Gas Vaporizer Torch Design.

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Shdwnova81: Did you ever try running this with diesel or kerosene? I also wonder if this could be scaled up to heat water with a heat exchanger?

NoFear4XJs: A blow out valve on the container would be a safe bet. Thanks for sharing great ideas... Why not just use the pump for a bubbler and run it off the fumes it would use less gas. I`m sure you already new that... Cheers

Mike Schmidt: Excellent video showing the concept. For another demo if you attach your fuel vapor hose to a "Bunsen burner" you would be able to adjust the air shutter of the Bunsen burner to get a better fuel to air ratio thus eliminating the "yellow flame" which is unburned gas. Also the Bunsen burner has a screen mesh on top a "flame holder" similar in function like the inverted strainer you're using in the video.

Wiggy McCrackin: What kind of wattage would you recommend in when buying a ultrasonic tranduser? 

Wiggy McCrackin: What kind of transducer is that and where did you get it


whyme2b: It was acrylic... I suggest not using it thou because the gas will cause it to crack in just a little bit of time. Please watch my other video on "torch update" for a way safer and better housing being used. Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: It last for a good while actually, i know if you use one.... your engine would run pretty smooth. Just be careful and use flashback protectors. Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: Cool site man...thanks !

Mark Ream: Do you think this method of burning gas could maybe become as cost effective as natural gas?

Mensch und Natur: What is in the glas jar? Only water?

zcsaba77: did u tried it? I mean alcohol. how u set right gas/air ratio on ur car?

Ken howell: Holly (You know what) This is Awsome! Im keeping my ears,and eyes opened for some instructions!! Good job! Ken

whyme2b: I never did that test my friend... I'm assuming maybe should last around 20 minutes or so due to the air blowing across the gas which soon will cause it to freeze and stop making fumes. Different story thou if you can keep the gas heated. Thanks for watching.

Tesla Fan: Well, when I ad Octane booster to my gas tank, before a long trip, I notice greater horse power and better fuel economy. So, it might ad some life to the vapors too.

rigo cantu: Man that is cool I had the same Idea but u bet me lol good job..I tell how min go's I no videos yet on YouTube but I am son I hope u see them I have rely good ideas but don't have to dow thing I work to mush and away from home. Its hard to get supplys in a new place. All the time.

whyme2b: On my truck I used my water coolant to heat the gas to around 180 to 200 F degrees. It worked very well in keeping it from freezing. If it's a home project, I would use a induction cook top for the safest way of heating the gas with a pressure cooker. Don't forget about the flash back protector thou. Should make a awesome torch! Be careful and safe my friend.

orion411: If you have that piped into an engine then you don't need the fan, because vacuum from the engine will suck it in. Just need a way to control air/fuel vapor mix.

Norris Brock: Can you tell me by what temperature the gas should be heated to??

cassanoa: the pleasure is all mine - maybe one day i will make a video of some of my concepts

whyme2b: Thanks ! please watch my new updated gas vaporizer torch video...much safer than this version...I would recommend it to all who plans on making one because of the safer housing. Thanks for watching.

Life is illusion: Hey mate, I'm planning to install and copper pipe on my exhaust pipe and inject small amounts of water into it so water turns into vapor, so I can send that vapor into the air intake of the car. Problem is I need to add some glycerin with the water, so it vaporizes when it comes into contact with hot copper pipe. Do you think glycerin is going to cause problems in the engine? Its going to be 5% glycerin mixed with 95% water. I thought you are the right person to ask from :)

Orville Hill: Greetings Mr Whyme2be. How is it that you modify the transducer to use gasoline? Also, where did you (or where can I) get the converter like you use for the mattress pump? Keep up the good work!!!

zcsaba77: can u send me which type was? please

Mark Ream: Hi, I am really excited about your gas vaporizer. I'd like to make one for my science class. Would you share the equipment list, especially where you got the transducer work? Thanks and keep up the great work!

whyme2b: @serluconcha It's 24 volts DC. It all came with the package. Thanks for watching...

zacht902: very cool.. props my friend.. mother earth thanks you

Mike Schmidt: I found an ultrasonic driver circuit that operates on 12v DC !!! Go to this site It uses a PIC micro chip to produce the frequency, you can also use Arduino programming on an ATtiny 13 chip programmed to 40Khz to drive the 2 power MOSFETs that are in a push-pull circuit.

whyme2b: Your welcome sir... best regards !

paulson lazarus: excellent buddy, seen nothing like this before

whyme2b: Yes, in the beginning when I started making these videos it was for him to see... He's a experimenter like me and we have allot of fun together in creating this kind of stuff ... Thanks for watching.

paulson lazarus: will u post details of the test and what was the milage with the vapour system,and plus how the fitting are rgds paul

Tesla Fan: Great design for vapors! Can you run that transducer with a 12 volt car battery? How does that work?

whyme2b: Yes sir, It produced no smoke at all....just made a little fountain inside the jar. My truck fuel / air mixture is controlled by my vacuum...for some reason it just blends just right and all my other sensors advance the engine to flow with it.

darkvader47: What type of Flashback protector do you use and transducer?

cassanoa: i think its excellent - i want to know more - keep up the good work

tryin2lhard: Nice clean work man, thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your work.

Eli Abron: Great system

whyme2b: Sorry to hear that man... was the disk washer thightened down all the way? once you get water in the circuit board it's fried. I just bought mine on ebay for $28.00 with power supply which was a well made unit and I've never had any problems with it. Best regards...

starparsons: Hello again, I have read through all your video's comments and I still have questions. You mentioned to me that you made a 2 part system with your truck. Have you tested using the transducer, or multiple transducers to create more vapor and hence be able to run your truck not just at idol? The ideal thing it seems to me would be to vaporize the gas in the tank and then collect the vapor which would allow the engine to run while driving. Is there any material that will protect the circuit board?

whyme2b: No, but I tried some acetone... I didn't see any change in the flame. Maybe better with Octane booster?

whyme2b: I don't recommend using this one because the glass is very thin and not really good on holding will eventually start to crack from the gas being in it. That's why I used Iron pipe on my updated torch...much safer ! Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: Hello...I cut off the water sensor and bypassed it to work contentiously. So if you run it dry, it could damage the disk, circuit and overheat so be careful. The converter is a varac transformer which I purchased at FRY'S. But really, the best and cheapest place that I've found is this Unbelievable price that you will not find anywhere! Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: I ordered my on's called a ultrasonic transducer ( fogger unit ). Thanks for watching.

zcsaba77: hi, my vaporizer broken down, probably goes water inside where is electronic, try dry it, but not run again, can u offer my which one best?

whyme2b: Yes sir, correct... check out my other video on "torch update" to get a better idea of how to do it in a safe way. Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: Yes sir, it was gasoline 87 octane... Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: It's best to get it without the sensor built on it and find a company who would do that for you. You can find some videos on how to do it on youtube. Another way you can do it is just pour some water and fill it up to the top of the sensor and then pour some gas on top of it...I think it works pretty good and might be the best way to do it. Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: Yes, I believe it could.... just need to find the right way in doing it.
Gas vaporizer torch design. 4.8 out of 5

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Gas vaporizer torch design.