How To Build A Flat Bottomed Boat

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How to Build a Flat Bottomed Boat
How to Build a Flat Bottomed Boat
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Peter Mark: Great build here

Big Burgh: just buy an aluminum one off of Craigslist

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Cam Trathen: why not se the full sheat of ply wood with out cutting t to 42" ?

adam courville: Marine ply is not at all waterproof. It will rot just as fast as untreated ply. The difference is the quality, it is guaranteed to not have voids in any of the plies, uses a high grade glue, and usually has more plies than the same thickness of regular plywood. No matter what you use it has to be completely sealed from moisture. "Stitch and glue" building is a much better method. Incredibly high strength to weight and much easier to get complex shapes. 

BigRigFishingAndOutdoors: How thick was the plywood they used and how tall were the sides?

Joe Cwik: This use to be how ALL boats were made.  With a little innovation you could greatly reduce the weight by using different materials for the marine grade plywood - which by the way is EXPENSIVE stuff! :)  Good video and clearly explained.

diger29: What is the weight of the boat?

Patrick b: Can I use this boat plan with a few changes at the stern for a air boat? 

Jared Colahan: I did this boat , But I had 3/4 inch plywood, It took me 10 hrs of labor, parts of three days I was tickled , It was water proof and my son and I put it in the lake . thats 425 lbs and were 3.5 inches in the water. biggest downfall is the wieght. I used five sheets and 14 ft long.

SISSA MARQUES: It's a floating box !

Andy Mueller: Thanks for this video.  I have zero knowledge of woodworking and this project actually looks within my reach - a good place for a beginner to start.  I can't wait to see how this comes out - I'll post pics.

Carlo Williams: A rebel yell from down here in the low country of S.C. The boat building was a eye opener .Something I was looking for a simple plan for a boat. Should work good in the swamp and marsh down here. Thanks & a Rebel yell 

Mon S: Is that just a box?

App PlayStore : thaiwoodenboat: Thanks for sharing

MrTroutguy: about how much do you sell these for?

Techpabiii: how long is it?
How to Build a Flat Bottomed Boat 5 out of 5

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How to Build a Flat Bottomed Boat