Kuaiyong: How To Install App And .ipa Without Jailbreak

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Kuaiyong install apps on iPad. iPod. iPhone 4s.5 (iOS 6.0.2) and below (No-Jailbreak Required)
Kuaiyong install apps on iPad. iPod. iPhone 4s.5 (iOS 6.0.2) and below (No-Jailbreak Required)
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MUSASHIDEN21144: I just downloaded Prince of persia classic and it worked like a charms, thank u so much

Zeeshan Abdul Lateef: Bullcrap!!

nu conteaza deloc: Hey guys can you send me the kuaiyong file? i cannot download becase site it's in maintenace

Matt Reeves: I already have the ipa file on my PC. Can I install it on my iPod with this? The app isn't on the Kuaiyong store...

3issoXsaffe7: does it workon ipad mini???

Fahim50cent: Holy crap!! It works!!

Hugo Peters: ..no it's not?

bkrandom16: Ok meet me at the swing set 8:00 dont be late

drashoksinghal: crap tool giving extension file .bpp not ipad support extension file .ipa after downloading

mike zoqui: Is the real deal try and then comment.

drykitufk: =/= means does not equal. Why pay $14.99 for apps worth far less? Do you need that many paid apps?

bkrandom16: guys watch my vid i have the new way this way is patched /watch?v=STkmJl4dMU8

Joshua Cymon GOMEZ: how to extract my ipa files to be sync by Kuaiyong software?

Mihir Jog: wat...????

Jwoodill2112: freak you

ALALALAtesli: Hi!, Can't install any apps, they do nothing, just running around and say an exclamation mark - plz help me - iPhone 5 IOS 6.0.1

castrokike2: iTunes wont sync my iPhone after this

mediakingdom3000: you are free not to do this

Wicked Cerberus: use the program to sync downloads lol

drykitufk: Whole point of pirating is to get things free. $14.99 =/= $0, in fact it's probably cheaper buying those apps the normal way.

KaragandaOnly: patched xd

Earn12139: how to uninstall kuaiyong TT

Nab il: THANKS MAN IT'S working !!!! can we add ipa files to the program ????

Dirtyb1rd: works for sky safari. One question though, can we download already cracked apps and let this program work? Asking becouse the download speed is slooow

jakob9595: Is it possible to somehow install IPA files that aren't in this program? Like some games I can't find in this app, but I can download their IPA's from different websites. Is it possible to put those IPA's into this app, and to later put it into your iDevice?

Abhijeet Mishra: Here, replace (dot) by . : mobilepoint(dot)googlecode(dot)com/files/kuaiyong_KYSetup_2010_2.exe

Buitless Buitanet: Good! but some apps don't exist.

Badr Khaled yahia: I know it work but iwant to learn how to convert .ipa in kuaiyong for install it because in kuaiyong there's not all the apps ;)

Hugo Peters: HAHA yeah come on over to The Netherlands then we'll fight about it.

Harkamal Singh: Thank i love u (No homo)

Chris Lim: same here

Grant Houle: It's legit dude. Where you been? It's all over the net.

Kevin Zhai: wait so how exactly does this work?? you need to download the software on your computer. and in order to transfer stuff over to your idevice, you need the cydia app appsync. so basically you DO need a jailbreak right? or is this "kuaiyong" thingy an app in the app store??...

hedshotter: it doesnt work for me (windows 8, 64 bit computer) it doesnt list any apps and it cant find any when i search for it ive tried both versions

bkrandom16: You wanna fight about it

Sir Muffin Top: well first.. apps are $1.40 in my country. second every dollar adds up, can spend hundreds of dollars on apps that are rubbish and because there is no free demo to try apps out first. I for one buy apps that I like after downloading a cracked copy first. lastly a lot of apps over $4 I can think of a few right now for $6, $8 and $9.99 TomTom is an app for $100 that is not worth it, better off with google maps. so im glad i took the risk and tried it. TLDR: Yes.

Hugo Peters: Cool, I'll be there.

Richard Cherry: Great way to get malware! freak is it worth it to get some 99c apps free?
Kuaiyong: how to install app and .ipa without jailbreak 3.8 out of 5

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Kuaiyong: how to install app and .ipa without jailbreak