Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia Water Leak Problem

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Leaky Buick Enclave. Saturn Outlook. GMC Acadia  water leak problem
Leaky Buick Enclave. Saturn Outlook. GMC Acadia water leak problem
Gmc Acadia water leak and potential repair.
Gmc Acadia water leak and potential repair.
Buick Enclave leaky sunroof
Buick Enclave leaky sunroof
Saturn Outlook / gmc Acadia / Buick enclave water
Saturn Outlook / gmc Acadia / Buick enclave water
2008 Saturn Outlook: Battery replacement
2008 Saturn Outlook: Battery replacement

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Marie Jewett: We own a 2007 Saturn Outlook with dual sunroofs. We have had leaking around both the passenger and driver sides in the upper area between the doors and the windshield for a few years now. There is permanent water spot damage on both sides and now the passenger airbag now needs servicing as a result. We also have leaking on the driver side exactly in the area described by this video. Water will drip steadily on the top of my left foot mainly. I will say this has been the only serious issue we have had with this vehicle and we were considering purchasing a 2013-2014 Acadia or Enclave. This time we will not purchase with a sunroof. I am disappointed in the company for not making this issue a recall and also for not fixing it as all three models have had the same issue in subsequent years but it seems every vehicle has some sort of recurring issue. Thanks for posting this video.

James Bell: i have a 08 acaida and water is coming in the front floor boards. any idea ho the water is coming in. i have the sunroofs sealed off and sprayed the roof with a water hose and the only place that get wet is behind the dash. i cant see where the water is coming in. can someone please help me. please e-mail me at lilbit1716@yahoo.com. put in the subject line as water leak......thanks

Angela Plater: OMG!!!! First off I've never owned a Buick because I was partial to Ford but loved the look, design and ride of the 08 Enclave. This car has since been the car from HELL for the past 8 mths every couple months something else happens! The same thing as been happening to me as well. First the transmission went out, then the blower motor went out no ac during the summer, now winter no defrost no heat, water starting getting in the inside of the car, passenger side floor boards saturated with water & overhead water inside interior lights, sunroof didn't leak then started leaking, thought drainage line was plugged, paid to have it blown out. Slight/ temporary improvement back to leaking. Radio & speakers fades in and out then stopped working completely, thought was blown fuse. Fuel pump went out $$780. Tailgate stopped working (dealer recall) Car stalls thought it was bad battery, jumped it started stalled at next stop. Battery was under warranty but since the motor for the passenger seat stopped working 2 wks ago couldn't get to the battery without removing the seat $$ or replacing the motor $843. New battery install due to labor $$ now dashboard lights wont come on, tailgate wont open manually or automatically, dashboard fuses keep blowing out, tech says that there is frozen water under passenger side panels & blower motor don't know where the water is coming from or what to do for a repair as the wiring and everything is located all in the passenger area where the problems are occurring. They still can't get the car started 1st no codes now over 30 codes showing. I am concerned about mold issues now and with car catching on fire,  since wiring is sitting in water. I've checked other forums and manufacturer is not taking responsibility even though issues are part of the design problem.. HOW TO FIX THIS PROBLEM NO FORUM HAS SAID WHAT THEY HAVE DONE  TO CORRECT THE ISSUE. A complete wiring is out of the question because if they haven't fixed the reason why its occurring it will continue to do the same thing!!. I REALLY HATE THIS CAR!!!!!!!

Ronnie Bryant: I've repaired a few of these it is a roof leak nothing to do with the drains they drilled the rear sunroof to be a pop up and decided not to and just made it a sealed glass problem is the holes are outside the edge of the seal just enough for the water to drip on the sunroof tracks then on to the headliner and then everywhere you have to drop the headliner and the sunroof cassette and you will find the four partly drilled holes in your roof I use windshield sealer and fill them as full as possible and I can repair them if needed

Eduardo C: Hi Mark, I have a 2011 enclave and they told I had this leak also. This leak took out my fuel pump and I was unable to shut off the vehicle even the key left the ignition. Thanks for the video

Alistor20: First, thank you for this video. I wish I had done more research prior to buying.
In your video you removed the screw that prevented the blower motor case from turning. is that a simply allen wrench screw?

Travis Fjeld: Problem solved and thank you! Just bought an 09 enclave from a dealer and on the second day noticed the front blower not working, or chattering when it did. No expensive shop bill for me now, doing this one myself before the Minnesota winter arrives.

Catherine Green: OMG! I live in California and it doesn't rain a lot. I bought my 2007 Saturn Outlook in February of this year used. I'm just finding out that it Leaks. And what I'm hearing from you is that I'm basically SCREWED. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. 😖😥😖

Linda Turner: I hope someone can help me! I have a 2008 Buick Enclave with only 55.000 miles on it. Just out of the extended warranty. currently my amp is blown because of the water damage. In the two years I've owned this car I've had a ton of electrical issues. Engine light on and off, key fob not working at times, the horn not working, front head lamp blinking like a strobe like, air bag warning lights going on and off... everything! So now my regular mechanic said the amp is almost $700 from the dealer. It will be close to $900 to fix. If I have a leak and I fix this spending all this money on top of all the money I've already spent, it's only going to happen again. How can I be assured that my sunroof won't leak again and cause this to happen all over again? Thanks for any help!! Has anyone had any luck with calling Buick?

Nathaniel Sutherland: Watched the video, and if there is no apparent leak or trail/source of water.I'd have to suggest that it is caused by condensation where the heat from the blower motor meets external cold air. And if it's a vehicle from a cold northern climate, that build up can come from a sort of frost buildup considering the location of the blower!!

Scotty Ducote: just bought a 2008 acadia about a month ago. paid $9,100 for it. noticed that it had a roof water leak from the stains on the too. now the blower motor just went out and the hatch want open. It's a shame such a beautiful vehicle can have so many issues like this.

Joe Hord: front seal oil link only 75,000 miles on 2008 cost 1800.00 to fix not right

Wendy Arentz: Hi Mark, would you be able to provide the numbers to the other six TSB you mentioned for this issue? We purchased our Outlook new and have had numerous water leak issues (water pouring through the windshield seal, visor connections, brake pedals, air-bag markers, seat belt connections, lights, rear assist lights, and so on). We've had electrical problems, stereo and speaker issues, stabilitrak issues, clunking noises in the front end when making turns, a trunk hatch that wont stay up, etc. I'm sure these problems are due to the water leaks. The car has been "resealed" and pumps have been replaced multiple times. Still the water comes in. During the warranty time GM serviced the problems, but the last few times we've been charged. We've filed two claims already and are preparing our third. Having all the TSB numbers would be helpful!

Shelley Perrine: I too had the sunroof leak fixed under recall warranty on my 2007 Saturn Outlook, but now I am having difficulty with my right head lamp going off and on and I just had to replace my front blower fan motor due to corrosion and rust issues. I was wondering after a hard rain why there was a leak spot on my passenger side floor board. Once we removed the cover plate for the blower I realized that once that filled up with rain water it would overflow onto my floor board. Fortunately I live in a very dry area, but now I wonder what else has been affected by those prior leaks. I also had to replace my transmission a couple of years ago on my own dime. Otherwise no complaints.

Alex Bailey: I hate my Acadia if leak all over the place.  This thing sucks!!

hipeoplesSr: i also had a problem like this on a 2007 Saturn outlook, luckily they fixed the sun roof on a old warranty claim, free of charge. It took them 6 months, off and on, but they managed it in that short a time, im shocked.  Unfortunately the damage was done to the motor but some high speed bearing lubricant that i had laying around from rc cars seemed to do the trick.

chris chyk: I am having a water leak issue from the roof of my  2008 buick enclave that I bought 2 weeks ago. Could not figure out where the water is coming in from. Took it to the dealership that  I bought it from and they said that their warranty did not cover it and the truck is leaking oil from the engine too, the told me its timing chain issue which I did not know if it was caused by the water leak. Called GM and they told me its out of their warranty too. I have not even paid my first car note for the this truck

Angel Denise: Thanks for sharing I was gonna buy a use 2009 I have now changed my mine thanks alot your video was very helpful to me
Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia water leak problem 5 out of 5

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Leaky Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia  water leak problem