SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod Like Demo

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SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo
SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo
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SMARTGPU LCD - arduino mini tablet windows
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João Gabriel Gonçalves: How can I put a map image in the Smartgpu ?? In the 2:39 shows a map in the screen.... Does anyone has this code ?

1milenia: do you make one with 7' touch screen

Ronan Reis: Thumbs up for Deadmau5 and Homer J. Simpson

driftintheworld: Tecnológico de Monterrey xD?

VizicTech nologies: Hi Friend, the USB cable is ONLY for power supply, the microSD card holds the images and multimedia files, the programming is on the arduino. Regards

PROMUSICALENCORE: I have a very simple question:the usb wire is only for power supply (and the programming is in the micro SD)? or USB wire supplies the power and programming?

alienproject: Is your website down ? Can't open the link

loleggas: sell me this aha :O i would not be able to make that myself, give me a price

thevividyoshi: I have the iDuino with ATMega328... which Atmega328 Arduino with shield support do you guys recommend?

VizicTech nologies: Thanks, don't forget to check out the "SmartGPU 2" here in youtube!

Rin satsuki: wow very very great!

MicrosoftFan: Although Visual Basic would be a very easy way to do whatever you is not designed for Arduino. In other answers it is not possible. You must use Arduino programming knowledge.

rockhopper123452: Does smart gpu work on any display?

Luca Bernardi: Developer + VB = Lol hell nope!

mike brdn: very very good

rockhopper123452: Thanks man! Finally useful information.

VizicTech nologies: A PC can communicate with the SmartGPU via USB-UART SX, this device allows you to send commands/orders through the PC directly to the SmartGPU, talking-communicating with the SmartGPU is like the communication with a simple hyper-terminal or RS232 terminal, please take a look at the SmartGPU datasheet and Command sheet. Regards!

rockhopper123452: Sorry for so many questions but im actually thinking of buying your LCD and connecting it to a arduino and have a GUI on it. Do you know where i can find info on to code a gui on my computer and transfer it to the board and be well displayed on your LCD? (Sorry im new to boards )

VizicTech nologies: The SmartGPU isn't a programmable device, it's a serial RS232-TTL USART device that receives simple commands, so you can use it with your development board, arduino, FGPA,AVR,PIC, etc, or any board you're using with visual basic.
SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo 5 out of 5

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SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo