How To Change Oil On Your Air Filter For 8N/9N/2N Ford Tractor

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"MY 8n 9n 2n Tractor is hard to start" IT MAY NOT BE YOUR CARBURETOR!!
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joseph crosby: Both videos are under 8N Ford running rough there's a six minute video and a 4 minute video

joseph crosby: I uploaded the videos to YouTube but I don't know how to send the link to you

joseph crosby: I would like to share a video with you I'm not sure how to do it but my tractor is running very rough skipping and backfiring I replace spark plug wires spark plugs distributor cap and rotor button I'm starting to believe that it might be the governor or the carburetor but I'm not entirely sure and I don't want to throw Parts at it to fix the problem

joseph crosby: Thank you for replying so fast it is starting to get dark where I'm at

joseph crosby: What kind of oil did you put back in the air cleaner what weight

Whisper Tonic: good vid ...thanks to ppl like u to teach others!!!... my question is how do I clean the screen inside of it?

CaesarInVa: I've a Ford 1940 9N but I don't seem to have that catch jar you mentioned for the heavier particles.  In fact, my air intake is on the inside of the cowling and is just wire. Any thoughts on where the catch jar, if there is one, might be?

gaeilgesinger1: being a newbie with a 53 8N, I certainly appreciate the tutorial...I never did get the type of cleaner you used to clean...was that carb cleaner that you were spraying?

James Wil: Anybody else hear this kid saying "crap"?

Damon Meibers: nice how the kid is inhaling the toxic carb cleaner...smooth move

GrowLLLTigeRRR: Parents are the first and best teachers children will have.  Good job.

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos: I think it made a little difference just make sure the underside of the tank is really clean before stick it under there (or as you might guess it wont stick very long LOL) Come to find out my problem was actually my gas cap. It wasnt venting like it should have.

kffive: Nice heat shielding work on the air tube and fuel line. Dose it run any better? or less vapor locks? My 8n seams to have a slight lag when warn going from idle to about 1500rpms. I have done all the normal tuning to carb and ignition.

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos: LOL yeah kids never know what they are going to ask Thanks Glad It could help. These are great little tractors

Lee Crawford: 3:09 "What happens if you drink it?" I laughed. Thanks for the helpful video. I have an 8N I bought a couple months ago and just discovered the oil level mark on my air filter. It's bone dry and full of junk, so after seeing yours does have oil in it, I'm happy to have maybe caught it before something needs replaced.

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos: Im pretty sure it was 10w30. but 10w30 or straight 30w does good in my climate (where it gets pretty hot) Thanks for watching

Van Craven: What grade oil did you use in the filter? SAE30w or ?? thanks great videoi

Denkha94: thanks.

Ian M: Haha, laughed so hard when she asked what happens when you drink carb cleaner! So funny!

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos: absolutely and the crazy thing you can still get parts 60yrs later and cheap!!!!
How to change oil on your air filter for 8N/9N/2N Ford Tractor 5 out of 5

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How to change oil on your air filter for 8N/9N/2N Ford Tractor