Spinalis Dorsi Aka Ribeye Cap!

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Chefneilde: I know this is an old post but nice work´╗┐

Johnny Hernandez: Nice tunes on your videos man I listen to this crap too when I'm prepping´╗┐

Qjordan56: What kind of knife is that?

Rick Theory: "Sierra Leone" and "Burial - Archangel" by Mt. Eden

Joshua Abrams: what's the name of these two songs?

oefel: fapfapapfapfap

Saltydog55252: Thanks for the cred. They sell very well.

Rick Theory: @smokeymacpot024 Hahaha thanks!

smokeymacpot024: dude i freaking love your videos. just sayin

Rick Theory: @harder715 Oh my God I wanted to kill that pencil you have no idea!! I was so distracted by an employee who got in the way lol I hate that pencil!!!

Michael Harder: 7:02! Ahhhhhh!! Finally that damned #2 pencil goes away!

Rick Theory: @lsdc86 Haha Invicta Men's 6411 Python Collection Chronograph I always get a kick when people ask about the watch instead of the knife lol

lawrence Stephen dela Cruz: what kind of watch is that?

Rick Theory: @dawilliamstn We actually paired it up with the ribeye cap steak as a duet of beef. You could also just trim the center cut and sell it on it's on as a center cut ribeye.

dawilliamstn: @PCCkitchen What do you do with rest of the ribeye, just portion it into steaks? I've been thinking about doing this at home and breaking the whole subprimal into the various little steaks like they do on the BAM Beef Checkoff videos.

Rick Theory: @dawilliamstn This was actually my first crack at trimming spinalis. It was used for a special and I haven't done it is a while now. The time it took isn't really a big deal considering how tasty this is. It takes about the same time to bone out, portion and trim a NY strip. I learned about this from Scott Sebastian aka SaltyDog of Sebastian's where this is in fact a regular a la carte menu option.

dawilliamstn: How often do you do this? Seems pretty time consuming for this to be offered on the menu on a regular basis.

mrm95: would be sweet if you could also post a vid of the finished dish sometimes. it's really neat to see how professionals present the dishes!

Keeenooo: Nice music choice!!! Thought it was odd that 2 videos concerning the spinalis dorsi was posted so close together but then i saw your shoutout to salty... Keep posting those intresting videos.
Spinalis Dorsi aka Ribeye Cap! 5 out of 5

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Spinalis Dorsi aka Ribeye Cap!