Gas Vaporizer Torch Design.

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using a sonic vaporizer as proof that water is a fuel
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Improving a small gas torch for jewellery work
Car running on ultrasonic gasoline mist (4 of 5)
Car running on ultrasonic gasoline mist (4 of 5)
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Alan Stevens: does the Vaporizer remove all the gas not just the easy stuff

Dudu: Hi friend, I'm from Brazil and I want to use this system in my car could pass on more information about the specifications of the piezoelectric and electrical connection required?

Jesse Hart: what is the purpose of this demonstration we all know already that gas vapors burn. and burnt gasoline fumes are poison
like carbon monoxide, in your family's kitchen???

Shdwnova81: Did you ever try running this with diesel or kerosene? I also wonder if this could be scaled up to heat water with a heat exchanger?

NoFear4XJs: A blow out valve on the container would be a safe bet. Thanks for sharing great ideas... Why not just use the pump for a bubbler and run it off the fumes it would use less gas. I`m sure you already new that... Cheers

Wiggy McCrackin: What kind of wattage would you recommend in when buying a ultrasonic tranduser? 

Wiggy McCrackin: What kind of transducer is that and where did you get it

Mike Schmidt: Excellent video showing the concept.  For another demo if you attach your fuel vapor hose to a "Bunsen burner" you would be able to adjust the air shutter of the Bunsen burner to get a better fuel to air ratio thus eliminating the "yellow flame" which is unburned gas.  Also the Bunsen burner has a screen mesh on top a "flame holder"  similar in function like the inverted strainer you're using in the video.

whyme2b: Thanks for watching.

whyme2b: Yes, but it needs to be heated for it to continue to make vapors..otherwise it will start to freeze because it is a solvent. 

Mensch und Natur: Ah ok because of that "gas vaporizer". Gas stands for "Benzin". ok. So, the incar time for useless gas injection is over? Gas can suck in directly with air intake?

whyme2b: No sir, 87 octane gasoline. Thanks for watching.

Mensch und Natur: What is in the glas jar? Only water?

whyme2b: Yes, due to the particle size being 5micron, it makes a richer kind of mix as seen in the flame when turned very well. Actually the pump and transducer power ran together is next to nothing for power consumption, maybe around 40 to 50 watts at most. Thanks for watching.

Seattle Solar Supply: I can certainly understand and appreciate your logic. The question is: Can you build a Gas Vaporizer comparable to whyme2b's technology? If you can, then I would like to see your videos posted on YouTube. I want to purchase a vaporizer as soon as possible and will pay up to $500 to do so. 

whyme2b: No sir, I wanted to go to MIT, but it just end up not happening... Thanks for watching.

Seattle Solar Supply: All of your technology is amazing. Did you go to MIT or Caltech? 

rigo cantu: freaking phone

rigo cantu: Man that is cool I had the same Idea but u bet me lol good job..I tell how min go's I no videos yet on YouTube but I am son I hope u see them I have rely good ideas but don't have to dow thing I work to mush and away from home. Its hard to get supplys in a new place. All the time.

whyme2b: Hello...I cut off the water sensor and bypassed it to work contentiously. So if you run it dry, it could damage the disk, circuit and overheat so be careful. The converter is a varac transformer which I purchased at FRY'S. But really, the best and cheapest place that I've found is this Unbelievable price that you will not find anywhere! Thanks for watching. 
Gas vaporizer torch design. 5 out of 5

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Gas vaporizer torch design.