How To Make A Paper Sniper Rifle 1/3

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Hassan Shahzad: nice´╗┐

bryce santiago: how many tubes

FiFa11MaDnEsS: its "tube" not "toob"

Justin Loyd: @ 8:25 I can hear my jam goin' on a little lol.

TheHammerKids: @Sos Amiryan really, maded?

HaTeDxPReD: thumbs up if you heard bruno mars in yhe background

Eric Tjoe Fat: How many tubes do you have to make?

232374232374: I making it know

Syahrizal Fauzi: @Tdog1151 dead space?

ham yus: ok

Wilfred Natawijaya: thanks crazi men !

XxNinjaStudiosxX: My sister has that shirt! No Offense though..

Eli P.: whats the size of the papers youre using?

victor miranda: that cool man i am gonna doit

Splavacodo38: lol i was jk

freeweezy88: K thanks bro

ZingySleet14: thumbs up for black eyed peas :D lol

freeweezy88: Can you put the bolt action on the other side of the barrel?

treisthegrasshopper: im new to youtube so if you can, reply to my channel :)

12635jacob: did it and the stock is all messed up but a fairly good gun and make anothing good one like this please :)

Waughinator: You're going to need to make 14 tubes *leave video*

SubscribeHabit: its been 6 months, its taking you that long?

matijashero2012: 3:35

treisthegrasshopper: i know how to make the whole thing semi auto

Evan Fraley: 3:52 | | | v

Killingzone99: @ELImK48 A4

rayado012: oh my god im goin to jail i just killed 236 trees

GheetoJorge1123: Did he fast forward the video or what

Sigis London: hard but cool

aalmost12: you dont know how much i love the gun but is this more for teens?

crazimen74: @Explosionlord78 roll up a peice of paper around a pencil or something small.

funnyneil41510: good but it would of been better if you would of said the exact amount of tubes and not "around 14" its all good your pretty amazing!!

Sherri Wilder: thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evan Fraley: Everybody look at the video picture. Looks like he has a long pencil

aalmost12: @12635jacob i tell you what i would do is with the stock put like bars taped but then get paper over it so i dont look crap ok?

ELCJ2K11: Hey guys please check out my paper sniper if you liked it subscribe

BL1NDF1R3OWNZ: i liked the video cuz your not some 6 year old doing a flat aug saying its an awp but all in all its a flat piece of crap from halo.

Oliver Glimmerveen: a4

brownjacarvious: keep up the good work

Alanotedonquijote: hw many tubes i need to do??

Victor Manuel: NICE

Vince Juson: Omg i wasted all my papers to do that

MultiBrandonman: Nice,Bro! I actually made this at home, but it didn't come out right

therealsimpson5: Shut up dude he did a good job!!

asd3000oo: I LIKE Saving Trees WTF FTW

Syahrizal Fauzi: @Timinator9504 he make fourteen tubes

Michael Alon: no sh^t? I Sat here and made it. It was very good,turned out just like his. Just saying there was a lot of paper involved.

LordFailure: Does it shoot because if it shoots dont you have to make the barrel clear so you can see realy good through it?

MrComplexable: wuts up with your voice you sound depressed

OfficialDracz: nah, i did finish it but i fcked it up at some point, didnt notice it until i couldn't change it, then i didn't want to make it all again
how to make a paper sniper rifle 1/3 4.7 out of 5

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how to make a paper sniper rifle 1/3