A Cleaning Field Strip Of A SR22 Pistol

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Pheasant815: Cleaning this pistol is so easy, because it disassembles so easily.

Pheasant815: After over a year, and thousand of rounds it still holds up! What a fun little pistol.

Clayton Barrett: I had the same thing happen on my SR22, I just got a piece of 800 grit automotive sandpaper , made a flat block out of it, put a dab of Hoppes 9 on the paper and rubbed on the flat 3 sided area at back of barrel to get rough scratches out. Eventually it smooth down into a better tolerance and doesn't scratch anymore.

Will Stephens: no odd sounds, no fail to feed or eject? I bought it new and have only put a couple 100 rounds through it. Might have to send it to Ruger if it gets worse. Thanks for your reply.

lyleinmb: Thanks. Use Otis flex rod not bore snake. No need to drag dirty snake thru bore each time. Use clean patch each pass.

Will Stephens: good vid man, I have developed small scratches on the top of the exposed area on the barrel when the slide it closed. I have made sure everything is clean and no debris could cause the scratching on the stainless finish. Any ideas?

William Fagan: Could hear you sometimes...other times not....thank you.

dibiasi777: Mine has taken a turn. Now since I joined a range I am shooting it all the time. MANY failure to feeds. I have 3 clips. At least one failure per clip. I plan on sending it back to Ruger for repair. 3 different types of ammo.

David G: You forgot to clean the ammo clips!

David G: I can barely hear it also, at 100% volume.

dibiasi777: Great video. I just got this gun. This will help!

richie bailey: Could you use turpentine for cleaning it?

Debbie Wilson: I think that's the problem. Before you upload, do *NOT* blast your speaker audio and say "gee, I can hear it just fine." Instead, (if available) set your audio correctly when taping... and set your computer volume correctly when playing it back. After uploading (after it's too late) you can still try to play the audio from YouTube. But again, NOT with your speaker volume set to 100%-200%. Try it at 50% and it should be at a normal hearing level. (This video definitely isn't.)

G234Z17: i agree with Debbie i have my volume all the way up and still cant hear

StarDust024: sounds like something i need to do, having alot of FTF's 8-[

Debbie Wilson: I REALLY wanted to watch this video. Where is the audio? (Before uploading, you can check and boost the audio with some simple software.)

Debbie Wilson: I doubt you will ever find a steel version of the takedown level. It's MEANT to be plastic/rubber to absorb some of the slide blowback force. If you want a totally unbreakable one, you won't get it from Ruger, unfortunately. But TwinTech has them for $20 at twinTechTactical (dot) com/Takedown-Lever.html

cormitch: I've fired about 1200 rounds through mine without a deep cleaning. Only problems I've had are with some FTFs from the magazine. Not sure if it's the ammunition or the magazine or what. Anyways, thanks for the video. I'll be cleaning it this afternoon (first time cleaning my first gun, what a monumental occasion, ha).

Twisted86: Yeah SR22 just died for me, what killed the deal is the plastic breakdown lever breaking within 5000 rounds. Great little gun but till they replace that take down with a steel version its just not trusting. Some reviews it breaks within 50 rounds...another its 2000, the best was 5000 rounds but it still breaks. Appreciate your reply btw :)

Twisted86: How does it handle cheap ammo, any jam issues? If you had a option between a Ruger Mark 2/3 or SR22 what would be your choice? I like the Mark series as its proven reliable BUT I like the look of the SR22 as I MIGHT get my CCW once I feel confident in my ability.
A Cleaning Field Strip of a SR22 pistol 5 out of 5

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A Cleaning Field Strip of a SR22 pistol