Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Tac Ops Conversion

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Tango Down: I have a SIG Mk25 that I changed the grips to the TacOps grips, had it for about a year now. Finally procured an actual TacOps yesterday evening. :-)

Dave Butch: It's not a weapon. It's a firearm. 

sigmaoverglocks: Do anyone know where I can find a Hi cap mag for my sp2022 sig.

Practical Firearms: Great Video Juan. I love that Sig P226. To me out of all the guns I have owned the my sig p229 had the best shoot-ability. It was a dream to handle and had the sweetest trigger I have ever had the pleasure of squeezing. Sigs are top of the line.

Tango Down: I love it thus far. I do miss the fact that the frame is sans a beavertail though but that's just a cosmetic issue, doesn't affect the shooting in the least. :-)

Juan Rivera: @GONZO0710 Yea, if the mags aint Mec-Gar's, they're junk. The mags are the number one complaint from people who buy the Sig. I'm really satisfied with the way this project turned out. Thx for watching!

Juan Rivera: @riceburna Let me know what you think once you take her to the range!

DHman32: Thanks for your insight with these guns. I trusted since you own one you would definitely know! I have the standard p226 in 9mm and cant wait to get one of the elites with the super awesome beavertail. Im sure any one of the elites would be a great gun to own!

BrothaJeff: So it is possible to use the regular p226 grips on a p226 E2?

kllapointe: Do the 15 round mags still fit with new magwell grips?

Juan Rivera: I ordered mine from Topgunsupply and they sold them separately. How do you like the setup?

Keith Click: Mec-Gar actually makes the Sig Sauer factory mags. They come off the same line from what I have been told by Mec-Gar.

Juan Rivera: From Top Gun Supply online

legalsolutions07: I agree with you regarding the magazines. I have a Blackwater Tactical P226 and it came with four Mec-Gar mags and they're great. However, all those that have had failure to feed on the later Blackwater and current Tac-Ops probably can be traced to the low quality mags. I have over 6000 rounds through my pistol and have not had any problems save for some bad primers on my reloads. These are Great pistols.

vnohelix: Great video. From hear say: "the enhanced grip, although more comfortable for smaller hands, forces (due to its design) a lower hold on the gun and actually raises the relative bore axes". What is your opinion on this? In other words, now with your new grip, do you feel you can get a higher grip? Thank you so much.

Kerry Flynn: Where can you buy the grip? Its not on the sig website.

Juan Rivera: The P226 in 9mm is a controllable shooter with just about any grip, especially in the Elite model (because of the beavertail). For me, it was a matter of round count without having the magazine hanging 2 inches below the grips. The E2 grip does obligate you to hold lower than the Tac Ops grips but I didn't feel any difference in my shooting, jr

Juan Rivera: HK 45 is a great gun but for a fraction of the cost you can get a Glock that holds 13 rounds or an FNP that gives you 14-15 rounds. But if you're set on the HK then get it, jr

Juan Rivera: Mec-Gar does make mags for for Sig but not all guns came with Mec-Gar's. If you check the forums, you'll read of a lot of people who returned their non-Mec-Gar mags and demanded that sig replace them with Mec-Gar's.

Juan Rivera: They do. When inserting the 15 round mag, you will have to use your thumb to fully seat it into the magwell. 15 rounder would be a good reloading mag but would take some practice to have quick reloads, jr

Juan Rivera: Not that much bigger. The E2 just wrap around with no screws (they have two opposing clips so you have to pry them above a certain level to be able to pull them off), so they do feel slimmer in the hand. For people with big hands they feel too slim. The Tac Ops grips fill in the sculpted areas of the E2 and thus feel fuller. I have a small hand and have no problems with the Tac Ops grips. Hope this helps, jr

Juan Rivera: @fatboyR6 More than likely you're going to special order one that will accept the light. I'm really impressed with the SRT on this Sig. By far it's one of my favorites. Of course, this isn't one I can conceal carry but it sits on my nightstand with a TLR-1s with 20 +1. Thx for stopping by, jr

Juan Rivera: @BHPfan26 I'm fine with it both ways, really prefer the the E2 grips but have NO problem using the full Tac Ops grips. Love it!

Juan Rivera: @zaldivarbigboy The trigger is my favorite also. I know they say it's in the 4 pound range but it feels like half of that since the reset is so short. Probably the best trigger outside of my TRP's

Juan Rivera: Checked and subbed! jr I just got a p2012 with night sights and for the money, you just can't beat it

SpyderTime .: Excellent video, Thanks

Juan Rivera: Go to topgunsupply(dot com) and type in: SIGPRO915 (that is the 15 round mag)

Diesel Tactical: Nice work. I have the same pistol and have shot 200 flawless rounds threw it. Most accurate pistol I have ever shot. Most likely due to the awesome single action trigger pull. I wish blade-Tech made a holster that accepts a TRL-1 light. I can't find any holster really that accepts lights for this model.

Juan Rivera: I hope that helped you understand what i was talking about. It helped give me better purchase and control. LOL, thx for the stars!

Juan Rivera: Thanks for watching, jr

DJ Nunez: Hi Juan, I got a cuestion I have a E2 with out the beaver tail, Can I replace the grip for a tacical op.

Juan Rivera: @GunSmokeGuy You too my friend!

khyoon14: I have the Extreme on the way. can't wait.

Tango Down: I recently procured the SIG Mk25 and, like you, I wanted the Magwell grips to mod it with as well as the 20 round Mec-Gar mags. When I ordered my Magwell grips, the screws were included with it.

maxfitguy: I agree on the magazine issue. MecGar makes magazines for a lot of the gun manufacturers due to their workmanship and reliability. My P226 Elite shoots like a house on fire with their magazines. Prices are really affordable for MecGars. Great review!

Ratherbblown: Just picked up a 9mm tacops. Such a sweet pistol!

Fishing Network West: yes get them Both and get more !!!

Bak Dur: +1 for top gun supply ........great site great help

riceburna: Thanks for this video it was very informative. I've been doing my homework for a month and I'm sure I'll be happy with my two tone p226 which I'm ordering today:)

DinoDad32: Nice job on Video - I am a big fan of the Sig - I love my P228. Check out my AR-15 channel ~ Dinodad32

Juan Rivera: I didn't have the tool and did exactly what you said. The Sigs that come with the E2 include the tool in the box for those who want to change them out. Like you, I think the wood grips are logs, only people with very large hands benefit from those grips. LOL, who hasn't had a spring or two come flying off their gun at one time or another. My Sig too has been flawless, truly one of my all-time favorites. Thx for the comments!

Juan Rivera: Thanks for watching. The Sig site has all the conversion kits listed that will work with the P226, jr

SamuraiEdge556: Thanks. I believe i'll be going with the enhanced elite. My hands are small so it would suit me better. It would also be easier for me to conceal without the extended magwell and mag extension. Of course i'm talking about outside the waistband holster with a jacket or button up shirt.

BHPfan26: Great info man. I love my older P226. Been wanting to handle an E2 model.

raiderftbl: Great review, looking to get one as soon as I have my FOID permit. Does this model allow for the caliber x-change kits? Thanks again for the info!

T74G: its beautiful...

SamuraiEdge556: When comparing the E2 grips to the tac ops how would you describe how much bigger the tac ops grips are?

Juan Rivera: @maxfitguy Since I had looked at so many P226 vids before making my purchase, the magazine issue was the one thing always coming up. Having bought a used 226 just made it easier for me to pick up a couple of Mec-gars seeing mine only came with one. Thx, jr

Juan Rivera: The frame is exactly the same. You can have the best of both worlds if you get the TacOps then just buy the grips and a couple of mags to go with it; easy on and off. If you can afford the extra $100 for the TacOps, get it, as the price for 20 round magazines is already skyrocketing. Thanks for watching and good luck on your purchase!

DHman32: Hi Juanriv01 I have been debating on getting either the p226 enhanced elite or the TacOps. Are both the frames exactly the same? If I were to buy the TacOps could I later change the grips and magazines? From your video it looks like there many options with these guns.
Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Tac Ops Conversion 4.6 out of 5

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Sig Sauer P226 Elite 9mm Tac Ops Conversion