Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia Water Leak Problem

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Leaky Buick Enclave. Saturn Outlook. GMC Acadia  water leak problem
Leaky Buick Enclave. Saturn Outlook. GMC Acadia water leak problem
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Leaky Buick Enclave
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carquestions .: They should've called this car the Buick Niagara for all the water problems it has had

BladeEdge1221: So does this mean the Traverse is ok?

Ron Milligan: I have this problem with my 2011 Acadia

Daniel Curnutte: Thank you so much for the video. I have a 2009 Buick Enclave with the exact same issue. The problem for me now is how to fix it. Where was the leak coming from for that particular car? Would I be able to find/fix the leak on my own? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for posting this.

Scott Renegar: I just followed you video on my 2007 GMC Acadia. I was able to resolve my blower issue following your simple steps. Thank you! I had my Acadia in last year (out of warranty) they told me they repaired all of the water leaks..I guess not, since there was standing water in this motor housing. What do you think about drilling a hole in the pan to let water leak out?

Frank Bobo: Yes, I have a Saturn Outlook 2008. Replaced both head light harnesses one year before the recall. --of course I did not have the receipt. Just got transmission rebuilt 1 month ago. Replaced water pump 2 yrs. ago. Now I having problems with thermostat....I will be looking for a replacement very soon., Maybe this weekend,,,it will not be a Saturn or GMC or Chevorlet...

Katie Wallace: we bought our gmc acadia new in 2007. we have had a lot of issues with it after it hit about 55 thousand miles a couple years ago! We just had about $3k worth of repairs done a few months ago and now we are taking it in for transmission issues. after doing a bunch of reading on GMC forums it sounds like a lot of issues we are having are very coming with other Acadia owners. Not very happy with GMC right now. people shouldn't be shelling out thousands of dollars on a $40k vehicle that is only about 5 years old. 

Babalu Balubbaba: I just left my 2008 Outlook XR at the dealer. According to them the problem are the tubes that drain the water from the sunroof. These tubes run inside the front and rear columns (on the sides the windshield in the front and the side columns on the back of the car). These tubes are not long enough to drive the water until the bottom of the car so the water will leak into the inner fuse block, will damp the carpets on the passenger and driver sides and make much more damage than you can believe. As the insulator between the carpet and the floor is like a sponge, it will absorb the water and soaks all the connectors that run below the insulator (cables that run from the battery, to the seats motors and heater, etc, etc). Not to mention that it may damage the airbag triggers mechanisms located on the columns besides the windshield….Great!!!!. For now I have to replace the fuse block, the front tubes and clean the rear tubes….about $900.00…My plan is to never by a GM car ever….and I’ll make sure my family and friends never by a GM automobile. I paid $35K for this car and in the end GM knows these have lots of problems and are not fixing it….

uteachme1: Thank you CarQuestions!! I really appreciate your expertise in this area, do you have any additional info/recall on the 2009 Enclave?? Thank you again.

Jim Hull: 2007 outlook, started overheating and I can see it leaking at the water pump. No longer covered by warranty.

Tricia Hudson: 2nd time having to take my Enclave in for water leaks coming from roof drains…arrggggh!

Dwayne Davis: I had water in my heater fan as well and read all the scary posts about water leaks on the Saturn Outlook. After all the stress and worrying I had about it my friend suggested that if there is water in the heater blower motor I should check the AC drain hose. So simple that I felt kind of dumb for not thinking of it but then again I never once saw that posted anywhere on the internet even the posts from mechanics. After months of leaking and dumping the water out of the cover it was a simple 5 minute fix and has never leaked again. By the way the drain is by the drivers right foot. 

celsa echeandia: I have have a 2008 Buick Enclave - I've had the transmission repaired once and then replaced (thank goodness it was under warrantee!); it has a driveshaft seal leak, there's a clunking clicking noise on the front end that the mechanic says it's due to the driveshaft seal leak; i've had the motor for the aircond. replaced - I can't wait to get rid of this car.

Patricia Quinn: I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook. Water pours out of my driver's side airbag sometimes when it rains. I investigated this online, and others report it as coming from the sunroof drain lines. I am concerned that this might corrode the airbag. I reported it to my dealer a few years ago, but they shrugged it off. I took it back in a few months ago after a particularly large amount came out of the airbag tag. They said they examined it and the airbag was fine. But the pillar didn't appear to have been dissembled. Does anyone know of airbag corrosion from roof drain lines?

darylperkins16: I have a 2008Buick Enclave with a water leak in the rear ceiling by the back up censor. I have taken it into the dealership on several occasions with water leaks and each time there is a different reason for the leak. This time I am being told that the sky glass has to be removed and replace the rubber seals around it ($1000.00) job. The problem with this diagnoses is that on the other two occasions (all within the same year) they gave me different reasons for the leak. Is there a way that I can inspect for the leak myself, or somewhere else to get a proper diagnoses. I live in central New Jersey?

Stacey Lillard: I own a 2008 Saturn Outlook. I dreamed about this car and was soooo excited when I finally got it. i wanted this car to be passed down to my son. Planned on having it for a really long time. I have had it for 2 years and it has been in the shop at least 10 times for electrical issues, all of my speakers stopped working one by one and they couldn't figure out why. But most of all for leaks! They say its from my sunroof, i never open it...EVER! They say it gets clogged from opening, and the only way for me to prevent in future is to not open it and poor bleach down drains every 2 months. Whats the point in having a sunroof, i have owned several cars with sunroof and have never had this issue. My floor boards get soaked, the roof is water stained and where I had a piece of paper in my front seat, it left an ink imprint on my leather seats that will not go away! Definitely should be a recall, i am so frustrated!

jeric0777: Does Chevy Traverse have the leaking issues as well? Was considering an Acadia until I read about all the problems. Thanks for posting this video because it's what made me research further. 

sergeyhome: i think it could also may be the a/c condensation?

carquestions .: Thanks for the info Ricardo always appreciated

cgerber22: Thank you very much. Fixed the car just as you said.Was full of water just as you said. dried it out and it worked. Sweet thank you very much.

tia67ca: If scramblette is a GM tech, tell us how we are suppose to fix our cars. I have had my Acadia to many GM dealerships and the leak is not better at all. Now my computer and fuse panel are badly water damaged and hardly anything in the damn car that is electrical works or intermits. My dealership wants no part of fixing it nor does GM. So scramblette, please enlighten us...how do we stop the leak?

carquestions .: @misiti1973 Sorry about that - try this Direct him or her to this video (or email it) and tell them the owner in the video had his changed for free off warranty. Youtube works so use it - all dealerships have internet

thomasgto14: I meant bowl, and drivers side***

carquestions .: @aphoxxe Keep up the comments - they'll be here for all time for all to see. Please file a complaint with NHTSA - go to carquestions.ca and click on NHTSA then "file a complaint" - NHTSA cannot ignore all these complaints for ever.

pfinn77: Same water issue with my 08 Acadia. I tested the sunroof by pouring a cup of water into the drain channels of the open sunroof and it poured out at the bottom of the wheel wells like it's supposed to. My problem was a clogged a/c evaporator drain. The drain tube is located behind the panel to the right of the accelerator. Remove that panel and the 1 inch line is right there. I pulled the line from the port in the floor and cleaned the clogged port. Now I just have to dry the carpets!

MrCTCraig: Can't get it on the rack right now for a photo, but I'll try to describe it more accurately. There is a frame cross member between the wheels. Measure approx. 80cm back from that and you'll find a body cross member attached to the bottom of the body. INSIDE that box cross member (a little left of center and toward the front) you'll find a rubber nipple. That's the drain. Good luck. Let me know if you still can't find it and I'll lift the car and take a photo.

carquestions .: @vaslor - not yet - hopefully, if more people tell their stories - so far it is hit and miss if you are off warranty - covered if your on - and multiple tries to repair it are common.

Sandy South: Thanks carquestions. and all of the best info I have ran across in a long time Thanks again. Will Get my Dad to get rid of the Crap of a car 2010 Buick Enclave. He bought it for a retirement car. Has anyone reported getting electrocuted yet?

carquestions .: @Watcher3223 Yes you would be correct in assuming that

JLEntw: I have a 2008 SLT II Acadia, been in for first leak on driver's side, going in for 2nd leak on passenger's side. Today, minutes after speaking to a service manager at a GMC dealership, the blower stopped working in the front! Have no air conditioning or defroster. Goes in tomorrow for that and the recall on the heated windshield washer fire hazard. It goes in next week for the 2nd water problem. Do not plan on keeping this car and will not buy another GMC! Ever! This is becoming a full time job!

carquestions .: Try the fix first then again if they dont get it the first time - then ditch it for something more reliable - they do have a good resale value but you'll still take a hit

ourmandan: Bingo! Excellent video. I have a Chrysler Aspen and an 08 Acadia. I really wanted this to be a favorite of mine. Unfortunately an endless string of problems and trips to the dealer have ended my enthusiasm. Hats off to extended dealer warranty. Most of it covered by an excellent dealer (Ed Martin) in Indianapolis... great dealer but the Acadia is riddled with fixable but pesky problems... most recently this water problem. Thanks for the video

Sina Thorne: My Buick Enclave has a horrible leak in the front under the dash. I have contacted GM about this. There are apparently too many people with this problem. they need to get a recall started!

carquestions .: @JLEntw My rule - If a product lives up to your expectations - buy it again, if it disappoints you kiss it goodbye. - Tip of the week - don't buy GM stock

misiti1973: I lease a 2008 Saturn Outlook and I have experienced these water problems. My dealer has done everything for the sunroof and skylight seals and drains. Now I am experiencing the water pooling in the blower motor. We shall see what happens next...

kabasti: if theres no problem , then its not GM lol

glb20001: I have a 2008 outlook said the issue is from sunroof I have no sun roof. Blower motor repair going to cost me 200.00 I need help, time to sue. GM no help.

Watcher3223: @carquestions Just realized I typed a double negative. I meant to say "avoiding models that come equipped with the sunroof."

Love Aylmer: Hello. I'm from Ottawa, Canada. I have 2008 Acadia SLT loaded. We started to have a problems after 2,5 years owing the car. I can't believe it the GM don't care about their future. My boyf and I so freaking mad. Every time it's rains car is leaking. DO BUY GM PRODUCT.

ourmandan: PS .. my water appears to be from the AC drain.

glb20001: @glb20001 Wow spam how did that happen is GM monitoring this board? interesting!!!

carquestions .: @alvastornado What recall of the airbag sensor? What year are you talking about? I just checked 08 and 09 and there are no air bag sensor recalls. Do you mean seat belt buckle or TSB perhaps?

ali amer: كيف نستطيع فتح تنظيف شمعات القدح في سيارة اكاديا

carquestions .: @JLEntw Thanks for the comment - It should be here for years to come - GM watches youtbe so rest assured they don't like it.

glb20001: I have a 2008 outlook said the issue is from sunroof I have no sun roof. Blower motor repair going to cost me 200.00 I need help time to sue. GM no help.

mwadden16: thanks so much for posting this...I have just posted a video showing the water entering from my sunroof and rear headliner and GM cannot seem to fix it. After seeing this my stomach dropped to think of all the electrical problems I could face even after the water leaks are fixed. :-/


stach2u: I'm having a hell of a time with that one little screw that holds the blower motor in. Can you tell me what kind of screw it is?

thomasgto14: Mrctcraig is absolutely right, it's the ac condenser leaking which fills the bull, I used a wire to drain mine, the drain is below the passenger foot in one of the frame rails.

MsMegpeg: Oh my gosh. My 2008 Buick Enclave overheated and stranded me for over two hours while I waited for the tow truck. The dealer says I have a coolant leak and they aren't sure where it is coming from...maybe the water pump! It was 108 outside and I was very hot and thirsty. I am very upset with this vehicle. Is this a serious problem? I am concerned over what I see on the internet about others with the same problem with the 2008 Buick Enclave. Please advise!
Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia water leak problem 4.6 out of 5

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Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia  water leak problem