Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Tac Ops Conversion

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Gabriel Duran: I'm a sigg guy. I've never had any problems with my guns so I don't know what your talking about. 

flawlessfoose: Great video man!!!

sand man: To be honest with you about the Sig magazines made in the USA, I never had a problem with them and shot 1000s of rounds out of them and that's using the one that is fully loaded that sits in the P226 for months at a time by the bed stand, but always heard that the Made in Italy by Meg-gar are better. can anyone explain this? Also I would like to put the E2 grip on my MK25 and was wondering if any other parts, springs, strut or anything else has to be changed to install the E2?

Nicholas Austin: Trolling? How do you figure? 

Zeiss35: Interesting observation about mags accompanying Sigs lately.  The pair with my new P229 are simply stamped: "SigSauer P229-1 9mm" and are not as robust appearing as the pair that came with my P226 a couple of  years ago. Those mags are stamp: "SigSauer P226 .357 .40" on one side, "Made in USA" on the other side, and "U.S. Patent  XXXXXXX" on the floor plate.  Who knows WHERE the 229 mags come from.  I am also inclined to get Mec-Gar mags.  Can someone weigh in on their experience with them compared to Sigs, and what is it that makes the Mec-Gar mags worth obtaining?

Nicholas Austin: I love my 40 tacops. So much less snapper than my 9mm. Then again my sig .380 is extremely snappy. 

ddmd80: Do all the internals stay the same when switching from the E2 to Magwell grips?

ddmd80: change anything else or just the grips only. Thanks

ddmd80: I have a E/E just like yours I noticed when you switch from regular grips to E2 grips some internals are changed. My question is when going from E2 grips to the Magwell grips do I need to switch out anything else besides just the grips?

Dave Butch: It's not a weapon. It's a firearm. 

Tango Down: I have a SIG Mk25 that I changed the grips to the TacOps grips, had it for about a year now.  Finally procured an actual TacOps yesterday evening. :-)

Bak Dur: +1 for top gun supply ........great site great help

khyoon14: I have the Extreme on the way. can't wait.

Ratherbblown: Just picked up a 9mm tacops. Such a sweet pistol!

BrothaJeff: So it is possible to use the regular p226 grips on a p226 E2?

SamuraiEdge556: Wow my local gun shop got a p226 with the e2 grip in. I have small hands and to me those grips are SMALL! Didn't get a good grip like the ones on the original grips. My gripe is towards the bottom end wear the e2 fills the palm of the hand. Not enough there.

SamuraiEdge556: Thanks. I believe i'll be going with the enhanced elite. My hands are small so it would suit me better. It would also be easier for me to conceal without the extended magwell and mag extension. Of course i'm talking about outside the waistband holster with a jacket or button up shirt.

Juan Rivera: Not that much bigger. The E2 just wrap around with no screws (they have two opposing clips so you have to pry them above a certain level to be able to pull them off), so they do feel slimmer in the hand. For people with big hands they feel too slim. The Tac Ops grips fill in the sculpted areas of the E2 and thus feel fuller. I have a small hand and have no problems with the Tac Ops grips. Hope this helps, jr

SamuraiEdge556: When comparing the E2 grips to the tac ops how would you describe how much bigger the tac ops grips are?

Fishing Network West: yes get them Both and get more !!!
Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Tac Ops Conversion 5 out of 5

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Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Tac Ops Conversion