GoPro Tether (How To)

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Benedict Tan: Not a bad solution, I would suggest that instead of using tape you will have a cleaner, more rugged result if you used heat shrink over the steel wire. The other thing I would suggest is that if you are going to use this on your helmet you want to keep the GoPro tethered on a very short leash. A hard enough impact that could potentially turn the camera into a miniature flail and have you clubbed in the face with your own GoPro :D

iamloudmusic: I'm not worried about the mount coming off my vehicle - I'm worried about the bolt coming out of the last link in the mount and the camera/case coming off the mount.

Les Gainous: Cable seems a bit too much. Why not some sort of fishing line. I'm sure a 15-20 lb test line would suffice. It wouldn't scratch anything, it's lighter weight, and it won't look ghetto--in fact, it's almost invisible. It's very inexpensive and the only tools/accessories you'll need is a pair of scissors or a knife. Just make sure you tie it in a sufficient knot (half-hitch, bowline, or anchor bend knot). Additionally, a drop or two of superglue on the knot can add another level of insurance.

lilphil26: You can use shrink tube like used for soldering up electrical wires. Makes a nice clean cover. Good video buddy. Good idea

randy collier: sure does,still sucks

Todd Swain: @randy collier I believe the video has 3 thousand more views than all of your videos combined. The people have spoken...sit down.

randy collier: dear god,you film like a 3 year old,delete this video

Todd Swain: You're welcome! Let me know how it goes!

Todd Swain: I'm due to upgrade my tether; I'll check it out!

Jason Morgan: Thanks Todd, I appreciate you taking the time to share this. I was about to buy a tether setup at around $25, but am going to take a trip to Home Depot. Have a good season.

calvacoca: Thanks for the video. But well, the problem with the GoPro, is that the microphone is very sensible to anything that can touch the case or the fixing accessories. The case reacts like a drum, and amplify the noise of anything that touch it or touch the place where it's fixed (bicycle frame, helmet, etc.). So I wonder if a metal cable is the best thing to secure that light cam : with the wind, it will move and surely make noise... I think a fishing line would be enough to secure it...

Todd Swain: Well hello troll. The problem was my new editing program that I didn't know how to use at the time. Also, if you read in the description it acknowledges the fact that it is formatted wrong. Thanks though!

Hoopjooby: Great. You managed to show how to make a tether for your GoPro Camera but you managed to film it 70% out of the frame. Nice. Good luck using your're gonna need it.

JR Smith: Home Depot has that wire with the plastic sheath on it. I am making these loops to tie outdoor furniture to the pouch, so it will not blow away or be "spirited" away.

2rescueyou: Rather than duck tape I used rubber paint dip called Plasti Dip. It makes the tether look pretty sharp.

Todd Swain: @TheClassyLaddy Thanks for the feedback :D I re-did the description with a list. Thanks again!

TheClassyLaddy: Good video. Throw material list in the description and youce got yourself a complete set of instructions.

Todd Swain: @Deuc35 I only have about a foot and a half of tether, I bought 4ft initially so if I messed up I could fix it. The end result was like I said about a foot and a half and what I did was take the tether off my boot when I would put the camera on my head then tether the camera to my helmet. There's not a lot of slack and the cable is stiff enough that it doesn't flap around. You could duct tape the line to the board/helmet so there isn't any cable sticking out.

Vherbal Assau1t: great DIY. one question though, how long of a tether is that? i mean, do you really have about 6ft of cable going from your boot (which its tethered to) all the way up to your helmet? could you maybe tether it to your backpack (if you use one) instead so you don't have that much cable flapping around while you are boarding?
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GoPro Tether (How To)