Honda 750 Nighthawk Exhaust System Modification

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Honda 750 Nighthawk exhaust system modification
Honda 750 Nighthawk exhaust system modification
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92 Honda Nighthawk CB750 stock exhaust removed .
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toomuchbeer07: Sounded better when you took the inner pipes out and ran it open.

juntjoo nunya: would have been useful if you had the before sound

H B: I did this after watching video, no differences sounds the same.

Wes Bush: modifying exhausts without increasing jet size causes a lean fuel-air mixture that could lead to burnt valves and piston faces

417Shagnasty: Stage 1 jet kit folks... any change from stock back pressure and the stock intake vacuum pressure such as higher flow air filter will cause the nighthawk 750 to lose hp. and torque in the lower end of the rpm range. The stage 1 jet kit is even GREAT if you leave your exhaust and intake all factory stock. The low RPM and midrange grunt on my nighthawk and cold startup is much better now with the stage 1 jet kit installed!!

James Bregel: My baffles will not come out even with hammering the pilers as I pull. Nor did pb blaster help, I doubt you will respond but I hope you do.

Wade Hendrix: Did you do a before & after gas mileage results?I'd be interested to find out if drilling those holes increased or decreased it.It did sound better.

Larry Watkins: I'd like to hear it accelerate thru the gears, approaching thru first and second, and going away third-fifth. That would be a test of sound. Revving it without a load is not a true test. JMO

Carry Smith: after your done messing with your factory exhaust system,put ur bike on a dyno machine and ur gonna see,you didnt improve in anything it  just got louder,ive had 2 buddies put there bikes on a dyno machine after removing the pipe baffles and both bikes,lost between 1/2 to 3HP on top end and  the bikes fuel economy dropped from 45MPG to 38 MPG..

Mark Richards: Great Video.. Thanks..

Cosmos Wanderer: can i take my those out completely on my 250cc 2005 ? i need it to be louder i was almost hit by a car the other day.

Moto Tarded: sounds so sick without baffles

Stephen Touzalin: thanx

ugirl2: my stock exhaust was custom cut shorties with baffles cut, my vid shows them it sounds pretty wicked just got a used vance and hines for real cheap so im selling them.

blytheluv: I need to try that carb modification.

shawnwhite08sw: I have a 650. it's not quite the same design exhaust, but is it the same concept to doing so?

Peter Sulla: I have a 450 nighthawk, how did it run without the baffles? I want to take mine out completely, think it'll run good?

jgr144: i have an 84 CB700s it basically has the same exhaust. i removed the baffles but i cannot remove the mufflers buried inside the pipe is there anyway i can do this without cutting them open

iamstillcrazy: Sounds at least like fired/burned pipe :/
Honda 750 Nighthawk exhaust system modification 5 out of 5

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Honda 750 Nighthawk exhaust system modification