Airplane Diaper Cake (How To Make)

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ceejay bentley: Yayyy we finally get to see the voice behind the camera. Hey Paulie! Love you guys! Thanks for sharing al of your crafts Thom (Happy New Year to you both).

wendy araujo: I love all the things u do I want to do the truck then airplane and everything u do

TotallyTwistedTrio: Great job! How did you secure the baby bottles to the top? Thanks

sweetgestures: WOW!!!! You did a fantastic job! Thank you for sharing.

Kimberly Faison: Thom I really enjoy making your diaper cakes because nothing is glued and they resemble toys. Most of all the mom can use everything on your cakes. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for making diaper cake making so enjoyable!

blitz4sure: Wow! Thanks Thom & ur brother-in-law for another great idea. You complement each other so that we understand a lot better. I am surprised that your brother-in-law gets it somehow. Keep bringing us diaper cake lovers new & inspiring ideas. Thanks again!

Ashley Kudlik: Would you know how to make a turtle out of diaper and baby stuff. I see pictures on google but havent found a video yet.thank you for all the ideas i really love seeing your work.

Margo Davis: Hi Thom! Oh my goodness what an adorable idea for a diaper cake! LOVE it! And so sweet that your brother helps you make these videos! Awesome! (I have seen some of your other diaper cake videos and love them too!) You do such great work! I have several friends that will be having babies this year, so this gives me plenty of ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

b0dianab3auty: Can you please email me the air plane measurements info. I can never get the doc. to open. Thank you

Elisa Aguilar: This daper cake for my Sister in law but Am having trouble getting to the link for the mesuents i Dont know If u could please email then to me cause her Baby shower is this Sunday .

Deb Pisarek: So cool Thom & Paulie...thanks for the great step-by-step. I found an airplane shaped spoon for the prop and that was a fun twist to your design. I'm going to do your tub boat this week. Keep your ideas coming...these diaper cakes will always be my go-to presents for the new babies in my life.

Tjinster: Thom! You are a genius! Love your vids. Your brother in law kinda sounds like your hubby though. The same enthousiastic voice! Keep on going!! Thank you!

Ashley Kudlik: I love all ths diaper cakes you make.

b0dianab3auty: Thom you're so creative please make a flower diaper cake. Flower bouquet

TotallyTwistedTrio: I made this adorable airplane diaper cake for a friends baby shower, and it turned out so good. It was a huge hit! She didn't want to take it apart to use the baby items because she said it was too cute. Thanks for the tutorial! I will be making the castle next for another friend that just had a baby.

Linda Gonzalez-Johns: Wow! That was awesome! Would you be able to do a helicopter by any chance. My husband is a retired helicopter pilot and we have a niece who is expecting a boy in a couple months.

Jennifer Roundy: Thanks so much for your tutorials I'm so excited that I"m going to make two of these for the baby shower I"m throwing!

whisperscloset: i think you are awesome...we are actually making today a quad for my cousin,,,i thought your brother was your husband blessed..

PRINCESSLOVESMAC: Love ur vids thom maybe u can do a baby walker now or a baby swing

KINDERKRAFTS: Hi again... Another fun fun fun diaper cake...luv the super cute little airplane...Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this darling idea... Thank you MYSTERY MAN for finally showing us what you look like...and that you are Thom's brother and not her Have a fun summer evening... Surie

Charlene Torres: Beautiful! Awesome! Thom, you are very creative, organized and talented! I love following your videos and always taking notes. I am organizing a baby shower for my first granddaughter and my daughter is Airborne so I will be adding somehow a parachute to the teddy bear and it will be perfect! Thank you so much! - Camera man, what is your name?? :) You are awesome as well and helping Thom create this videos for us is well appreciated! Very nice job!

HarryMarie Styles: I LOVE THESE DIAPER CAKES...My sister is having a baby girl and she really likes diaper cakes could you make a monkey one??

Annette Lopez: I just love watching your videos! Your so cute and very creative.

b0dianab3auty: Love it

Hadelis Perdomo: Thank you for this great idea I make the Cho Cho train for my friend and everybody like it :-) can you make a guitar please please and thank you ^-^

b0dianab3auty: I have a problem opening uo the Airplane diaper cake instructions...please help . I would love to make this and the measurements are important

Stacy81107: I'm DEFINATLY trying this. A friend of mine is having a girls and was thinking what creative video I should use from Thom. There it is this adorable airplane. Thank you Thom and brother. You both are so very creative.

Shakia tester: Very nice

nperez2856: Awesome!!

Lupecervantes Cervantes: you should make a guitar diaper cake or an owl diaper cake those would be awesome..

Thom's Crafts and Treats: Did you try the link in the video notes? It is also located on the main YouTube Channel page near the top right under the Facebook link. The File is in Adobe PDF format, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (A free Program). If you are running a MAC or iPAD you may have to find an App that will read PDF files.

whisperscloset: you should list your items on ebay for would be lucrative income

Angie Rodgers: Your work is amazing. :) Always looking for new ideas xx

keepnitreal1973: Thank you again, awesome as always. Mr. cameraman, I hope to find someone who draws easy to understand plans as you to make me a plan for my kitchen island, so I can build myselfonce I get back to the states. You guys are great... thanks again

Hadelis Perdomo: Wow great job Thom,thank you for sharing can you make a boat or caterpillar for the next time :) HADEY

Jennifer Siegel: WOW, Can you try making jungle animals?!

ruizfam1234: Thanks for the idea this is great.... I did have trouble finding the measurements for the plan but did google: rc plane pdf plans for diaper cake and found the measurements one the very first sight listed continue the good work.....

amber tyree: Im wanting to make an aquarium diaper cake!!!!! I need some ideas. Please help!!!

nkr1695: Hello to u both.. I was curious to know if you have ever considered selling these things you make? Dom, you do an amazing job with these Diaper cakes! How much would u sell them for if u did? Thanks -Angie

Mily k: did u put a holes in the fleece blanket where the pipe cleaner comes through the front?

mpetty0226: Wow great job Thom. Very creative. How about a boat or tank for the next one.

bellafab245: This is beautiful amazing thanks for sharing

shannon19791000: Thank you for the great tutorials! I love your creations!!! Keep them coming. ;-)

Melissa Ray: Thanks for showing me how to make the airplane cake. I just couldn't figure it out. And I saw you were in to planes so I knew you were the one to ask... Thank you so much...

Starla Graham: Are you located in IL?

Elisa Aguilar: Hi i really Whant toale

kasisol33: how much are you selling these diaper creations for? im not to creative and if could maybe purchase one for my daugther shes having a baby in july...thank you. you all are awesome... i love every bad im not to crafty....

Destiny Garcia: Love the new video 3 thank you so much for sharing, also thanks for stating the measurements as well! Very creative :) I would like to see some sort of under the sea themed diaper cake, could you make a starfish shaped one? Also I think a tank or walker would make an amazing diaper cake as well, thanks again for sharing you two ;)

Janne Verhaest: I really love your work Thom!! I also make diapercakes! If you wanne see on Facebook: Pampertaarten Janne. You give me a lot of ideas! Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

Avram Gantman: you can go to the library that were i printed it out
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Airplane Diaper Cake (How To Make)