Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp By Duluth Pack Co

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Mountain BowHunting: I like to watch the older videos you have after reading your books. because things you recommend now differ somewhat from these older videos based on your experience with what lasts and what doesnt over many years

Eric Rosbottom: Awesome looking set up. I think I want to try this one out, With an 8x8 oil skinned tarp from from Deer Creek Wilderness outfitters.. When the weather warms up a bit. Were still getting the very low -20 Celsius range here in Yellowknife Canada.. I watch your tarp set up videos alot and so far this is the best one.. Thanks Dave

The Clueless Geologist: that close to a fire, while laying on a bed of dry leaves and dry logs, id be afraid to fall asleep lest the whole thing go up in flames

Bruce Nitroxpro: I'd need another foot all around, but that's my size speaking. I think you meant long wave radiation, as it's infra-red radiation which is heat... but with no mylar reflecting layer inside the shelter to reflect it down on you and both ends open, there goes your heat. I guess it would keep rain and some wind off of you. I'd have no place to kneel when I got up and at my age, I'd need that for sure. For me, this is close to a pure survival shelter.

nobodxy: can someone please link the intro musik? its awesome!

aurthordog: Dave...Make that in a 10 x11,and have a center tab(mid ridgeline)with a square pattern,surrounding it (of four,2 on each side of ridgeline),I will buy it. I have owned old oil tarps like that.....and covered 7-8 hundred miles of trails in the Adirondacks with them. Used to be an Adirondack Guide or locally known as Goyd. A bit older than you my friend,just sharin',laughing.

Mickey Authement: To be honest about it I actually like the idea of Dave endorsing certain products mainly because I know he field tests them extensively and wont endorse something that is not of quality. He is one of the few that I trust when it comes to endorsements. No, I dont buy every product he endorses but I do feel comfortable with any choice that I make that does carry the logo.

jwrappuhn71: Great vid dave, that setup looks like it will work well.

LeanDreMPeters: i love duluth but I havent reached the point of seriousness in my camping and survival that i could prend 300+ on a canvas tarp. i hope i do tho

Landon Ashby: Any news on being able to get these in the 10x10 size so we might have the option to do that?

silverado669: I agree man, such disrespectful/nit-picking assholes on here all the time, albeit, they're prolly just punk kids. We're lucky to have him, and for FREE. Some day he may get fed up with the bs and lose his spirit and stop making free videos.

Jim Cameron: in nessmuk book i think his first version had sides sew i beleave, his second was lager and also had side that could be used, is there a reson for leaving this out? not that that is bacd i am just wondering, have you used this yet? I am thinking you have. the hight seems right and it is pretty close to a Nussmuk shanty. I assume it oil cloth correct? thanks Jimmy

PIRATE ROY: May I ask what "oz." weight this material is? I just picked up a 12 oz. 7 x 9, and it seems pretty heavy for a quick scout or poachers camp. With minimal equipment I still feel like a pack mule! :) Thanks! Roy

Brian's Life: I know i can trust anything puts his name on. I have purchased several pathfinder logo gear and have zero complaints. Dave thanks so much for all the videos, info & gear reviews

simpleman2423: I feel sorry for you, bro. You seemed to have picked up some very picky and critical followers. For me, I thank you for everything I've learned with your generous free productions. You're a man among men, sir. Thank you.

websuspect: Dave I think thats a good buisiness model with so much cheap crap being made in CHIna. You have that choice or make it yourself. SO than the question is If I make it myself or pay $50-$100 for your company to make it. How much is my time worth If I make it myself. If I made it for you or some other company I would say the cost of living that the illegal aliens make for these big companys just to eliminate US jobs. I Saw the issues with You and cody as having different skill sets!

yatumux: One of the best what i've ever seen. Plus one idea from my experience. The head and foot side. There should be taller wall from Sprigs and stones with leaves.

Al Gentry: Tentsmiths in NH makes them

adam mathers: You should sell the log patch thats on there dave :P

QCKIII: Awesome, love the tarp and the sounds of primitive fire making in the background!
Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co 5 out of 5

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Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co