A Cleaning Field Strip Of A SR22 Pistol

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Pheasant815: Cleaning this pistol is so easy, because it disassembles so easily.

Pheasant815: After over a year, and thousand of rounds it still holds up! What a fun little pistol.

Pheasant815: I have an Otis kit. It works well. I like pulling hard crud out with it. That said . . . if there is harder material (harder than the barrel's steel) on the bore snake than when resistance occurs by pulling it through would it not go into the snake (soft materiel) over the hard steel of the barrel? I would agree with hard shavings getting stuck on a guide rod and pushing into the barrel. I always wipe my rods clean to prevent this issue.

Pheasant815: That sounds like it would fix it. MY XDs has an angle "hood" and I think that concept might have worked with the SR22, but I am a pretty good arm-chair gunsmith. :) Thanks for sharing this advice/tip!

Clayton Barrett: I had the same thing happen on my SR22, I just got a piece of 800 grit automotive sandpaper , made a flat block out of it, put a dab of Hoppes 9 on the paper and rubbed on the flat 3 sided area at back of barrel to get rough scratches out. Eventually it smooth down into a better tolerance and doesn't scratch anymore.

Will Stephens: no odd sounds, no fail to feed or eject? I bought it new and have only put a couple 100 rounds through it. Might have to send it to Ruger if it gets worse. Thanks for your reply.

lyleinmb: Thanks. Use Otis flex rod not bore snake. No need to drag dirty snake thru bore each time. Use clean patch each pass.

Pheasant815: That is odd! The slide is softer metal (aluminium) and really does not have rough contact. Does it make any odd sounds when racking the slide?

Will Stephens: good vid man, I have developed small scratches on the top of the exposed area on the barrel when the slide it closed. I have made sure everything is clean and no debris could cause the scratching on the stainless finish. Any ideas?

Pheasant815: I have a shorter version of the breakdown of this pistol. You might have better luck with it. Thanks for watching.

William Fagan: Could hear you sometimes...other times not....thank you.

dibiasi777: Mine has taken a turn. Now since I joined a range I am shooting it all the time. MANY failure to feeds. I have 3 clips. At least one failure per clip. I plan on sending it back to Ruger for repair. 3 different types of ammo.

David G: You forgot to clean the ammo clips!

David G: I can barely hear it also, at 100% volume.

Pheasant815: I really like it. I know a few others who have had problems, but mine runs very well. I do clean my handguns more often and more thoroughly than typical - that may help. It is a stress relief, so I'll clean them when I get home and before I go out.

dibiasi777: Great video. I just got this gun. This will help!

Pheasant815: This pistol is great for new shooter and for people who like to shoot inexpensive .22 rounds.

Pheasant815: I have never though of using turpentine. I like to stick with gun care supplies. Some use WD40 and other chemicals, but it just seems odd to not use chemicals specifically made for a job. IMO

richie bailey: Could you use turpentine for cleaning it?

Pheasant815: I did not say "I can hear it when I blast the volume", but I suggested that for you. I did not do this when recording or playing this video. I am sorry this video is giving you trouble. Debbie, you could make your first video showing how to do this correctly. I thank you for taking the time to write out how to do it. My hundred plus other videos are doing fine, and this 11+ month old issue is no longer really a concern of mine. Thanks for your help.
A Cleaning Field Strip of a SR22 pistol 5 out of 5

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A Cleaning Field Strip of a SR22 pistol