How To Measure For Replacement Windows

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earthman7676: Thanks for making these videos. They are very helpful.

Little Shepherd Farm: Nice job, Shannon...a little too lengthy at the beginning for most to tolerate but still very informative.. Thanx

dreamingcode: Jesus man freakin measure it already

joseph king: Great video can you do a video on how to install a patio door and frame going. From a standard door to patio. About to attempt this . Bhaha. 🇨🇦✌🏼

Brian Dugan: Why do you not cut the siding back to expose the old nail fin?

Gregory Helton: Lol this man is a craftsman that could build a entire house with nothing but a hammer, few nails ,and a hand saw, but some of you still want to talk crap about the man just wanting to help you out..... Dumbass cumstains.

blugsr600: When You don't know all information is good information. If you know, no reason for you to be here. Or just skip to the meat and potatoes.

blondago56: ThANKYoU for this! the husband & i are researching to see if we can tackle at least one window replacement 😜

Oscar Caballero: what if your walls are plaster and built in the 20's?

Bring me Peter pan: Good video man very clear and explicit in your instructions, I'm just browsing youtube looking at window installation cause I have an interview Monday for a job at a window seller and installer. I have quite a bit of experience working in houses but windows was something I never really touched, I'm a tile installer mostly but usually end up doing lots of other stuff like laminate, sometimes vinyl, framing and insulation, drywall, minor plumbing which usually is just putting the sink and fixtures back in the kitchens and bathrooms I tile. I've done some electrical too nothing major, dont touch panels or junctions but I'll usually end up running the wires and put in electrical outlets and switches cause the clients tend to want us to do that instead of the electricians cause we're cheaper lol But yeah windows are foreign to me, so heres hoping I can get enough from these videos to make an impression, I love doing this kind of stuff since I was knee high to a grass hopper on the jobsite with my father. Thanks for the video, I only have one question for you, are you Canadian?? I'm from southern Ontario on the lake near Toronto.

Paul Trigger: Great stuff. If one is not a contractor, where do you buy/order replacement windows from? Most stores will only sell new construction.

Dewayne M: hey, your canadian. wheres your metric tape?

Sergio DePinto: Straight Up- and accurate assessment of the work my installers do everyday. Brick mould issue discussed, but more importantly, frame in- or no nailing flange, is addressed. ... thanks..

Larry Leisuresuit: omg

my cats: Thank you for this video.
I have a house built in the 40s (possibly earlier). It is wood construction with metal windows (I think steel). The windows are singe-hung and have some sort of rusty round rod that the bottom pane slides up (if it doesn't jam). Windows drop like guillotines because they won't stay open on their own anymore.
There is no insulation in the exterior walls. Currently there are just studs with 1/8" thick paneling (with plenty of gaps). The window I need to replace the most has no trim and I'm not sure how it is held in place. I measured the outside and it appears to be 24"W x 36"H (2' x 3').
We had the siding redone back in the early 2000s so we have vinyl siding and trim on the exterior.
The window sits pretty much flush against the exterior of the house. Do you think it would be possible to remove it from the inside (and replace the wood framing with PVC) and install a replacement window from the inside without disturbing the siding?
I forgot to mention that I live in a remote area where people are not willing to come out.


Carreno 123: wow this is an awesome video. couldn't have been explained any better

Steve Chu: I have a 150 years old house that may not have a standard 4 9/16 wall thickness. a few of the windows turned problems for me.

I found that the dry wall on one side of the window had a gap between the the actual house structure for around a quarter to half inch deep. The wall thickness on the left and right side turned out different too.

Shall I go with the smaller side and redo the drywall(which I am going to redo regardless)


Nehmo Sergheyev: I once worked on a large house (built about 1905) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, that had 16 3/4 inch wall thickness. It turned out to be same over the whole house too. I told the homeowners about it, but they weren't informed enough about construction to appreciate the information.

TimeForYourMind: Thank you.
How To Measure For Replacement Windows 5 out of 5

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