Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp By Duluth Pack Co

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Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co
Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co
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ValorSurvival: @Zladysman oh my bad i guess wool doesnt catch fire

muskrat411: @warbongkingfu in Canad we have snow remember. Dig that setup down in 2 3 feet of snow, replace the leaves with evergreen bows and get a good fire going. If you are dressed for a Canadian Winter with a couple of layers and a Canada Goose Parke you would be fine. Especially if you are carrying a SPOT and they come and rescue you the next day. Canada Rules!!!!!

1eyejack40: i live i eastern Canada, and this little set up could save my life in winter. very practical to carry.

QCKIII: Awesome, love the tarp and the sounds of primitive fire making in the background!

SwampRatProductions: any idea how much the tarp weighs?

Mickey Authement: To be honest about it I actually like the idea of Dave endorsing certain products mainly because I know he field tests them extensively and wont endorse something that is not of quality. He is one of the few that I trust when it comes to endorsements. No, I dont buy every product he endorses but I do feel comfortable with any choice that I make that does carry the logo.

newsman1969: I have a Spraw-Mart tarp that I use. It's too heavy for serious trekking and not real sturdy. It's cheap and prone to melting if the fire gets too hot. It lasts about one season if I'm lucky. The Nessmuk would be good for by purpose. I take mine with me during the firearm deer season. I hunt on public land I we have to hike off the road a long way to get away from the weekend warriors from Detroit, so I camp overnight. I set up a similar shelter in mid-to-late November--It works pretty well.

TheRebelEye: Is this Dave from Duel Survival?

soundmethod: @wildernessoutfitters Seriously how do you control a fire when you are asleep?

TheGrayman1234: @TheRebelEye yes it is

websuspect: Dave I think thats a good buisiness model with so much cheap crap being made in CHIna. You have that choice or make it yourself. SO than the question is If I make it myself or pay $50-$100 for your company to make it. How much is my time worth If I make it myself. If I made it for you or some other company I would say the cost of living that the illegal aliens make for these big companys just to eliminate US jobs. I Saw the issues with You and cody as having different skill sets!

wingzofsteel: Thanks Dave, I have always liked Duluth products. Also, hope to see you in many more episodes of Dual Survival. Thank goodness for season one on Netflix. I ration one episode out every Friday night. Even my wife finds it entertaining and she's a girly girl.

Athiog Deathsquad: @wildernessoutfitters Sounds like someone using a bow drill?

robcas631: The shelter is dyed out really well and looks tough! A trustworthy shelter in my opinion.

survivalstephen: i camped last week and i tried that i laced the top near my head with my coleman reflecting blanket and i stayed warm all night lol

TheBluepaint: how cold would this be good to?

thegermanprostitute: one stray spark onto those leaves during the night and your toast.

snaponjohn100: That is a great set up Dave, my friend. John

phrankus2009: Dave? Much respect (to be sure ... and gratitude, as well) ... BUT ... Everone has their opinion and here is mine. .. If one is going to commit to a tarp .. to pay for a tarp .. to carry the weight .. IT MIGHT AS WELL BE, AT LEAST, 9 feet (3M) Square. Really ... why not go for some few more ounces and a few more dollars and be assured of adequate coverage and afford many (and more) useful configurations ? ... Why short yourself with a skimpy "compromise" ? Even a 9x12 poly is justified.

KiloSierraAlpha: Won't that tarp leak if there's rain? Is that tarp coated with anything? I'm guessing not since you dyed it so easily...

Kelvin O'Hara: Advertising is second place skills and knowledge first or have I got that wrong?

TheRebelEye: @TheGrayman1234 Thank you so much for a strait answer.

uncoolkid2: does anyone else here the hand drill in the back??

Jim Cameron: in nessmuk book i think his first version had sides sew i beleave, his second was lager and also had side that could be used, is there a reson for leaving this out? not that that is bacd i am just wondering, have you used this yet? I am thinking you have. the hight seems right and it is pretty close to a Nussmuk shanty. I assume it oil cloth correct? thanks Jimmy

Ars Garn Yam Marra: thank you. :)

jwrappuhn71: Great vid dave, that setup looks like it will work well.

sam yu: @warbongkingfu True

DuckBillsAreFoxMasks: I don't get why people complain about you promoting products. I personally find it really nice to have tools and such recommended and demonstrated by someone with actual experience rather than just some average Joe consumer or clueless company rep. It also gives an opportunity for people to pay back for all the amazing lessons over the years by putting food on your family's table. There is nothing bad about advertising if it is relevant, honest and interesting.

cyclist01222: Hi Dave. I've been enjoying your vids for several months now and love your simple and sensible systems and methods... you rock brother! Hope to make it to one of your classes in the near future.

ValorSurvival: A bed of leaves with a fire right next to it........... yeah that makes sense

tblbaby: Hey Dave, you & Cody have the best survivalist show out there by far. The combination is amazing. You guys come up with good & entertaining stuff. Tell them to have you guys do a bunch more shows. Bear Grills makes me wanna puke, can't watch that poser. Can't believe Gerber has a line of knives with him & he's being promoted. Guess the world is 90% idiots. I've never seen you do guns. couple lbs of one of the best survival tools their is : )

Chuck U Farlie: Great video and sweet idea for a leaf bed. A shallow trench can be dug at the up hill side of the bed and down along the sides to channel water away from the dry leaves. Good advice for when the weather changes during the night. Go ARMY!

Landon Ashby: Any news on being able to get these in the 10x10 size so we might have the option to do that?

InTheSticks0001: The clothing dye found at most grocery stores would work good too on that tarp or anything cotton- canvas. There are some earth tones available as well from browns and greens that can be mixed. Even faded shirts, underwear, and jeans can be made brownish or greenish or whatever one would desire... White anything in the woods is like a neon light.

Pike Monger: I see this type of shelter being chosen alot by folks but I've always wondered why it's chosen over a setup like a half pyramid which encloses three sides. The half pyramid seems to me to protect you more from the wind and elements and yet still allows you to build a fire in the front for acquiring heat.

Uriel1816: Thanks for the info. Looks like a good set up.

goldenscales: @christianmetalpwns I agree. Even a fire a small as your fist is enough to cook your food, make a brew, or to keep you warm. There's an old Indian saying, 'Indian make small fire, keep warm all night. White man make big fire, keep warm by running to get wood!'

cocoa2987: Hey I love your videos and watch them all. I live in ny, I'm so excited. I just shot my first deer. I am 12 and I shot it with a bow. I almost shot a nontypical 6pt but it chased after the other doe. Thai is te beat day of my life!:)

WarzoneMerc: Bed set up is brilliant and i am gonna try it even tho i am in Canada ;) Thanks Dave

armouredcockroach: @6390721 I said this A year or so ago a video from dave C without him trying to sell you something is as rare as rocking horse sh-t self reliance isn't buying stuff you don't need with money you don't have on a credit card you can't pay off, Please Dave don't reply with the old i've got 6 chidren to suport tosh. Roach

Tuxdaddy: Thanks for sharing the Knowledge Brother Dave !! How much does that 7x7 weigh ?? Is it similar to the oil cloth type material ??

cbarsonfire: Dave, The tarp looks like it is built real well. I like the gromlets every 8". What is the pack weight for the tarp?

Da Cheese: so....what about snakes???

groov14: im gonna remember this has everything,wind break,insulation from the ground,well thought out.

simplymy2sense: I love your set up! hey I have a "personal survival tarp" from Wilderness Innovation that I want you to try...

Atkrdu: @warbongkingfu What would you use in a Canadian winter? I'm curious, because not too many books deal with that.

AzBirdDog: That walnut dye makes that cover tarp belong there! It looks absolutely natural in color, it's crazy! I think that I'll try making me a walnut colored shirt, just a good and strong sweatshirt hoodie. I'm going to look into other natural dying methods for other natural colors. Thank Dave! Arizona here!

Thomas Gerry: I am a bit concerned with the leaves as bedding with the fire so close, although I could not judge the distance from the shelter to the fire.

LeanDreMPeters: i love duluth but I havent reached the point of seriousness in my camping and survival that i could prend 300+ on a canvas tarp. i hope i do tho

Kellett781: @6390721 I can speak to that! I think when dave shows these things, he is also showing an item that can be easily made by you if you so chose. buying a tarp and putting gromets in it your self is not hard at all. and its not as if he just showed the item and talked over every point of it. He showed what he does to make it work, a salesman just assumes you already know. With a little prep work, a painters tarp would work just as well as one of these.
Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co 4.9 out of 5

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Pathfinder Nessmuk Trail Tarp by Duluth Pack Co