1996 Polaris Xlt Triple/tuning

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1996 polaris xlt triple/tuning
1996 polaris xlt triple/tuning
1996 polaris xlt 600
1996 polaris xlt 600
DOWNLOAD Polaris Snowmobile Service Repair Manuals 1985 2010
DOWNLOAD Polaris Snowmobile Service Repair Manuals 1985 2010
1996 ZRT 600 Triple Carb/ Fuel Problems
1996 ZRT 600 Triple Carb/ Fuel Problems
Polaris 98' XLT 600 Tune-Up (Part 1 of 2)
Polaris 98' XLT 600 Tune-Up (Part 1 of 2)

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John Melby: @PolarisIndyPower for just a dg can that goes on stock pipe you dont have to rejet

PolarisIndyPower: @bikeguy77 so when you rejett it what are you doing to the sled cause i wanna put a dg can on my xlt 600

zombiesack: @bvgpsupt its a sled in idaho , lol

bigshotxlt21: @triplepipes thanks-triple-pipes-i-needed-to-find-out-#s-for-slp-pipes-jet-#s

bigshotxlt21: @bikeguy77 /-freak-sake-you-need-a-syncronizer-not-a-freaken-tooth-pick-geeez

triplepipes: @hammerud yes serious man. top of the line EPI clutch kit cheater heads, ported'n'polished, welded crank triple DG pipes and geared for top end 20:35 gears

triplepipes: @poopdogsays what video is it? pro-5 pipes eh. put your air screws to 2 turns out and 300 main jets. also if you have triple pipes you should get a clutch kit

bvgpsupt: Why do you call it a snowmachine? It says snowMOBILE on the manual!

JustGoogleIt: @triplepipes if you were pulling that many rpms on a xlt block...just wow dude, i hope your crank shaft was welded. if it was your a very lucky man.one slip of the dowels and BOOM your entire engine is screwed. my xlt with .040 kimpex pistons and mountain gears tops out at 90-95mph depending on how well the trail is packed. im buying psi pipes and deleting my airbox soon. changing up to some faster gears. tinker with clutch when thats all done

JustGoogleIt: @marklydarkly4545 mines a 141inch....do not use rail extensions if you like to jump....not only did i break the extensions, it broke the rails. you got pipes?

marcus johnson: i have the same sled mines a 94 is that a 136inch

bikeguy77: the best way to sink your carbs is to take the air box off, then to put either tooth picks or drill bits that are the same size. put one under each slide of the carb. then slowly move the throtle and see which one moves first. that is how i sink my carbs and it runs really strong.

poopdogsays: Are you any good diagnosing tuning problems by watching a video? I have a 93 580 with pro-5 pipes (3 into 1) and it doesn't run for crap! Could you help, "Triplepipes" Thanks.

triplepipes: if it's a 96 it's a 597 not a 580 and the stock jets are 260's i had dg pipes on mine and put the jets to 290's, then i put on air filters and changed the jets to 320's and 1 gram lighter weights in the clutch, it maxed out at 123mph and ran at 10,700 rpm. never blew up until i sunk it.

SledHeadNE: man i hate trying to sync the carbs on my xlt

mvvette97: Does your buddy want to sell his pipes since he blew the engine? If so drop me a message on youtube. I'm looking for another set

mvvette97: So was it an oil pump problem then?

James Lease: he did not i think he changed the jets to 3 sizes bigger and last week he had a problem with his oil hoses and the engine siezed :( it sucked but we learned some things. i have a 95 and it is running nice i hit over a hundred up at jim creek. i need to do acouple things to it but yeah xlt's are awesome

mvvette97: really? that's strange. Did you clutch it also? I just bought a set of SLP triples for my 95 xlt. They clain about 20hp

James Lease: well not really i was head to head with him on my 95 xlt stock, maybe we did something wrong.
1996 polaris xlt triple/tuning 5 out of 5

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1996 polaris xlt triple/tuning