The Plaster Bagworm

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Poonam Khandare: R these harmful /???

Rita Mama: I found one of these in the bathroom of our home in Naples florida. Never saw it before, but I will be looking for more.

Sophia Kiwie: A plaster bagworm

CaptainChaos88: Omgthat one is huge!

Florida Severe Weather Channel: Thats what they are!! Noticed them in Brevard county florida.

xlrEAGLE: They eat spider webs. Spider actually eat them.

xlrEAGLE: They are useful scavengers. If you don't want them around keep the area free of old spider webs and dead bugs, or make sure the spider webs have spiders. The spider love them!

Zezza Boono: Don't kill them! Get moth balls and space bags, store your sweaters. I hear these lil guys eat spiders. I'd happily oblige them if they truly are spider eaters. They are your friends! Yeah, they are kinda cute, huh? As long as they're contained, lol. Much respect!

Jung Carlson: I almost died today when i saw one of these moving on my wall thought it was just a piece of dust then its head popped out oooo i still have the chills i have a slight phobia of small worm like things. I live in california so we gottem too. Im just about done doing a complete ovehaul cleaning of my room. they hate the cold so if you have them indoors air conditioners will deter them.

New Era Natural Pest Control: Plaster bagworms, are frequently found on stucco walls in high-humidity climates, particularly Florida and Louisiana. Although plaster bagworms are harmless, their nests are unattractive and their larvae may feed on household rugs and clothing made of natural fibers. Regular housecleaning, humidity control and elimination of food sources should keep the insects off your walls and out of your home.

duff558: they are in Australia too

IYN Minizmal: It eat my hair . bagworm ..badworm

New Era Natural Pest Control: We have these in South Florida. Plaster bagworms are well known here! They feed on spider webs. Get rid of the spider problem and you remove the food source. They are however, dfficult to remove from the walls. Scraping them off with a hard brush is needed.

jonson ponce: in the philippines they are hanging on the walls

Susan Yelle: These are now IN CALIFORNIA! Found a whole bunch of them on the brick stairs indoors. Wow. I'll hafta find out how to kill them, they are creepy!!

Amner Reyes: i happened to find several of the in a matter of 2 wks, i wish i knew how to get rid of them and i live in texas, south central, and its hot here so i dont know.

TheChoujinVirus: idk if what I saw was a bagworm, but it had this lint-like shell as big as a grain of rice and I saw this little head pop up and move about, using the lint shell as it moved

Raoul Pop: @ololololol81 Not to my knowledge. They live in tropical areas.

ololololol81: @raoulpop do they live in S.W.E.D.E.N? sorry for the .....

joseph p: i read that tey live in humidity so its best to keep ur house air conditioned
The Plaster Bagworm 5 out of 5

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The Plaster Bagworm