How To Insulate A Room To Attenuate Loud Noise

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flyaway242: Thank you for posting this video! I have Hyperacusis and Tinnitus too, but I do not have this room. The whole idea and design of this room is very smart considering the disability you have. Stay strong, and don't give up! Thank you again for posting this.

hyperhelp: Ok, thats your opinion, but for me what I show in this video was a good way to protect my ears from noise in a proper level (not too much, just the necessary), and to get better in a very short period of time. If you think theres a high risk of fire, then you have to take care about the sockets, cigarettes, etc, for some time.

Hans Troost: Two pitfals: 1. Main advice in case of hyperacusis and tinnitus is not to flee into silence. Use for the same money a professional Electric Noise Cancellation combined with background noise, like sea white/pink noise ect. 2. To me the used materials like foam rubber and especialy styrofoam will act like a NAPALM Bombardment in case of a FIRE. Proper professional absorb materials will be fireproof, almost impossible to catch a flame.

hyperhelp: You are welcome marthale7. Thanks also for visiting my channel and viewing this video. Have a good time.

hyperhelp: About the materials used here, I agree with you about the risk of fire, but it is possible to avoid it taking care of sockets, cigarettes, etc, for some time. Your recommendation over this point is maybe the best decision, but a little bit expensive.

hyperhelp: Thanks for you comments. Yes noise cancelling headphones are very useful to protect our ears in many different situations and places, but as you may read on The Hyperacusis Network, it is very important to have at least one place at home that could be enough quite to rest and to be away from extremely noise coming from outside, especially at night.

hyperhelp: Hello April, thank you very much for your comments. I hope also you be fine and could make all accommodations needed in your room, for this summer. Take care. Julio.

computermech: Nice video. I also suffer from Hyperacusis and Tinnitus due to my neighbour playing deep bass music day and night. I had a major stress attack on Dec 24, 2008. I have put my semi-detached house for sale. You have taken long steps in ensuring a sound proof environment for yourself. Have you also considered "pink noise" therapy, also using Noise Cancelling Headphones by Bose ? I am currently considering any options that are available.

hyperhelp: Kelly, thanks a lot for your comments, and for being so sensitive with my condition. I appreciate to much your advices. I hope also the same for you, and hope you are making a success dealing with those problems. Best wishes.

Hans Troost: One professional 'fireproof' absorbtion foam 52 mm thick and size of 1 x 1,2 meter, costs me about $100. When bought in greater amount one can get a significant reduction. Made 'artistic' with a design on a simple open woven cloth it's also less prisonlike...

Mark Lambert: Hello, I have Hyperacusis also and I would love to have this room during the summer when people are mowing their lawns and building on their houses. I hope you find recovery! thank you for doing your video God Bless, April

hyperhelp: Thanks for viewing my video and for your comments. Yes, I'm performing a pink noise therapy, by listening an audio CD, since TRT is not available in my country. I haven't tried with the NCH by Bose yet, but I plan to do it. I used to wear foam earplugs (sometimes along with earmuffs) when I need to protect my ear from strong noise. Take care and see you.

marthale7: I don't have this problem, but I do enjoy silence. I use earplugs, having more silence I can focus more energy and thought to a single task. I also like white noise, ( a fan ). Thanks for the video.

hyperhelp: Thank you very much for the information.
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How to insulate a room to attenuate loud noise