SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod Like Demo

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SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo
SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo
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driftintheworld: Tecnológico de Monterrey xD?

杨毅涛: The SMART GPU it's a powerful easy to use embedded graphics processor mounted on a board with a touch color LCD. The SmartGPU is NOT just another LCD with a HARD to program micro, It's a Graphics processor that just receive orders(EASY) like "drawImage(x,y)". It's aimed to help developers to create advanced Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in a very easy way without the user having experience in handling LCDs and graphics algorithms. The SMART GPU processor doesn't need any configuration or programming on itself, it's a slave device that only receives orders of your favorite main processor (8051, PIC, ATMEL, FREESCALE, STMICRO, ARM, CORTEX, any development platform (ARDUINO or similar, FPGA MBED, etc.) or PC(serialport)) of your application. VERY EASY!!! for details visit: free libraries and source code: arduino: VIZIC TECHNOLOGIES Copyright 2012

tutlex: What kinda LCD is this?

alienproject: Is your website down ? Can't open the link

MaxterTheTurtle: Can you program your own animations in to this or is it limited to the premade functionality?

canihaveacake1930263: it seems there jest pics you can write on i have no idea how they did that but ii think all look it up(:

Sonic656: wow!! very nice :) PS: what is name of the music??

VizicTech nologies: A PC can communicate with the SmartGPU via USB-UART SX, this device allows you to send commands/orders through the PC directly to the SmartGPU, talking-communicating with the SmartGPU is like the communication with a simple hyper-terminal or RS232 terminal, please take a look at the SmartGPU datasheet and Command sheet. Regards!

mike brdn: very very good

VizicTech nologies: You can load the images on the microSD card, thousand of images in a 2GB card, and the call them into the screen with a simple command "lcd.image(x,y,"image.bmp")"

kevin valente: yo this is so much better than the touchshield slide....the touchshield slide is 179 dollars and does not come with a built in sd card slot...youd have to be an idiot to buy that instead....aka im an litterally kicking myself in the butt for not getting this instead

xfreeman17: It's seem that 2000000bps is not enough to me. 1B for each pixel, in a grid of 76800 (320x240) give to me a frame rate of only 3.25 fps. I'm missing something?

Valen S: deadmaaaau5 :D

gokusupersaiyan6: What frame rates are you getting? What I mean how many times can you redraw the screen per second. I'm asking this because I really want to start using arduino and all that good stuff and make a Simple hand held console and I'm just browsing youtube to see if its possible (if it is some1 should have made one that's is the logic :))

Joshua Gladney: could you hook this up to an sd card

rockhopper123452: Thanks man! Finally useful information.

rockhopper123452: Im a developer and i use visual basic. Will i be able to do the same things in your software as visual basic? and is your screen compatible with visual basic?

URB FLANDRE: wow very very great!

VizicTech nologies: Dear Sir: The Smart GPU can be used with stylus or bare finger, obviously stylus gives you more precision as it's smaller than your finger. Check this video on youtube: "Smart GPU LCD - Arduino Smart phone Demo"

VizicTech nologies: SmartGPU has the highest refresh rate, and speed over all the Arduino LCD shields!

VizicTech nologies: You can have a baudrate up to 2000000bps with the smartGPU, you can send several pixels at this speed!

VizicTech nologies: Hi Friend, the USB cable is ONLY for power supply, the microSD card holds the images and multimedia files, the programming is on the arduino. Regards

Skewworks: Nice work, well done.

VizicTech nologies: You can download all the ready to compile and run arduino examples from our website VizicTechnologies, you'll note that creating those kind of GUIs are child's play with the SmartGPU board, as it does all the "hard work" for you.

vSxScopeZz: WOW nice soon i bet you could make your own ipod touch (just a bit bigger ) ^^ Very nice

canihaveacake1930263: this jest gose to show you how fast it took apple to make starter apps well not youtube i dont know how they could of connected to the web

loleggas: sell me this aha :O i would not be able to make that myself, give me a price

VizicTech nologies: The SmartGPU have an integrated microSD card socket, supporting up to 32GB, with the FAT12\16\32 system, so you can manage contents directly in your PC.

Amit Trivedi: does it only work with a stylus? or can it take touch input with a bare finger?

jonathan scarafile: B R A Z I L ♥

VizicTech nologies: Hi tutlex, This is a high resolution touch screen LCD ,is called the SmartGPU Embedded Graphics Processor. The best in its class out there!

Eriks Boroda: Can see some effort put into this project! I believe its not that easy to be achieved! Catch that Like!

MicrosoftFan: Although Visual Basic would be a very easy way to do whatever you is not designed for Arduino. In other answers it is not possible. You must use Arduino programming knowledge.

Sonic656: What is name of this music?

VizicTech nologies: That's right, sending pixel by pixel you would get that speed, actually there's no display out there that will let you display 24fps, SmartGPU is as we know the fastest device that supports 2Mb of baudrate, all other devices just support 115k or 230k. Regards

PROMUSICALENCORE: I have a very simple question:the usb wire is only for power supply (and the programming is in the micro SD)? or USB wire supplies the power and programming?

MaxterTheTurtle: Thanks, I will be buying one soon then.

rockhopper123452: Sorry for so many questions but im actually thinking of buying your LCD and connecting it to a arduino and have a GUI on it. Do you know where i can find info on to code a gui on my computer and transfer it to the board and be well displayed on your LCD? (Sorry im new to boards )

MrJesusthekiller: Developer + VB = Lol hell nope!

rockhopper123452: i want to make a gui but i dont know how. i want to code it in visual basic and put it onto a screen to arduino how do i do that?

mrwar007: Lads, this is very cool!! Top work!

rockhopper123452: Does smart gpu work on any display?

thevividyoshi: I have the iDuino with ATMega328... which Atmega328 Arduino with shield support do you guys recommend?

Kunal Wadekar: hi i m new beginner with arduino i want to do above what u did so can u pls email me the stuff on i m waiting for your reply bro pls write in subject glcd

VizicTech nologies: The SmartGPU isn't a programmable device, it's a serial RS232-TTL USART device that receives simple commands, so you can use it with your development board, arduino, FGPA,AVR,PIC, etc, or any board you're using with visual basic.

jerome sedlock: Thank you for your quick response.I have downloaded all the files correctly and the smart gpu is working Great... The smart gpu is the Best gpu I own. I have two other gpu's that I have put back in their boxes because they are very hard to program. Your Team Works Very Hard and Very quick. From me you get a Five star Rating.(the best) Keep up the Great work!

VizicTech nologies: The SmartGPU is fully loaded with Graphic functions, like draw line, point, circle, rectangle fill/unfilled geometry, text of different sizes/colors. Loads text files and images access stored on microSD, touch functions, etc. You can do whatever you can imagine with this Graphics Processor, check out all our videos to give you an idea, those are only some examples, but you can do anything with it!

MarfFilms: i love the Arduino

VizicTech nologies: Thanks for your like!, But believe us or not, this kind of GUIs are very easy to be achieved with the SmartGPU!

AlanFromJapan: Looks very nice! Congrats!
SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo 4.8 out of 5

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SMARTGPU LCD - Arduino Ipod like demo