SOS | Damage Repair Hair Mask

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leyla tanir: hen i first clicked on this video i thought you said "hello there leyla!" I thought i had entered a live chat lol! "how does she know my name!?"

Funnyvidsforyou52: Can you do this without olive oil?

MEL STEVENS: I've used mayonnaise before as a hair care treatment. While it did help soften my hair and smooth out the frizz, it left an awful smell on my hair. Shampooing once or twice didn't help take care of the smell. :( But I did discover this great hair care product: Pro Naturals Hair Repair Mask. It's got proteins, keratin and argan oil. Really helped make my hair healthier, more manageable and shinier. Look it up online. :)

swagprincess8: Does the honey have to be 'pure clear honey' ?x x

burns985: What if you have oily hair ? oily scalp ? is this mix benefitial ?

wannalaugh90: love the accent :)

jessica reynolds: ur so rude

Unihuahua: I love your voice! ^-^ Very chipper

Martin Knight: ( I am a girl by da way its just my dads account

SuperBesties143: if you dont have olive oil? is that okay?

candyfloss117: im british

candyfloss117: Wait i hate the smell of tea tree oil !

jessica reynolds: you lot are so rude and also does this mask promote hair growth someone please answer me

brattty13: I frickin love your accent!!!!! Also nice vid! XD

Sara Oberknezev: Have mine on right now :) hope it works!

Douglasville Darling: Isn't mayo oil, eggs and vinegar? So wouldn't you just add apple cider vinegar

peaceindacity100: yes because it's actually really really healthy! i started doing this when I was about 14 and I use heatless curls in my hair everyday! :)

Sandra Le Vett: YUMMY..! X

snowball5317: Do u have to use mayo

cammey3: Fake accent ↓↓↓↓??? She sounds like a normal brit to me, how rude can ppl be!

peaceindacity100: yes you can use almond oil, coconut oil, just don't use veggie or canola oil! :P

FaithfulLeo Cummings: Hi I am currently letting the ingredients work in my hair. My 10 year old wants me to try on her hair. Her hair is natural but Mama's hair is extremely damaged. Lol would you recommend this foe 10 year olds that have natural hair?

Williams Kamille: it has to be 100% honey which is what that is

HappyFace: Plain yogurt would be so much better than mayo

candyfloss117: Thanx luv

sofiasusi: do you put this on dry or freshly shampooed hair? txs

Elysia Jones: When do you apply this? After shampooing? Or before?

GREEKGIRL232: nice hair :D

Haydensmommy12: Do you wash hair first ,towel dry and then apply, rinse and the condition like normal? Or dirty hair and then wash n condish as usual? I really need to know the best way my hair needs protien

miski ali: Amitee you mancunian?

Martin Knight: Your pretty :-)

Billy Bob Jones: Will the oil make your hair greasy?

Iheartmusic301: You're Beautiful! Also like your accent. :)

MsRosesanddiamonds7: you can use canola oil. you just need it to put shine in youe hair

cocoanouk: your hair is amazing

cobaltinosita: whats the name of the song?

wannalaugh90: show us how to do it on your hair please

sergiomonttiel: really good video, thanks

Kamil PS: it does, your hair will be healthier and grow faster. I've done this for a long time and my hair grows faster because of it.

crystal peace: what happened to ur hair u fake accent freak

donjuanfig: Your hair is terrible are you sure the mask works cause it doesn't seem to be working on your hair but I love your accent
SOS | Damage Repair Hair Mask 4.8 out of 5

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SOS | Damage Repair Hair Mask