The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats - Free Download + Serial Codes ( No Surveys )

Did this video help you?

ismaeel331: yes

8eopoula11: of course ... I 'll send you a message If so ;)

sup agfh: Hey where do I redeem the code?

blondeblond1: Thanks so much!!

8eopoula11: ok :) I'll sendyou too :D

Holley Jones: hi i got the sims 3 katy perry sweet treets witrh activation code and it downloaded but i cant lauch it what did i do wroyung

Sebastian Molina: did you have the code

titus1960: Thanks......

1Lilshizz: YES!!! CHEERS!!!

EstrusWanton: You need the cd still, do you have the patch.

sup agfh: I bought the game for 30 bucks it didnt work too D:

claudette charmaine plamenco: does this really works???????

Snow Belle: thank u!! but whats the first thing to do?? i really have no idea, its my first time.. plss. help me. i dont know what to do..

sam jones: does it work

Kyle Dockery: You rock, let me know if you have any others for when the new ones come out.

ellol172: thanks u help me a lot :)

8eopoula11: both ... ( I used the torrent one)

SilentDeathV8: great thanks

Gerard S: thanks it works

8eopoula11: yup you can :)

Basti Heyer: geht super

8eopoula11: what do you mean ?

noa:*: KBJS-ZVEV-T47Q-D823-0FLT

Rianna Sykes: It wont let me download unless I get iLivid. And iLivid has bad responses?

A7M3DxEz: thank you :)

hana ihab: hi thx but i realy dont now whats the first step pleas help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its important to my work pleasssssssssssssssssss

Olga Pluto: thnks thnks :)))

8eopoula11: what password ? do you mean serial code? If so , you can find it on the description of the video

TheMackAttack: YAY :D YAY :D YAY :D YAY :D YAY :D YAY :D YAY :D

8eopoula11: I used nero express

8eopoula11: you shouldnt bought it ... you could also burn the files to a CD if this doesnt work you may have to ask someone special to help you

Miss Lara: You are jesus :)

Rosebella Salvatore: you have to pay money to get the direct download, i downloaded a .rar file from the link, it gave me trojans. it didn't even install any sims3 related things. what's the point of having the keycodes while you dont have the REAL download link??

Chloe Stevo: does this slow your computer down?

8eopoula11: no ...

RwarPandaMaid: I love you

8eopoula11: you 've to burn it to a CD

LaMysticalBellaGoonju: Thank you but, i'm such a noob, can you tell me how to do that?

Avery Jennes: thanks AGF! :D

haleyjewel123: Oh, WOW! Installing now. This is so simple (and simple is very, very good XD). I love this. Thank you for sharing :D

8eopoula11: when you install the game it asks for a serial code ... there is where you put it ;)

8eopoula11: well , I used the torrent link and I also suggested it for everyone ... If you dont know how to download the game and install it etc dont put the blame one someone else !

8eopoula11: click on the file , then you 'll find instructions

ladyofgodable: WOOOOT IT WORKED

Avery Jennes: you need poweriso to open it with then mount it to one of the following options drive D or whatever

Kamario Amos: which 1 works

8eopoula11: you can burn the files to a disc ....

simsfreak256: wait i'm a noob at this, could you help me? I downloaded it through frostwire so i have the file but what do i do with it? how do i install the game?

Michelle M: Download a program like poweriso and mount it on that it tricks the computer into thinking there is a disc and it should play fine this is what I have done with my sims 3 my original one got wrecked by my daughter so I got a copy of my friends one and did it that way but they didn't have the original packaging for the Katy Perry sweet treats that's why I came here!

The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats - Free Download + Serial Codes ( No Surveys ) 4.4 out of 5

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The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats - Free Download + Serial Codes ( No Surveys )