Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII - How To Avoid Battery Drain Tutorial - Have Your Battery Last Longer

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TypicalAussie 21: That was sooo long and boring as freak

Alan Volkmer: I´ve been using "Greenify" app (google play) that auto hybernate apps and still have 50% of battery at night with simple use. (not playing heavy games) just messenger apps, e-mail, Facebook and sometimes taking a few photos and small videos.

Dre Moss: Thank you. You are knowledgeable. But you could have delivered all of this information in 2 minutes. TIme time time my friend

Nics Wsome: We know that all of us has an s3
And this guy suggestion actually work!!!!!

Judann Pec: Not helpful to me, but I am not very knowledgeable about this.  In fact cannot get rid of Advanced Task Killer and cannot get on my text or phone????

Excel Remix: 4:20 lol

Denesha Xd: Like my phone goes dead fast like i charge it in the day and in the morning it dead my phone always have to be plugged in

Jacelyn Ong: What is kill application?
Kill aplication = Uninstall application?

DJS HD: Dont get any of them apps
If u have any android there's always an option on killing apps. Eg samsung. ... just hold down the menu key and there.
Bottom right hand side of phone looks like two windows
HTC just hold down menu and swioe away your app..

Simple no need for anything else!

cheskanineeeeee: My prob is i bout new batt but still, it's fast draining :((( Help!

kingqueenjack: BANDRA 

John Inc.: (Cough, cough) iPhone 5s

yellow dolphin: I've tried everything and nothing works. Im beginning to think my s3 has a mental disability.

MrFets78: Bet this was kinda informative and useful but fell asleep 3 times . . . . ffs guy u could bore paint off the wall!
*little tip write down what ya gonna say or practice

joe w: Well guess freaking what, when my crap discharged it ran out of battery so NOW I cant even charge the freaking thing? Hows that?? its broken

Eduardo Argueta: !?:b

TastyRiff: task killers are bad for your phone dont use them you should probably delete it right now :) you have one in your phone already!

southofpacoima: Task killer is bad for your phone. It actually messes up your phone rather than make it better.

Mike Disel: Wasting more battery watching this.
Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII - How To Avoid Battery Drain Tutorial - Have your battery last longer 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII - How To Avoid Battery Drain  Tutorial - Have your battery last longer