Skyrim Mods - Akaviri Samurai Armor & Dual Sheath Plus Shields On Back

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Achtung, Baby!: Yo, can anyone help me out? I remember there's a mod that adds a shield editor to Skyforge that lets you to create own shield (Colors, shape etc.) But I completely forgot the name. Do anyone knows how its called?

MrJoe1928: do you know how to put sword AND shield on your back?

DolanDuckk: Where the hell are you?

madzombiepig: Is there a way to install mods without useing any programs?

BTD gaming: i install the mod with Nexus Mod Managaer and in Blacksmit Forge i cant craft it i dont have Akvari Samurai in Steel how to fix this please tell me :))

Gabriel Bortotto Petenuci: samurais have heavy armor ,can  use spears,bows and ancient guns but the rounin (vagabonds samurais) use only clothes and his swords

Cocoa: Um no you can.

Cocoa: It's not the samurai armor that allows movement, but the samurai's training. Increase your heavy armor skill and voilà! Movement is as normal.

Patrick Hillis: Exact same reason I'm here now. The Winter Soldier trailer inspired me :D

Isaac Knows: samurai's armor is very heavy why do you think it should be light

Lucky Looker: When Captain Skyrim throws his mighty shield! All those who oppose him they must yield!

radu george: who the fk cares u played ghost recon , and that celtic katana is a rtardedly named mod, celts mainly in UK terrytory 2day and katanas a fking continent away

CrimsonHeart63: Wait does the shield in the back come separately? Cause I'm trying to make a mod of my own armor set pretty soon, I'm mostly preparing in order to buy a new computer and a copy of a skyrim game. I really just need the shield in the back. ;~; Oh gawd I hope you see this comment.

Parkerkun: No, it isn't lore friendly, it's just another weeaboo maggot mod featuring Japanese bullcrap. "Lore friendly" and "immersive" lost all meaning in context with Skyrim mods. Everyone just slams these two things into their mod description, eventhough most of the time they're the complete opposite.

cogghiliva: is there a way to have a double sheath when you use two weapons WITHOUT the shield-on-back feature?

Adi Mardianto: Anyone tried the MoboRank (search on google)? I have heard some great things about it and my cooworker improve his website's google ranking by using it.

Player Slot Available: You actually know your lore.

Austin O: Umm...the only thing that happens when I click on the time link is a voice starts up and says, "Go to space." Anyone else with this issue?

Austin O: Who else thinks that the next Elder Scrolls game should be based off of the Akaviri? Bethesda should take up the idea.

Mason Egan: This mod, plus the sword on back mod, doubled with the link mod. WOOOOOO.
Skyrim Mods - Akaviri Samurai Armor & Dual Sheath plus Shields on Back 5 out of 5

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Skyrim Mods - Akaviri Samurai Armor & Dual Sheath plus Shields on Back