

Tim T: This job took me 8 hours on my 04 Monte Carlo 3.4L without taking off the exhaust crossover or heat shield. Most of the time was trying to get both bolts back in with such little room. FWIW, I purchased the Calvin GM Thermostat tool but that did not have enough clearance to be of use. I was able to get the bottom bolt with ease using a standard flex head ratcheting 13mm wrench. I was able to fish my hand around behind the brake fluid reservoir and underneath the crossover pipe. What a pain GM!

ggin nj: well...Even using the GM Thermostat Wrench for the bottom bolt - I was able to use that to loosen the bottom bolt far enough out - but then there wasn't enough clearance to get that wrench on the bottom bolt, and I could not turn it by hand. Never the less it was far enough. I was able to force an extension under the black tube to easily get the top bolt out. Then I needed to loosen the heat shield. My Water Outlet has the self bleed tube that connects to it - and I wasn't able to get that off - I was able to disconnect it at the over flow and pulled the spark plug wires on the front to give me enough play. I had to use a screwdriver to pop the thermostat into the housing and a little fiddling able to slide the housing off the bottom bolt (still in place). Getting everything back in place was actually a LOT easier. test the system and hope it doesn't leak! - Knowing this now - I'd probably very much consider taking it to a shop next time....

infinera06: Guess I will have to practice my contortion exercises for this job.

Teddy Banks: After reading some of the posts, what are the thoughts about the Housing and thermostat being removed and replaced without removing the bolt that has the slot in it on the 3.1 engine? In this case a 1996 chevy corsica 3.1

Brian Genter: Good video, top tips!

ggin nj: Does the housing require a gasket around the bolts? Or just the oring around the thermostat? I saw a different video where someone made a gasket using a manilla file folder - traced the outline onto it then cut it out.

okisaru: gotta tell you thanks for this vid. it helped a lot . . .thank you
GM 3100,3400 Thermostat Replacement 5 out of 5

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GM 3100,3400 Thermostat Replacement