Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia Water Leak Problem

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Angel Denise: Thanks for sharing I was gonna buy a use 2009 I have now changed my mine thanks alot your video was very helpful to me

Kevin Johnson: Bought a used 2008 Acadia(didn't know about all the problems). After an all day rain I went to get food and my stereo sound started going out, then I realized I had no turn signal sounds, seat belt off warning noise or door open while in drive warning noise. I started finding all the videos on water leaks, opened my door, unhooked the electrical plug that's in the door joint and water just poured out of it. GM is charging me $1400 to fix the sound issues but says there is no water leak or any history of water leaks in Acadias. Any Advice please would be much appreciated?

Katie Creighton: My 2009 Outlook has a big leak by the parking break on the driver side of the car. It has just started leaking in the last few months (that I have noticed) It is really bad when there is a big rain. I blew compressed air in the sunroof ports to try to clear those drains. I thought it was fixed - but when we had another big rain, I had a big puddle on the driver side. I have been trying to look into how to fix it, but not sure what else to do. I noticed this was posted in 2010, have they created a recall yet for this issue? If not, any suggestions on what I should do? 

Brian Longo: My wife and I bought a used 2008 Saturn Outlook almost 2 years ago.  As of late, with the heavy rains we've experienced, my wife has noticed water puddling at the floorboards and we heard water sloshing in the ceiling last night and this morning.  Not to mention that there's the documented issues with the steering, where the gearbox will lock up and only a racking of the steering wheel will get the steering back in motion (major safety issue there).  Yet GM won't stand behind their products and do the right thing and recall these vehicles to fix these safety issues.  And to think this company was bailed out with taxpayer money.

What pisses me off is that we bought this from a Chevy dealership and I would imagine they did their due diligence but did not inform us of any impending issues.  So, right now, we are literally and figuratively underwater with this vehicle.  I'm hoping I can trade it in on something new because I can't have my wife driving a deathtrap.

It will take quite some time until I would ever consider purchasing a GM product again - new or used. 

Catherine Fontenot: I have a 2007 Saturn Outlook that leaks water from every possible place.  It will leak from the airbag areas, the lights on the roof, the seat belts, and the floor board areas.  It has been doing this for a while now.  It is very frustrating because it is making my car smell with a musty smell.
(I just came across this video)

Lisa Killian: I have a 2008 GMC Acadia and mine leaks as well, Drivers side by parking break, passenger side by glove box (drenches carpet) and now its even coming in through the back seat belt (on the roof).   I called GMC dealer this past saturday and  they said they never heard of any leaks in the Acadia.  Dont know what to do at this point.  I have under 60,000 miles and im sure warrenty is expired?  Dealer said I can Pay $128.00 and they will check it out.  Can anyone help??

Greg Peck: Hi, Mark. Nice video, with good explanations and nice demonstrations of how to get the motor out and back in again. We had a roof leak in our 2010 Traverse. It stained the headliner quite badly. I reported it also in the Traverse Forum, where other people reported similar roof leaks. We had the roof leak fixed and the headliner replaced by Chevrolet. It was not totally covered by a warranty, however they helped and we paid ~$400, with Chevrolet paying the balance of ~$2,300 cost. 
I now wonder, after looking at your video, if the fan motor was affected. I may take it out and look at it now. Thanks again. Nice job.

May Taliaferrow: Please include my 2007 yukon SLE , it leaks and I just paid $327  for repairing the window switches  and cleaning the drain, I will never buy another GMC or recommend to anyone - GMC does not take responsibility for the leaks, this is a structure problem

Joseph Beranis: Great video by the way

Joseph Beranis: Any way you can let me know what type of screw is in there can't see it?

Im Ocky: Anyone who could tell me what my by the problem of the front lights going out??? Daytime running lights and Low beam.

Im Ocky: By the way yes there is wather in the passenger side door. when you take off or stop it sounds like I am in the bathtub:)) Sorry GMC but this is last car that I did buy from you. NEVER again

Im Ocky: I have 2008 Acadia- it has lots of problems-electrical is the latest one-bouth headlights went out at same time, passenger side air bag problem,  Water leaks around sun shades, clinking rattling noise from front end, loose steering(play) in steering.Fifth door when opening it jumps.(looks and feels like it is skipping gears) 

Lana Prior: Last GM for sure this time. Sucks when you are stuck with one... 

Sean Egmon: How do you remove the plug on the blower motor?  Thanks for the video..  Very helpful.

Miguel Gomez: I'll someone please tell me if the head liner on the Acadia fit on my outlook? PLEASE REPLY

Jeffrey Fancher: I bought this wreck new and have had all of the problems cited below.  The water leaks are constant.  I took it to the dealer to have the vents cleaned and they told me this was something I should maintain myself routinely!   Next they will probably tell me to change the valve seals every time I get an oil change.  I will never buy GM again.

Desi Kitley: Bought 08 Enclave certified 48000 mi. well so far dealer has repaired trans failed lights on lift gate ,reverse tail light, heat blower motor failed mid winter, good thing had warranty  Passenger door speaker died replaced by dealer. Driving to Pittsburgh drivers door speaker quits same on passenger side and right front door and right rear door only left rear and column tweeters work. Drained water from door electric plugs another problem. Lots of fun GM

khaledxa: Thank you
Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia water leak problem 5 out of 5

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Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia  water leak problem