Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia Water Leak Problem

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Leaky Buick Enclave. Saturn Outlook. GMC Acadia  water leak problem
Leaky Buick Enclave. Saturn Outlook. GMC Acadia water leak problem
2008 Saturn Outlook XR sunroof leaking-How to fix
2008 Saturn Outlook XR sunroof leaking-How to fix
Leaky Buick Enclave
Leaky Buick Enclave
2008 GMC Acadia Sunroof Leak Fix
2008 GMC Acadia Sunroof Leak Fix

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Jedi Luke 22: This is why I don't buy American crap lol

Gord Baker: I will be drilling drain holes in the Blower motor bowl tomorrow. No rain tonite!

Jennifer Morgan: If you have a problem with your vehicle that you believe makes it unsafe, you can file a Vehicle Safety Complaint with the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) via the following link. It's a 5-step form and will take you approximately 5 minutes. Do your part to keep our families safe! https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/?_ga=1.99807062.972546954.1490398462

Jennifer Morgan: Also, on March 27, 2017 I posted some comments on GM's Facebook page. They proceeded to delete everything I posted and they blocked me from commenting further.

Here is what I wrote that they deleted:

🛇 Buyer beware!!!!!! 🛇 Bought a pre-owned GMC Acadia that is leaking water so bad that it is short circuiting my electrical system and flooding the interior. My warranty won't cover it and GMC headquarters will not fix it either. It will cost thousands of dollars to repair. This is an epidemic. Many people have had this problem and some people have even reported that it has caused a short circuit that causes the air bags to randomly deploy! Scary! Apparently, GMC will not take care of their customers.

Jennifer Morgan: I bought a 2009 GMC Acadia from a dealership in April 2016. I loved the exterior design and that it had third row seating so it could fit my family comfortably.
The car seemed to work fine for a little while, but then the issues began. At first the problems seemed like typical wear and tear. Definitely a busy 11 months, maintenance-wise, but we were not initially alarmed. Then the problems ballooned into a huge mess that has compromised the safety of my family. Here's our experience with the GMC Acadia:

• It started with a bad battery. We figured it had simply reached the end of it's life, so we replaced it.
• Then the purge valve went out (electrically-operated part, which regulates the amount of fuel going into the engine). Replaced that.
• Then the struts on the lift gate went out. Replaced those.
• Next the radiator went out. Replaced that.
• While the mechanics at the dealership replaced the radiator, they tried to address the fact that the "service AWD" light kept coming on. They couldn't figure out why, and they were unable to get it to stay off.
• Then the radio started cutting out.
• Then the interior windows would fog up every single time we drove.
• Then it just stopped starting altogether.

After getting a jump start for the umpteenth time, we took it to a GMC dealership to get serviced (again). They found that water had leaked into the interior of the vehicle somewhere, which caused connectors to melt. The mechanics said these melted connectors were likely the cause of our car not starting, the radio cutting out and, the 'service AWD' light staying on. They said that the reason our windows are fogging up so badly every time we drive is also likely because of the water that is leaking into the vehicle. They replaced the 2 melted connectors (cost $880 out of pocket because our warranty won't cover "water damage"). The 'service AWD' light is still on.

The $880 replacement of those melted connectors was basically a band-aid fix. The cause of the problem, water leaks, still needs to be addressed. The service department has made an appointment for us to go in and have some diagnostic tests done to see where the water is coming in and the extent of damage it has caused to our car's electrical systems, airbags, carpet, etc. (all of which will have to be paid for out of pocket, of course, since our warranty apparently does not cover "water damage").

I am angry because this car is unsafe for my family. My car has a manufacturing defect which can cause: electrical short circuiting, electrical fire, airbag malfunctions, mold, and who knows what else.

And my anger is compounded because this is a huge, widespread issue. After we learned about this water leak, we started doing some "research" and discovered that many people are dealing with these exact same issues with their GMC Acadia.

A quick google search for "GMC Acadia water leaks" will show you forum after forum with many people dealing with this nightmare vehicle.

GMC "customer service" is no help. I have called and sent messages. Even though this is an issue that is impacting a multitude of people, they will not help. There were some recalls made for this reason on this vehicle, but for some reason my vin number was not included on the recall. That is the case for other many other Acadia owners as well. It seems that the reach of the recalls haven't been extended wide enough. Huge fail on GM's part.

My recommendation is this: Do not buy a GMC Acadia, unless you want to be in a position like I am in. Stuck with a loan on a car that has an abnormally high risk of:
Electrical fire
Electrical short circuiting
Mold growth
Airbag malfuction
High rate of transmission failure
Etc, etc, ad nauseam

My husband is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and buying an "American made" vehicle was important to him. That was a large part of why we chose GM. But I must tell you, after experiencing first hand the disregard they have for the safety of the people who buy and drive their vehicles, their documented history of delaying (or not issuing) recalls even when they're aware of safety problems, and how absolutely terrible their customer service is, we will NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM VEHICLE AGAIN.

Timothy Grimes: I used a clear silicone sealer by liquid nail, and ran a bead around both sunroof and moon roof, that did the trick on stopping the leak.

DanitaIT: I have a 2008 buick enclave cxl and the fuse box that's under that passenger side dash has water in it. Where is this water coming from and does GMC fix this issue? Please help!!!

L. Green: My Acadia is leaking under the passenger side floor area. Never again will I buy gmc/Buick. Poor quality for. 42,000$ vehicle (in 2007)

Todd Cummings: thanks for your video on saturn water leak. I've had my 2008 outlook for about 4 years. I have put around 12k into this auto. yesterday I started getting water on both sides under the dash. Before I start looking for the leak. Do you know of anything that can be done against GM. I'm out of words on how upset I am. I know I'm not the only one.

Greg Raycher: Thanks for the help. At least GM put a nice little tampon under the motor to keep it nice and wet! Thankfully your fix worked on our vehicle!

Danny Marceleno: does that not let the ac work or what is tgat for

Randy Scarborough: I have a 2008 GMC Acadia. I have cleaned the drains for the sunroof and water still seems to get in. If I knew how or where to fix it, I would.

MercuryMurf: I had no Idea about this Sun Roof
leaking problem, I was not informed by GM, the owner’s manual, or GM
service.  Normally I garage my Acadia. I
had trouble starting it so I left it in the driveways that way if I needed it I
could jump start it. I t Set in the driveway for 3 weeks. The vehicle was not
under any trees or foliage that could clog the sunroof channels. I have two
other cars, so we usually only use the Acadia for trips with the family because
of the extra room.  I came home one day
and noticed my two front air bags had gone off. And that the car was flooded.
GM Customer care said it was my fault because I did not clean the drainage
tubes from the sunroof.  I never knew they existed; I have had multiple cars with
sunroofs and have never had this problem. Oh by the way the Bill for the repair
is $6000.00 because sunroof of my car leaked so bad while sitting in the
driveway not being used, the water got so deep it shorted the airbag module
that is on the floor under the center console, causing the air bags to Deploy,
and many of the components associated with the electrical system failed due to
water damage behind the dashboard.  I
researched on the internet and found there are thousands of similar complaints
on the web of the Acadia sunroof leaking and causing electrical problems.  There is a service bulletin on this issue
that I was never informed of.  If this is
a maintenance issue I should have taken care of, why is the procedure to clean
this or any alert not in the owner’s manual? 
GM called me back and told me my claim was denied, And that it was my
fault because I did not do the proper maintenance.  PS when GM denied my claim, I asked the
agent  send me specifics why they denied
it and why it was my fault. She said she would. 
I got a letter 10 days later. The letter only said that after review
they denied my claim. From the time I
filed the claim (It took them almost 30 days to tell me I was denied.) I
called the agent back and asked again for her to send me the information why
they denied my claim and she said they do not do that, and that she never, said
that she would send it. More insult to my intelligence.  I then asked to speak to her supervisor, and
she repeatedly told me that she would tell me the same thing, and I repeatedly
told her that I still want to speak with her supervisor.  She then after a lengthy go around told me
that her supervisor would call me, but it will take 24 to 48 hours.      I had the wave plate in the transmission
replaced. I am on my second power steering pump that has failed.  The car shut down on me in the middle of
Washington DC traffic with 3 small children in the car.  After setting a few minutes I was able to
start the car again and continue on. 
Still don’t know why it happened. Power steering rack started to fail in
Virginia, It locked up on me going around a corner.  I almost went off the road.  I was able to drive back to Maine as long as
I did not turn to sharp. The Acadia was garaged 90% of the time I have owned
it, Except for the 3 weeks prior to the airbag dispersion.    When I spoke with the dealer he had an
estimate of over $6,000.00 to fix the damage, and he reduced that $5380.00. I
told him before we do this extensive repair, to let me know of any other issues
before I authorize it.  2 weeks later I
had to call the dealer for an update.  I
was informed it needed a new power steering rack, It leaked from the Timing
chain case, it also had a leak from the transfer case, It had a bad strut. This
is a lot more money added to the bill. 
The service manager did not think the car was worth fixing.  How is it possible that I bought this car in
2010, I am pretty sure I put less than 20,000 miles on it.  And I paid $30,000.00 or more for it.  I am 62 Years old and have owned many
vehicles.  I have bought cars for $500.00
dollars that have lasted longer than this one. 
I really think GM Should step up and take responsibility for their
defective product.  I feel like I have
been robbed.

Marie Jewett: We own a 2007 Saturn Outlook with dual sunroofs. We have had leaking around both the passenger and driver sides in the upper area between the doors and the windshield for a few years now. There is permanent water spot damage on both sides and now the passenger airbag now needs servicing as a result. We also have leaking on the driver side exactly in the area described by this video. Water will drip steadily on the top of my left foot mainly. I will say this has been the only serious issue we have had with this vehicle and we were considering purchasing a 2013-2014 Acadia or Enclave. This time we will not purchase with a sunroof. I am disappointed in the company for not making this issue a recall and also for not fixing it as all three models have had the same issue in subsequent years but it seems every vehicle has some sort of recurring issue. Thanks for posting this video.

James Bell: i have a 08 acaida and water is coming in the front floor boards. any idea ho the water is coming in. i have the sunroofs sealed off and sprayed the roof with a water hose and the only place that get wet is behind the dash. i cant see where the water is coming in. can someone please help me. please e-mail me at lilbit1716@yahoo.com. put in the subject line as water leak......thanks

Angela Plater: OMG!!!! First off I've never owned a Buick because I was partial to Ford but loved the look, design and ride of the 08 Enclave. This car has since been the car from HELL for the past 8 mths every couple months something else happens! The same thing as been happening to me as well. First the transmission went out, then the blower motor went out no ac during the summer, now winter no defrost no heat, water starting getting in the inside of the car, passenger side floor boards saturated with water & overhead water inside interior lights, sunroof didn't leak then started leaking, thought drainage line was plugged, paid to have it blown out. Slight/ temporary improvement back to leaking. Radio & speakers fades in and out then stopped working completely, thought was blown fuse. Fuel pump went out $$780. Tailgate stopped working (dealer recall) Car stalls thought it was bad battery, jumped it started stalled at next stop. Battery was under warranty but since the motor for the passenger seat stopped working 2 wks ago couldn't get to the battery without removing the seat $$ or replacing the motor $843. New battery install due to labor $$ now dashboard lights wont come on, tailgate wont open manually or automatically, dashboard fuses keep blowing out, tech says that there is frozen water under passenger side panels & blower motor don't know where the water is coming from or what to do for a repair as the wiring and everything is located all in the passenger area where the problems are occurring. They still can't get the car started 1st no codes now over 30 codes showing. I am concerned about mold issues now and with car catching on fire,  since wiring is sitting in water. I've checked other forums and manufacturer is not taking responsibility even though issues are part of the design problem.. HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM NO FORUM HAS SAID WHAT THEY HAVE DONE  TO CORRECT THE ISSUE. A complete wiring is out of the question because if they haven't fixed the reason why its occurring it will continue to do the same thing!!. I REALLY HATE THIS CAR!!!!!!!

Ronnie Bryant: I've repaired a few of these it is a roof leak nothing to do with the drains they drilled the rear sunroof to be a pop up and decided not to and just made it a sealed glass problem is the holes are outside the edge of the seal just enough for the water to drip on the sunroof tracks then on to the headliner and then everywhere you have to drop the headliner and the sunroof cassette and you will find the four partly drilled holes in your roof I use windshield sealer and fill them as full as possible and I can repair them if needed

Ed C: Hi Mark, I have a 2011 enclave and they told I had this leak also. This leak took out my fuel pump and I was unable to shut off the vehicle even the key left the ignition. Thanks for the video

Alistor20: First, thank you for this video. I wish I had done more research prior to buying.
In your video you removed the screw that prevented the blower motor case from turning. is that a simply allen wrench screw?

Travis Fjeld: Problem solved and thank you! Just bought an 09 enclave from a dealer and on the second day noticed the front blower not working, or chattering when it did. No expensive shop bill for me now, doing this one myself before the Minnesota winter arrives.
Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia water leak problem 5 out of 5

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Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia  water leak problem