Rebuilding The Pheonix Atomizer

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Thomas McNabney: I just watched your video as I just got a Pheonix and did exactly what you done and it worked thanks for the vid!!! Also thanks for the tip on when your connector plate pushes in how to fix that had to do the same to mine and it worked :-)

Richard Lloyd: yours looked alot like my first one,what a trip you make me laugh

Moggy Catermole: I made a pad from cotton batten I inserted in the bottom then used a wick of SS sitting in it works great 1.5 ohm coil on a Vamo at 8 watts

evelwmn: Thank you, Clint...and I will check them out

Elite Squad: Your awsome your spirit is hilarious ..check out my vids at Clint Duffin

Denny Ranck: I Have taken my Phoenix and rolled a Steel Mesh and built my coil around it and then put a piece of silica wick through the center to keep it wet and that Steel Mesh give you an amazingly clean vape without the wick taste and also i have a Genesis addy and love the clean taste so i wanted to try that and it is the best lol and i just run my gen and my Phoenix on an 18650 Silver Bullet

inyaneyuok: I'm gonna get one of them magnifying glasses like yours. I'm going to be rebuilding in a couple of days. Right now I can push my builds to last up to three weeks.

evelwmn: arent' you glad you tried? when i saw those screws i almost didn't lol

inyaneyuok: I'm an owner of a two-month old Phoenix and watching this video reminds me of the first time I had to rebuild it. After using a mile of wick and wire I got it to work well enough for me to use it for a little over a week. The second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on attempts later, I finally got it to work just right for me. Trying to put the wires into those very small holes was a challenge and it still gives me trouble if the ambient lighting isn't so good. Thanks for the video!

evelwmn: I got mine from Vaporcigzz, some nichrome and some kanthal...wanted to try it all experiment same with the wick..i really like how the silica tastes,,,but that is just me and i think everyone has to experiment to see what they like best.

Nick Dutch. Mind, Body, Spirit, Psychic and Tarot: I tried using lamp wick as a wick and basically NO. It was bad. I am now trying 100% pure cotton cotton wool which seems to be ok. Make it into strands and it seems to work. But I am not sure if it is the right material (IE healthy). I have seen videos of people saying that pure cotton twine was good, so I have some on order. But what materials do you use (ideally cheap and easy to get your hands on materials) for a wick? and what kind of wires do you get? Mine is nickel chrome 0.212 mm.

evelwmn: I was reading this and I felt your pain. Honestly, it does get easier. LOL good job.

Nick Dutch. Mind, Body, Spirit, Psychic and Tarot: My phoenix came today. I burned up the factory fitted coil in about 4 hours and then tried to fit the replacement factory coil. One of the screws came out in the process and so once I had got zen for about 20 minutes getting the screw back in, i then tried to get the wires into the holes. I failed and eventually wrapped the wires (badly) around the screws and tightened them. I had no magnifying glass and my eyesight is getting longer. It was a bastard. but i did it and it works.

evelwmn: LOL glad you liked it.

Allen Ecaldre: haahhaha i just enjoy how you describe what youre doing :D ahahhaha thanks for that vid !!! :D

evelwmn: I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way but just jumped in ;-)

Sugar MacLeod: Thanks for that! Didn't think I'd be able to do it but after watching this I think I can..I think I can. :)

CajunGuitarArtist: WOOT! Now I can rebuild mine! :-D

evelwmn: LOL not quite sure what that means but I am glad you like the video.

evelwmn: Naw...was gonna hit him with the can lol
Rebuilding the Pheonix atomizer 5 out of 5

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Rebuilding the Pheonix atomizer