How To Use A Waterpik To Help Stop GUM DISEASE At Home W/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz

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How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz
How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz
Waterpik Water Flosser Review- How to use it. How to clean it. What it comes with.
Waterpik Water Flosser Review- How to use it. How to clean it. What it comes with.
Learn About the Waterpik® Water Flosser (Dental Professional)
Learn About the Waterpik® Water Flosser (Dental Professional)
Tea Tree Oil for good oral health 1
Tea Tree Oil for good oral health 1
Water Pik - How to use one!
Water Pik - How to use one!
Gum Disease Treatment - The Natural Way
Gum Disease Treatment - The Natural Way

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Mark DC: My DDS said this is wrong -- he said try to get ABOVE the gum line and shoot DOWN -- or I would drive gunk deeper. Maybe he was talking about my problems, and not yours. But it makes sense, try to get the junk OUT. 

Body By PT: Do you still need to brush if you start using a waterpik?

Tristan Olson: Yeah... So I used to JUST brush not floss are anything, cause at the time I didn't know the consequences then one day my gums started bleeding, today I got it checked and found it it's gum disease, luckily it's just the first stage which is reversible, heh.

Tommy Harris: Interdental brushes are FAR superior - they are quicker, silent and not messy.

Zee: my favorite part was the threat at the end

beckychave: Wah great video! I'm gonna treat myself to a water pick! :-) I have a better attitude about my teeth now lol 

Native722: So we are suppose to fill up with warm water? 

askmydentisttv: @ajyelamanchi it is a little harder to see exactly where you are putting the tip of the waterpik on the backside of the tooth, but you want to aim at an angle between the teeth just like the video shows for the front side of the teeth.

alexstrawberry24: Hi i recently bought a waterpik and was wondering if i can use mouthwash instead of water

joseph arthur: id go out and get one today if it were not easter.

askmydentisttv: @AGprincess101 I would start the Waterpik with a lower setting and work your way up.

locutus0985: If you use the jet tip, is the tip supposed to make contact with the teeth?

U2BONO360: before like flossing

joseph arthur: Is this ok to get? Or do you suggest something more intense with different heads on them? Waterpik-Ultra-Water-Flosser - i found it online at walmart.

askmydentisttv: I would try to use the waterpik daily. Many say that the waterpik can replace flossing, I would still recommend flossing in combination, think of it as a car wash with a power washer, you still need the mechanical brushing action to remove deep down plaque.

Critique808: Am I suppose still floss if I use the Water Pik? I don't regularly floss since I got the Water Pik because it cleans in between my teeth pretty well.

locutus0985: I'm trying to decide on the best tip to use. The plaque seeker tip and toothbrush tip both have bristles. Wouldn't those be better than the jet tip because bristles would help? Since the plaque seeker tip is a lot smaller than the toothbrush tip I'm wondering if that would be the best one cuz you could get into smaller areas and brush stuff away.

askmydentisttv: I would

SmilesEnt: I was told to fill up the container of half warm water and the other half Hydrogen Peroxide, use after brushing your teeth cause that when your gums are more relaxed to get further into the cleaning. Good idea?

Leah: @askmydentisttv can i use clove?

tehspeed: would it be a good idea to put a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in the reservoir mixed with water?

askmydentisttv: @alexstrawberry24 I wouldn't recommend using mouthwash, I have heard of it cloging the unit. Water should work just fine.

pelikan w: @SiccMadeist - Salt might clog the machine. But using salted warm water is one the best homemade mouth wash - cheap, effective. In third world nations, many dentists substitute saline solution (salt water) for peroxide to cut cost - it kills bacteria and improves your gum health.

Helenelalala: being scared of something is the most toxic thing for anything in the body. Cool down. First thing cool down. Take your time and research. You will find the answer. Ask many people knowledgeable and not. Don't worry. People who make you worry like this should be thrown out the door! Find something to laugh about and laugh! Then research the answer to your questions! Good luck!

askmydentisttv: @SiccMadeist I would stick with luke warm water, I'm not sure if the salt would clog the machine or improve the effectiveness.

tristanauspride: was gonna say that haha

mrsjqualls: I just ordered my first Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. I am looking forward to better dental hygiene! Thanks for this additional help. It is always nice to see something done before you try it yourself.

askmydentisttv: @mikeknight4u I have never heard of the periogen Product. It looked interesting on their website, but I would need to see more research before I could endorse their product. The waterpik is great but works better for patients after the "deep cleaning" after the dentist or hygienist has removed all of the calculus from under the gums. Good luck, it sounds like you are on the right track. Please let me know if you have any results from Periogen.

altagraciajunon: @askmydentisttv If I floss, how often should I use a waterpik? Second, can a waterpik replace flossing? And if so, how often should I use the waterpik if I'm using it in replacement of flossing?

pelikan w: $ . waterpik bought doctor. kinda like wallstreet bought politicians

Zach hardy: Thank you I have recently found out that it was just a cacker sour on my gums.Thank you though and I will stop that bad habit!

askmydentisttv: Bleeding is a sign of gum disease or periodontal disease. I would continue to use the waterpik as directed and see your dentist to make sure everything is healthy to avoid future problems.

askmydentisttv: @OjMofo I have had some patients tell me that they use a little mouthwash in their waterpik and it has not clogged. Not sure it is needed, many of the mouthwashes don't do much but freshen breath short term. I would use non alcohol mouthwashes in general.

askmydentisttv: @yusafzai08 You can try mouthwash but I think it may clog the machine?

bellajacklil: Stanford from sex and the city!!!

Mike Papastamatis: @askmydentisttv The how to vids are good. I've had a lot of people ask me exactly how are you supposed to use an electric toothbrush. Please explain to the masses how your not supposed to use them like manual brushes. Another question I get from the bruxers is, why do I need a night guard?

inedat: This is very informative. Thank you! I do have a question, we just bought this and for some reason, the water coming out of the waterpik is too much. Is this normal? Even with a semi-closed mouth (like Tina) it was like a gush of water coming out of our mouths even at the lowest setting. Please help, not sure if this means it's defective. Thank you!

Gerson Garcia: Great video thanks !! i should've done this a long time ago !!

mikeknight4u: Any experience whether Periogen will help me avoid scaling and root planing? Spoke w/ my dentist and he told me my molars are at a 5. Looking for an alternative before I have to spend a ton of money (>$1,000) for this work. Got the water pik ultra w/ pik poket and running it on #1 with the pik poket attachment. My gums are freakin killing me tonight...grr...

Mauricio Finol: I used to have a lot of bleeding when using the toothbrush, after using the waterpik now I don't bleed at all. %100 recommended

Skky8686: How many times a day can you use this?

Wyntarra: I bought mine from Amazon.

askmydentisttv: @kangie285 you can use any temperature of water, but cold tends to be sensitive to most peoples teeth.

Edward Lee: ah ok.. so you let the water drip out of your mouth like in Aliens.. I was a little confused on that part

chrisdacraker: I have the commemorative Spinal Tap edition Waterpik. It goes up to 11.

Kimlisha Nizna: Where can I buy one at

askmydentisttv: yes use on the inside (lingual) as well

VideoBlogMarketing: You are really good!!! I love this... been trying to get my good friends who are dentists to do this kind of video for a long time.... BUT...Get a lavalier mic - I like the Seinheiser then even if they're making sounds around your office your voice will sound amazing. Order it at B&H Photo Video - Wireless - you'll be happy! If you're going to go and get all those views on your videos do your viewers a favor and dont' use the on-board microphone! LOL

octomoda: I just purchased mine. It cleans my mouth far better than just flossing and brushing. My mouth feels cleaner as well. I recommend it. Great video. Thank you for the info.

WePakistani Clan: I braces but Hv gum disease some1 help??
How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz 4.9 out of 5

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How to use a Waterpik to help Stop GUM DISEASE at home w/ Libertyville IL Dentist Dr. Sam Weisz