Johnson Creek Smoke Juice E-Juice Update!

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Taldaran: Yes my friend, let them sit for a day or two. Also it shows that you are confident enough to admit when you may be wrong. Good review!

AgHeinz57: Classic tobacco from Blu is equal to JC Domestic.

will yates: Well i bout the juices from jc and they will not vape very well,thought it was my atomizer or clearomizer but then i tried several of my units and all but one did not vape well.Tried it in my kanger tech,then others and it just would vape well and yes i tried other juices afterwords and hmmm got good vapor and taste.Tried and tried,washed,replaced wick,coils etc..and guess what,the stuff sucks,then tried it in my iclear 30 from itaste and it one of the juices did vape and vaped well but the taste was like nasty.The other two,well they just gurgle,dunno if it's to be vaped by a specic unit but i am not pleased with johsons creek crap.I bought the cheap crap from the shop and it vapes really good but lacks a kick,tried buck naked and it has the nice throat hit but the flavor is weak,anyone no a great juice for the kanger tech or ego or even the vea cause this crap is gonna be sent back,thank you jc for a waste of time and that steeping bs don't work,i shook and shook and opened caps/closed caps shook,hid away in a dark corner the stuff and like others ive tried to steep,it's an enigma,it don't work!

Justin Morrison (DuB): Lmao Fedora 

ks1307: I tried The original (pg) and Ten. Cured. Found it too watery and made my tank leak. Any problems you may have?

Dyann Lynn: This person has been kind enough to take the time and effort to provide useful information for those interested. What would compel you to leave such a moronic comment? I'm so sick of all the irrelevant, unnecessary rude remarks on YouTube and elsewhere, made simply for the sake of being offensive - especially when directed at people who are just trying to help others!

Kirsten Sjostrom: I'm also wondering if it could junk up my tank cuz its so thick. I have heard of some brands doing that. Right now I'm just using the JC in my BLUs to tide me over through the steeping process of my latest order

Joe Ferro: hey man , ive been trying out all sorts of e-juices from all sorts of e-juice providers and i finally found a really good one ... its called namberjuice , i dont work for them or anything ( i wish i did ) but anyways the flavor and throat hit in every bottle is really really good .. dont even need to let them sit , if you havent tried them yet i highly recomend you do

Kristopher Williams: Cigarettes cause your taste buds to sort of lose their receptors, thus maybe you're starting to taste better because of vaping..

pkspence: Try the Johnson Creek "Vanda", which is vanilla, not "French" vanilla. It's great!

Andrea H: For people that like to Drip, Johnson's Creek actually has this really sleek red pump, I been using a new halo tank system as I haven't vaped in a couple years but I loved that thing, its even on sale right now ;)

Sandy Lloyd Jr: How thick is that Johnson Creek, Red Oak smoke juice? I have an eGo-C and I heard the Domestic taste almost exactly like the blu eCig. So I want to try it but I am worried that it may be to thick to vape properly.

joel pereira: Dude tour absolutely right sometimes especialy the made in the us ejuice dose need to steep keep in the closet for 24 houers uncaped then cap it leave in closet 7 days but you can vape it in between. everyday it will taste beter and beter im new at vapeing even newer at steeping its awsom. anyway keep on vapeing good luck.

mmanda515: lol.... <2weeks later (after your prev review) Nice! lol

cobaltss50: One thing I like about Johnson creek. I live an hour from them so I can go get it.

william lester: that a ego his useing.

william lester: steeping is letting the acy out makes better taste

pmoyer50: tropmonky : I enjoyed your video. Thanks. When my V2 cigs cartridges run out at the end of next month I plan to try out Johnson Creek e-juice and when I do receive them I will let them steep a week or two. It is made in America and not in China. If something in the China e-juice is bad and it comes to legal action one wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on. I've been vaping for just shy of a month. The V2 flavors are okay but they are made in China and that gives me an uneasy feeling.

pmoyer50: If you take the time to watch the entire video he really gives Johnson Creek a thumbs up. Evidently you didn't take the time to watch the entire video. I'm about to order some of their e-juice because it's made in America. A lot of the e-cigarette companies have their juices made in China. I wouldn't totally trust anything that is made in China. They don't give a flying eff about the consumer. If they put something bad in them they really can't be prosecuted. Buy American and play it safe.

xXxDigitalRocxXx: They have about equal amounts of PG and VG juices. 11 PG Flavors and 12 VG.
Johnson Creek smoke Juice e-Juice update! 5 out of 5

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Johnson Creek smoke Juice e-Juice update!