Gunsmithing Disassembly: Remington 7600 (Gunworks)

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Hans Von Mannschaft: Ahh... amazing video, thank you so much sir! Recently got an older 7600 (the one with the bears engraved on one side and the deers on the other), and it has more oil in it than a locomotive engine, so really needed this tutorial so I can give it a proper and thorough cleaning and lubrication session.
Can't thank you enough sir, perfectly explained. Just hope that Mr. Leupold up there on my rail doesn't provide too much of an issue haha! May you have a great day!

Kpa1983: Hello, i have a remington 7600 and the bore is not in line with the picatinnyrail, i cant zero the scope like this. does anyone have the same problem and can give me an idea how to fix it without sending it to a gunsmith? ty

Jeff Couture: Is it possible to remove just the trigger group from a 760 without any other disassembly? I want to replace the RH safety bolt with an aftermarket LH part. I'm not familiar with this gun yet. I just picked up a "partly" left-handed rifle, with a lefty monte carlo stock no less, but right-handed safety. Go figure. Thanks.

The OS: I can't find that last tiny pin that u remove to disassemble the bolt from the bolt carrier assembly

Jimmy H: Great video.....Got my 7600 30-06 for Christmas 30 years ago and have taken many deer with it. The gun does kick like a mule, but shoots all over the place. So i retired it with a Browning A bolt 270 WSM. I watched your video and decided to take it out of the safe to take it apart and see if maybe the lugs had some gunk in them or whatever I could find to see why it was doing this. I have checked the muzzle crown with a high magnification glass and didnt see any knicks or abnormal dings. I was good until I got to the firing pin retaining pin. I drove it out with a punch and it was broken 3/4 of the way through. The 1/4 of it left got jammed in the cutout of the firing pin inside the bolt. Firing pin wouldn't come out and had to drill it out with a 7/64 in. drill bit. All I come up with is a 7/64 in. steel roll pin to replace it with. By the looks of it, the pin is just to keep the firing pin in the bolt. So doesn't appear to be any stress on this part other than during recoil. I know I will have to grind the ends of the pin down, just as Remington did at the factory and I have checked the clearance after going up a size on the pin. Didn't have a choice on that. All seems good and was wanting your opinion on it......

Billy Bonnie: Good video, would like a reassembly video as well. I have one part that cant figure out how to put back on. Its the receiver hole cover. Little plastic piece. Im lost..

marco morin: thank you, love YouTube. I really need the help.

Shooting Stars: Great video, thanks for sharing!
Pity many don't appreciate a good pump rifle! Especially those few that can be chambered in stronger rifle cartridges.

Jim Dickerson: Welcome home Brother,

Eric Brady: Thanks for the helpful video, my father in law gave me a 7600 chambered in .35 whelen. It came from Alaska and looked like it hadn't. Been cleaned since the Reagan administration. I had an issue with the action not going all the way forward/being stuck. After dissembley it was easy to see that one of the pins that held the bolt wasn't properly secured. Thanks for the video very helpful!

mrmikes21: Life saver mid deer season o ring wore out best guide on how to disassemble

Johnny Wellz: i think this fella was on tv...lords of war...with tortuga arms trading and auctions !! reguardless ...the best man on you tube for accurate info on break downs !!

Jeremiah Bates: I've had a 7600 chambered in .280 for 14 years now, and to the best of my knowledge it's only been disassembled once, and that only happened because it (along with me) ended up in a rollover accident while hunting, I desperately need to disassemble, clean and replace parts on this gun, would like some information if you are willing

vachier123: My tube was unscrewable i took a punch pin like in the video and then freaked up the holes, now it cant slide propely because the metal is deformed...

Mike Morrissey: One of the best instructors on UTube. Moves right along and is clear about each step. Finally had to do my own cleaning on my Grandfathers 760 from over 50? yrs ago. Gunsmith friend of mine died (went down range?) and the Senior Chief Gunners Mate forgot to tell me before he left the firing position.

Floyd Lail: Thanks that was great.

bloke3006: great video Jim!

Baneironhand: Question: how does one replace the riveted clip type extractor on a Rem 760. Just curious as to what is involved if one is to do a proper job. I have a few good Ideas and and a few bad ones but more info would be good.

John Vargo: Helpful video , but I had trouble hearing what you were saying !   Thanks
Gunsmithing Disassembly: Remington 7600 (Gunworks) 5 out of 5

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Gunsmithing Disassembly: Remington 7600 (Gunworks)