ION Color Brillance Hi Lift Ash Blonde

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iON Color Brillance hi lift ash blonde
iON Color Brillance hi lift ash blonde
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Ion Color brilliance high lift ash blonde
ION High Lift Ash Blonde 12.1
ION High Lift Ash Blonde 12.1

"Blonde hair without bleach" "Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde" "Ion Hair: Hi Lift Cool Blonde"

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KellynesMarie: I Just Bought It Today Lol xD

lupita S.: Thank you and I have one more question I do a bleach bath to my roots when I bleach them due to my hair being verry elastic and dry and sticks out everywhere is that ok and what can I do for my damaged hair I only use matrix and bed head and ion thanks I love all your vids

FUNKYMACGIRL: lighten the roots again but only the roots till you can get all the hair to match!! then use the t18 with a 10 developer

lupita S.: I just bleached my roots and my roots are a orangeish but the rest of my hair is yellow what do I tone with please help me when I use the t18 with 20 devloper my hair turns purple in 5 min please help

FUNKYMACGIRL: this will work.. or try the t18 with a 10 develper for abot 5-10 minutes and yes invest in a purple shampoo

Andrea Hernandez: should I use the ash blonde one with a 30 dev.? I'm not trying to go as light as you just a light blonde...

FUNKYMACGIRL: yes i know what your talking about these strands are the stubborn ones..i usually well let the toner slowly lighten them or use a hi lift blonde its safer than bleach if you want to use a toner do it with a 30 but just try a hi lift blonde From Ion in the level 10 just choose your color then tone..and wait patiently it takes time to lift hair to get it really light its better slowly than having it break off..if you wan to bleach be careful and do sections at a time!

Andrea Hernandez: i tried to two my hair as well I started from black hair, I did bleach the top of my hair and put a toner but didn't do much my top hair color right now is a dark blonde almost to caramel blonde the exact same hair color you have between your dark hair and blonde hair, you have a few strands of them. I want to know if using this will work?

betenoireindustries: you have a great skin tone for cool colors. did you do a 1:1 mix or 2:1? with the 30vol developer, that is.

MommaStac: Me ends are very yellow I'm trying to do an ombré I like beige or white would this work on my ends?

FUNKYMACGIRL: it will make it as close to the swatch, this works best when hair is already light so this should work great on you! use a 20 or 30 develoepr..good luck!! always do a section first then compare it to the rest of you blonde!!

Brian Bonish: my hair is already light blonde if i put this on my hair will it make it bleach blonde?

FUNKYMACGIRL: yes, but i suggest to do a section, time it, then wash it out, dry it, and compare it to the rest of the hair to see if theres much of a difference!! good luck and deep condition!!

ovoxoqanq: from the ion collection which one will you consider being more of a platinum blonde ?

Adrian Gonzalez: Hi...I just wanted to know if I can use this color even if I dyed my hair a dark blonde or do I have to bleach my hair first....thank u

FUNKYMACGIRL: hi..ya hi- lifts are really what you think they are i always pre lighten, if i dont i will get gold tones, maybe a level 9 would and could get light, but for now use a time just do a section of hair it will help you determine if your gonna llike it or not. how long did you leave it in and what developer??

milfrie: I used the 12.v and my hair came out really gold and a little orange. I didn't think you had to bleach before using HL color. I was told that 12 AA clairol (BL, V) would be good for my gold tones. I am a natural 6 level.

FUNKYMACGIRL: thak you and yes it would lighten a little but you still might need to tone.. remember to condition well!!

Dawn Gattshall: my hair is light in some areas its kinda yellow so would this lift my hair to platumin and what developer should i use i love your videos :)

Anay Guzman: hey so i bought very light blonde 9n-9.0 and i have light brown hair do i just apply it and itll work right away or do i have to mix it wit anything else???? i need help please asap
iON Color Brillance hi lift ash blonde 5 out of 5

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iON Color Brillance hi lift ash blonde