292 Chevy Inline 6

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292 Chevy Inline 6
292 Chevy Inline 6
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Inline Six 292 Minirod

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Rob Liese: I have a 1980 chevy 3/4 ton pick-up with a 292 straight 6 engine, and it will start with the choke plate wired open, and stay running just fine in neutral, but as soon as I put it in gear and start letting off the clutch it stutters and dies every time. When I let off the gas and step on the clutch it will stay running. What is wrong with it, because this is my only vehicle for work and it is now costing me money.

Jeff Barker: nice! this is what I want to build next!!

kennethrobinson11231: I'm a old Hot Rodder. This was what I used on the 292. Clifford Cam, 194 head, Pontiac Sprint 6 Intake and exhaust manifold. And The Q-jet from the Sprint. A M20 4 speed. and 4;11 gears with 24 1/2 inch tall 7 inch wide M&H slicks. All this in a 62 Chevy II. Ran in the high 12s. Never had any trouble at all. Drove it on the street too. The small blocks boys stayed away from it, if I asked them to run. low end torque and 6500 RPM.

AMV12S: Hello guys, why don't put triple Weber 40? it's a lot better.
or import from Brazil a Fueltech.

David Chambers: I have a 292 I6cyl and the engine. 
My problem is the distributor modular gets me stranded. I need a dist that is dependable. Also I hear a rod knock or rocker arm assay at idle. It has 6,000 miles on the long block I have. Any suggestions? 

Bronywithguns870: I have 2 questions. Both related to the truck. Is that 57 chevy's firewall stock like is it not cut? and if the fire wall is uncut, How di you manage to get that beast of a 292 to fit perfectly in the engine bay? I was just asking because my grandpa was gonna put a 292 in his 57 but he decided on the inline 6 Cummins diesel cause the 292 was longer than the cummins.

Christopher Mcnally: In a 57 pickup Any idea what the mileage will be like? This is my favorite engine.

veggiepowered: 292 straight 6 was best engine chevy made 

Jason Clark: I have 2 yj's that both have a AMC 258. There not drag motors more like having a tractor engine.

kennethrobinson11231: You can use small block heads. Cut one cyl. off and use two heads I've seen this years ago. in a rail. And for you people that don't know much. A 292 has more torque than a small block. Long ago I ran them in trucks. 350 could not pull with them on hills or open road. And as for Ford. They had a 300 6 cyl. that would pull too. I've out pulled 330 fords and 361 too. They were hard on fuel but they would run. Been there and done that. Want more power out of the 292. Use the 194 head. 20HP change. 

w41duvernay: I just wanted to ask. I run an Olds Quad 4 to be different. I really love the old Pontiac Sprint 6 OHC engines. That is what got me to look at running a smaller engine. 

josh1977markv: So would have dropping in a small block. Boring.....

w41duvernay: Why didn't you just go with a 4 bbl instead of the 2 2bbls? It would have been a LOT cheaper.

j23s23: boil it on h2o ;) mine slid right on 

Travis Gill: you got me on that 

bowtie4ever96: Wants the point of building a v8 ? 600hp v8s are to common and not unique now 600hp 6 will get some attention because not everyone builds one

jason cunningham: im trying to find info on a turbo charged 292 on propane supposedly u can run up to 17:1 compression in my opinion inline 6 wood make the best truck engine larger and more mains than a v-8 langer con rods mean better engine geometry and propane is also way cheaper than gasoline with higher octane and can take higher boost pressures without condensing air fuel mixtures ... you cant argue that it when 99 percent of big deisels on the road are inline sixes? 

RE1SPECT1WALK: It would be a waste of headers

Travis Gill: even Chevy guys hate those motors....waste 

JohnnyDesaint: Nice!!!having a hard time installing my harmonic ballancer.and suggestions? 
292 Chevy Inline 6 5 out of 5

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292 Chevy Inline 6