Monolid Smokey Lavender Make Up Tutorial

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Monolid Smokey Lavender Make up Tutorial
Monolid Smokey Lavender Make up Tutorial
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Boom Toma: You look like Sohee

jennifer chua: OMG . i'm glad that i found your channel. i have the same eye lids like yours. it's so hard to put on eyes make up ;( But i saw that how easy you put on the make up. 

UmbrellaElala: Sunny unnie! i have a monolid eyelids too but i've seen on your latest videos that you have a double eyelids. any tips pls? :)

TCassiopiea: you're so pretty :D

laceycupcakes: Yay for monolid tutorial~ :D And you look super pretty with red lips <3

iSandy: @sunnydahye Ahh thank you ^^ hehe Hope to see more vids from you! :3

sunnydahye: @ugurls21 hmm the lasting power is okay not bad, but i needed to use eyeshadow primer so the only thing i got was this one. im still trying out other eyeshadow primer too, so once i found a good one i'll let you know ^^

sunnydahye: @ShortStackClemmensen ^__^ kamsahamnidaa

clarebear0416: The YSL eyeshadow is actually a duo! I guess you're calling it a quad because most of the time drugstore eyeshadows come in four! But anyway, I love your hair in this vid! No more short bangs again and no more black?!

laceycupcakes: @sunnydahye I think you're doing great with monolid tutorials :D So, keep them coming! Fighting~

sunnydahye: @christine180298 will do! thanks for ur input!

sunnydahye: @daaaaaaami i really like it, its one of my fave blush, so thankful anz got me this. hehe the colour is pinkish coral they are very soft and shimmery if you like soft and shimmery colour blushes u will enjoy this one ^^

Jooeun Han: what song is playing in the background? c:

sunnydahye: @itsPrettyInPeach ^__^ <3 <3 babe! ure always so sweet! thanks

sunnydahye: @xAutumnKiss aw babe! thank you ure so sweet!

zeeet: too much color!

LiveLaughLovee4Eva: thank you!!~~ for fulfilling my request on doing more mono eyelid tutorials >__< The makeup looks soo pretty im for sure gonna try it out

MinnieJazmin: So pretty!!!!! I shall try this look on my cousin who has a monolid :)

sunnydahye: @crzy4makeup will do i know alot of people requested this i'll try to put this video up by next month, thank you for watching hun :D

mysasuke55: omg your lips are so perf <3

iKaraholic: You manage to pull sexy and cute together. SO CUTE :D

1234uglyduckling: I love your nose!

kwmq9: really pretty look hun!! can't stop emphasizing how well red lips suit you!! ^^ great video hun!!

sunnydahye: @LiveLaughLovee4Eva hehe let me know how it turns out after you tried it out hun , hehehe i will try to do more monolid look from now on thank youuu

Koyokiee Lin: i would like to see your makeup collection and storage if u don't mind... cheers... i love your video..... < do you have any blog about makeup?? n are u Singapore???

Tranman69: omg u look beautiful sunny....u brightened up my day

sunnydahye: @supasundae hahah XD really? thanks!

sunnydahye: @laceycupcakes yay! hehe im going to try to do more monolid tutorial from now on i think ive been too scared to try out more monolid look cos im not really good at it >..< but i'll try to do more from now on! hehe thanks hun

Boom Toma: She doesn't have them now too but sometimes she uses tape for making double eyelids though

yolkfive: what's the eye liner brush you are using ? Or it is a liquid eye liner? Thank you!

macaronimince: this is beautiful sunny! :)

itsPrettyInPeach: this look is amazing! I love purple on you =)!! <3

itsPrettyInPeach: @sunnydahye kekeke I speak the truth =P

Fanny Thorlind Lampa: Me too! :(

sunnydahye: @iCHUYY ^^ thank you hun! ive bee subbed to you way back i love your videos! ure so pretty too! <3 <3

sunnydahye: @CelestialEtre ^^ thank you hehe

chris tine: i think u shud tightline ur eyes so that it looks better~~~ bt anyways gd job~

yun yoora: sunny do u recommend L'Oreal eye shadow primer for oily monolider or not?

Jooeun Han: what song is playing in the background? c:

sunnydahye: @cyexquisite hi connie! :D thank you so much for stopping by :) have a nice weekend!

Irene Tsk: T-ara instrumental <3 I love this song!!!! :D

sunnydahye: @kwmq9 >.< thanks hun hehe , :') so happy you like it. i was abit not confident with doing monolid tutorial cos to be honest i really suck at doing my own monolid make up :( im still learning thank you hun!

cookieyuri: You loooook SOOO gorgeous in this video twinnie!!!!!! love the dark hair!

haruxnyantv: wow!wow!!! very sexy&cute!! keep it up^^

Jenny Lee: Love the makeup~~ and the lipstick looks amazing on you!

sunnydahye: @milklove123406 ^^

jennyjojoful: wow, love natural and beautiful! please do more monolid tutorials!

sunnydahye: @koyokieelin yep will upload it next week along with room tour video ;) so stay tuned! <3 ^__^ i do its but i rarely update my blog i'll try to update more during my holiday thanks hun im not singaporean im korean

sunnydahye: @haruxnyantv hi huuun!!! <3 <3 thank you so much hehe

KolourfulGurl: @sunnydahye You're welcome ^^ I wish I had monolids so I could try looks like this
Monolid Smokey Lavender Make up Tutorial 4.2 out of 5

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Monolid Smokey Lavender Make up Tutorial