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Leon Mare: I find their empty cocoons on the walls now and then. Gross. South Africa - Pretoria.

irfan123100: i found one in one of my rooms, was fascinated by it at first. Then when I was done admiring it, I sprayed the hell out of it with bug spray.

Cindy Rizzato: I saw two in my bathroom and almost had a heart attack. Glad to know it’s just a moth 😂

Sharon Rodrigues: Phereoca uterella

Melissa lisa: I've been searching for the name, species of these. Growing up in Puerto Rico I used to see them on the cement wall of the garage. I have asked my friends from PR if they remember seeing them and just my luck they do not. I searched online but nothing, I knew I saw them I used to bother them when I was kid. Thankfully I serached and found the answer. ... I knew I wasn't crazy.

Alo Chatterjee: We have seen these insects in our home, but they are not harmful insects. Their nests are unattractive and their larvae may feed on household rugs and clothing made of natural fibers.

Liam Willett: I suddenly found these worms living in my bathroom and I thought I had discovered a new species :/
I live in Singapore

Allaine Stephanie: i just saw this 5 minutes ago after searching what it its

Rain: I saw this odd little guy weeks ago and I thought I have found a new species :(

Kenzo B: Plaster bagworm aka  Phereoeca uterella.

MoebiusTripper: I had a very hard time trying to find the name of this pest...Thanks for the video...That's the little critter alright in my bathroom....When I find them I put them in my garage so they can eat the spider webs they are said to like....

Poonam Khandare: R these harmful /???

Rita Mama: I found one of these in the bathroom of our home in Naples florida. Never saw it before, but I will be looking for more.

Sophia Kiwie: A plaster bagworm

CaptainChaos88: Omgthat one is huge!

Timothy Bovasso: Thats what they are!! Noticed them in Brevard county florida.

xlrEAGLE: They eat spider webs. Spider actually eat them.

xlrEAGLE: They are useful scavengers. If you don't want them around keep the area free of old spider webs and dead bugs, or make sure the spider webs have spiders. The spider love them!

Zezza Boono: Don't kill them! Get moth balls and space bags, store your sweaters. I hear these lil guys eat spiders. I'd happily oblige them if they truly are spider eaters. They are your friends! Yeah, they are kinda cute, huh? As long as they're contained, lol. Much respect!

Jung: I almost died today when i saw one of these moving on my wall thought it was just a piece of dust then its head popped out oooo i still have the chills i have a slight phobia of small worm like things. I live in california so we gottem too. Im just about done doing a complete ovehaul cleaning of my room. they hate the cold so if you have them indoors air conditioners will deter them.
The plaster bagworm - Vlog 5 out of 5

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The plaster bagworm - Vlog