Lead Shot Making

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Muhammet Ezgün: Bunu Türkiye'de yapacak biri yokmu

Tito Emir: voce poderia me dar iformassoes sobre esferas de chumbo por gotejamento

Robert Castillo: My lead shot looks like donuts what do I need to do to make it round?

Talmadge Fisher: is the lead 99 percent pure or does it contain antimony?

Igora Cokolenko: Yes, I have a ball mill, i tumble the shot. How ever the shot in the video has not been tumbled

Саша Юрков: Hey! I'm Kyle.I did -35 lbs in 2 month.More here hddiet.gs\#D2PT

Lone Wolf: why don't you just drop the lead into water? I need to make some shot for ballast bags, so I am wondering how I can cheaply and easily make shot where uniformity and shape isn't a primary concern.

Alexey Khalimonov: unsafe to keep kids unsupervised around 25lb of lead

Alexey Khalimonov: how do you keep the lead molten

MALIBOX1: from where i can buy this drippers?

Gordon Galbraith: Hi, not sure if my last message got posted. Would you be kind enough to mail me some dimensions? Especially the angle between the dripper face and the ramp and ramp size. Thanks Gordon graysclassics@sky.com

Anthony Fischer: Dear enterpriseindian, This is so cool. I would love it if you could send me the plans to make this please.

bak1911: ok i as looking at making one these.... ne help on how to do it??

Ismael Escobar: Nice, I' am also interested in building one but I have no idea were to start. Can you please email me the plans too? my email is iebymtl@nmsu.edu Thank you very much!

paavan jain: need the details of the machinery as i am interested in putting up one

enterpriseindian: @ourteamukr the coolant is used to soften clothes in the washing machine. It comes pre-mixed. Don't add water as it will foam badly.

enterpriseindian: @ourteamukr The coolant is liquid fabric softener. I purchase it at any dollar store in the U.S. There are different thoughts on the distance for the shot drop to the coolant. I have made good shot with a 4" drop to the coolant, but most say that you want the coolant as close as possible. It has worked well both ways for me.

Electrickbreadstick: wow, this guy is badass, making lead shot out of his garage!

enterpriseindian: @gixxeracer006 No dilution. Use it straight. Adding water will make it foam. I get it for $3 gallon at Dollar General. I think it is a purex brand. Smells great!

enterpriseindian: @gixxeracer006 it is liquid fabric softner. It works extremely well and it washes off with ease.
Lead shot making 5 out of 5

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Lead shot making