Gunsmithing Disassembly: Remington 7600 (Gunworks)

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Jim Dickerson: Welcome home Brother,

Eric Brady: Thanks for the helpful video, my father in law gave me a 7600 chambered in .35 whelen. It came from Alaska and looked like it hadn't. Been cleaned since the Reagan administration. I had an issue with the action not going all the way forward/being stuck. After dissembley it was easy to see that one of the pins that held the bolt wasn't properly secured. Thanks for the video very helpful!

mrmikes21: Life saver mid deer season o ring wore out best guide on how to disassemble

Johnny Wellz: i think this fella was on tv...lords of war...with tortuga arms trading and auctions !! reguardless ...the best man on you tube for accurate info on break downs !!

Jeremiah Bates: I've had a 7600 chambered in .280 for 14 years now, and to the best of my knowledge it's only been disassembled once, and that only happened because it (along with me) ended up in a rollover accident while hunting, I desperately need to disassemble, clean and replace parts on this gun, would like some information if you are willing

vachier123: My tube was unscrewable i took a punch pin like in the video and then freaked up the holes, now it cant slide propely because the metal is deformed...

Mike Morrissey: One of the best instructors on UTube. Moves right along and is clear about each step. Finally had to do my own cleaning on my Grandfathers 760 from over 50? yrs ago. Gunsmith friend of mine died (went down range?) and the Senior Chief Gunners Mate forgot to tell me before he left the firing position.

Floyd Lail: Thanks that was great.

bloke3006: great video Jim!

Baneironhand: Question: how does one replace the riveted clip type extractor on a Rem 760. Just curious as to what is involved if one is to do a proper job. I have a few good Ideas and and a few bad ones but more info would be good.

John Vargo: Helpful video , but I had trouble hearing what you were saying !   Thanks

croteaud: Just bought a new 7600 last year. This video will be really helpful when I want to tear it down for cleaning. Keep up the good work!!

middo111: I have a 7615 and the ejector pin is stuck down in the bolt, how do I take my bolt apart? like which way do I tap out the pin? thanks

Joshua Elliott: Inherited the Remington 760 from my father in law. Took it all apart and am having a hard time getting it back together again. Put it together the way I thought it came apart and when I run the action back and forth the bolt falls out. What am I missing?

Jared Lenz: Hi Jim,  my Remington 760 break down just like this; however, I could not get the tube off.  In fact, I tapped on a punch and/or screwdriver several hundred times over 3 days.  Finally, my tap broke.  Any advice?

everythingoffroad: great video, helped me understand the problem I'm having with my 7600...The barrel came loose during normal operation. I took the gun apart as in this video, cleaned, lubed and re-assembled.  one question though.  is just tightening the pump slide tube enough to stop the barrel from coming loose again, or should i use thread lock or do you recommend something? Any help is appreciated!  Thanks from Canada!!!!


Hatchet69th: Good stuff Jim. Thank you. 

Jim Root: Some of you commented about your fore end rattling.  I have a 760 and my son has the 7600.  After a few years on both guns the fore end started to rattle.  The "action tube ring" needed to be replaced on both guns.  After that fore end nice and tight, no rattle.

paul matherne: great video like all your video as a learning gunsmith they are very helpful
Gunsmithing Disassembly: Remington 7600 (Gunworks) 5 out of 5

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Gunsmithing Disassembly: Remington 7600 (Gunworks)