Growing Wild Jungle Peanuts, Vegetables & More In A South Florida Backyard Garden

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Growing Wild Jungle Peanuts. Vegetables & More in a South Florida Backyard Garden
Growing Wild Jungle Peanuts. Vegetables & More in a South Florida Backyard Garden
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Essential Living Foods - Wild Jungle Peanuts
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prami knowles: the last yellow fruit with red seed is use for flu! its very good! cut them vines about medium size full of a saucepan was them good n boil them for 45 - 1hr! n drink it when it warm not hot! drink it every morning in empty stocha!

Jose Luis: the last fruit growing on the fence we called cun-de-amor

ThunderKats LightningBolts: That sweet potato leaf is good for anemic it's a nutritious veggie.

Zach Tele: I collected a bunch of pinnaple seeds from a store bought one here in Fl. I'm going try to plant them out and use them in landscaping. Planted the top too. I have loads of cranberry hibiscus that I already have, those are great for landscaping and salads/smoothies.

MarshmallowVogt: I think if you dropped a pencil on the ground in Florida and left it alone it old tu

Mick Tree: what was the ‘’new plant ‘’ ,orange pedals and red seeds, called?

budokaii69: Thanks for the video John love that tropical weather in FL.

Jefferdaughter: Some varieties of passion flower grow as far north as Virginia, Kentucky, etc, and produce edible fruit. They grow wild there, and are sometimes known as 'maypop'.

mizzpoetrics: I didn't see any mangos! My favorite friut! Waaaah, where's the mangos???

mizzpoetrics: Love this video John! My favs on here are the passion fruit, & the cerasse fruit! I haven't had any in a long time. I'm not sure how they'll fare in the cold weather.

Laurel Purdy: Luke, I live in Ft. Myers, too.. how are your trees doing? Wanna trade seeds and cuttings?

Marta Zayas: can you put some information about grafting?

Toni B: Thank John I really enjoy watching ur videos they always help me... I have been growing my garden since September 2012. & i have learned so many of ur videos. Thank u so much for taking the time to teach some of us average growers to be better growers...

Laurel Purdy: Cerasse

Liendelou: John,when will you be doing a lecture or something like that in Southern Calif.? I know Florida is warmer but it's not too bad here in south callie either.

Uriel1816: I have never seen Okinawan spinach. A good looking and eating plant.

LarkaStark: how do you spell sarasee?

TropicBob1: Also want to add that Carambolas make fantastic juice (juice extractor)- no need to add anything.

wheeliegrl: Moringa ISNT bitter if u harvest and saute when young. They taste like spinach, and are one of THE best things u can eat. After moringa leaves, you can thorw ALL ur spinach in the garbage.

pgeeks808: Hi John, I live on Oahu...I did since watch your video on you growing it hydroponically from a cutting from Hawaii. Would appreciate if you know where I can get it! Btw, I subscribe to all 3 of your channels and especially like your excursions! Hope you'll come to Hawaii and do some videos here!

Laurel Purdy: Where are you? I'm in Ft. Myers! I'd long to trade seeds and cuttings!

Delano Small: Hello John, thanks for all your support on everything you post. I am now starting my garden and would love to put as much fruits and vegetables in it as I could possibly get. I have Moringa Oleifera so far. I heard you mentioned Kutuk? I'm not sure how it's spelled but I would love to know more about it. I am in The Bahamas which has a climate like Florida. Where can I find it and how do you spell it?

Titi Starr: apart from fruit try the papaya green or ripe and mangoes green(depends on the variety of mango) or ripe in salads with dressings.Carambola can also be eaten green or ripe and so can suriname cherries

n1chev0: Momordica charantia is the scientific name; it is listed as toxic in a number of places with varying parts of the plant specified.

Titi Starr: I think in South Florida you can grow just about anything wit the exeption of certain berries like bleubaerries and cranberrie that like cooler climates and apples,pears,cheeries

MisterNickOtine: the sweet potato is I. batatas, a different species than the LSA containing morning glory I. tricolor or I. violacea. they are close relatives but i doubt it has any LSA.

Endrikh Darkvine CXVI: they are? :o maybe they got lsa then :p

Spacekat Tommy: Be sure to link your friends in the description in the future vids :D

PinkShirtz: Lol you guys look so sneaky, doing people good by putting greens in their food! Lol, it's a nice change from banks and corporations constantly being sneaky in the bad sense and taking people for granted!

NaomiPhoenix: I just bought some jungle peanuts on ebay

pestanah: @nephildevil hmm....i wonder which greens do have any forms of alkaloids at all?

Luke L: Thanks you Rene and John! I am turning my mom lot into edible jungle here in S FL. I visted ECHO (as seen in a previous video) today and picked up a Katuk plant. Ran into a guy who lived in Hawaii and said it is widely grown there. also picked up moringa tree seeds and red malabar spinach which grows weell here! Echo has seminole pumpkin seeds also.

Endrikh Darkvine CXVI: don't sweet potato greens contain the poisonous alkaloid solanine then?

BackyardPhenomena: Cerasee is poisonous once its fruit turns yellow.

phantomcreamer: I've never tried the jamaican passiflora, but I am growing passiflora edulis. What are the differences in taste between the jamaican passionflower versus passiflora edulis?

Titi Starr: I love it because trees produce oxygen and also are habitat for wildlife such as birds and then they are actually edible.

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens: I first learned of katook in Hawaii. I know it is being grown on Big Island and On Maui. What island are you on?

Laurel Purdy: How are they doing? And where did you ge them?

TropicBob1: Great video John and Rene. I have some some Jungle Peanut seed and live in south Florida. Can they grow in 1/2 shade? Okinawa spinach is one of my favorites-steam it with rice (near the end) and comes out great. What about Taro (especially for chips) and Belembe? They grow fast here. I'm not sure how to prepare them. Interesting how you propagate Katuk- I will try that. My papaya is loaded with fruit but they are 20' high.

Titi Starr: edible hibiscus? is it a certain variety?

pgeeks808: Thanks John, I am familiar with Frankie's and have bought plants from him before. I'll give him a call! When you come to Hawaii do you give talks or demonstrations? Because of you my lawn is slowly transforming into a produce aisle! Great information....keep on educating us!

LarkaStark: John, this is the first video of yours that I watched a year ago. I am amazed, rewatching this, how now, I am growing everything in this video! I was brand new last year and have come incredibly far. I now have 5 greenhouses, an indoor/outdoor greenhouse upstairs - with a deck - its patio door is always open - greenhouse framed - my tropicals are there. Hottub heats one, and Ipool heats the other - rest are cold crops and 1 covered outdoor grow area. Whew! WHAT A YEAR IT HAS BEEN! Thank you

Endrikh Darkvine CXVI: @pestanah ah thx didn't know that :) now i wonder why it doesnt have LSA and etc, the alkaloids morning glories have :D

blackboy424: go go FLA! man do we have tons of bugs I saw them crawling on you guys lol

EatRawGreens: Thxs so much for the vid, John! Can't wait to have my own yard.. EatWell, Be Well !! :-)

jamie clarke: thank you rene and john

norxcontacts: John, you have such a great speaking voice.

Titi Starr: caimito is a big tree like nance and avocado ,and bears a very delicious fruit.Nances can de eaten ripe or candied.Mamon or Mamoncillo.The varietes of Zapotes/NIsperos or Spodillas,Anon/Anona,Guanabana and a shrub she can grow even in her fron yard is Guava or Guayaba,which comes in many varieties some are green and some you eat ripe.A kind of green called Chipilin,this is sold ornamental in South Florida and also can be grown in a front yard among the other greens .The leaves can be put in soup

n1chev0: Balsam pear - that's another name for the orange fruit you ate. My understanding is that this plant is better eaten when unripe as a vegetable (called bitter melon). I beliieve that when it ripens it actually becomes poisonous; sufficiently poisonous to make small children and dogs sick. Rafael

Donald Mulligan: I am a very first time vegetable gardender. I have heard of all the stories about the bugs, the heat, ect. I live near in Clewiston, Florida. Can somebody please help me with growing besides tomatoes and pepper? I love them both but I need more helpl
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Growing Wild Jungle Peanuts, Vegetables & More in a South Florida Backyard Garden