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cornflake71: Have you thought about a trailer to pull behind you bike? Not so much for back and forth to work but good for shopping or even a bugout situation, gives you the option to carry a little more gear.

FixedByDoc OffGrid: i have the same mud flap up front works great. i been meaning to do this video myself. good info and nice bike too.

hinckleypoland: Very nice beast. You have some very solid points. Thanks for sharing.

Machi74005: My Trek hybrid is my bugout vehicle, supplemented by a pair of Dunham hiking boots.

Wandering Beast: @medicjimr plus I keep plenty of krylon camo at the house, so in 5 mintues it'd be subdued.

Team Alpha Task Force: @ Beast12101 - Nice video! I have been working on my Bug Out Bike videos for 9 weeks now and have been documenting my build, and rides. I can use it for fitness and to be prepared to ride if my Dual Sport Motorcycle I will buy, doesn't work for some reason. ~ General Biggs ~

Ebbonified: @beast12101 okay. Now I'm trackin. I would say your best "bug out" transportation would be your feet. Take care of them. Then, when it comes to bikes you might look to something single speed and simple. The less moving parts there are, the less you will have to worry about. For mobility in the backcountry, bone up on how to find water and how to figure out shelter and protection from the elements. Actual food will enter your mouth the hungrier you get. (is that poison ivy under the bike?)

Phillip Galey: IMO, the NuVinci will greatly extend chain life; and, I'm considering the feasibility of going to the new cog belt, . . .

mrcain: As a competitive cyclist, I love this video. Check out "Ride the Divide" on youtube.

f0xmuld3r: I guess there is a lot to say for a bicycle since you don't need fuel... However: you need to be fit to use it. Being Dutch its kinda funny to see you make a video on something we just find natural here in Holland: 70% of us have a bicycle. 35% of us use it as a daily means of commuting! It's fun and you stay very healthy !

wilatemodel: good idea,..wrong bike,..way to many things can get broke,get a simple plain bike..

droxland: Deore components are low end. lx/xt is middle...xtr being high end.

Wandering Beast: @cooperdisciple bummer, sorry to here.

TheRedHawk123: Awesome vid Beast really enjoyed it. 5*****

TheGrayman1234: Good stuff beast. Got to get me and my wife back on a bike. Great exercise.

FixedByDoc OffGrid: @beast12101 mine is already black but i carry a net to when wanting to hide it.

USNERDOC: Cool! Very nice back-up option.

Wandering Beast: @Ebbonified bugging out, would be if you forced to leave you home, for emergencies, man made or natural

Wandering Beast: @vention4wh I dig your electric setup, Im looking at the Zero motorcycles but they're a bit out of my range right now.

CyberCacique1: Way to re-purpose the Crown Royal bag. Haha! Great ideas, as usual. Thanks.

FixedByDoc OffGrid: one thing ive done with my bikes is put in a puncture guard between the tire and inner tube. i havnt had to change a tire in years due to puntures, only old age.

Christopher Olsen: great video though i do not recomend using the slime glueless patches they do not work very well and will leak air most of the time. the old style patches with glue are a better and more permenant solution for flats.id also recomend a hardtail mountain bike over full suspsion (less to go wrong) but anyways thats just my 2 cents.

Pawoodsman: That is a great set up , Now in ref to TheWilsonrules you can go to walmart and buy cheap camo blind for hunting made out of netting and drape over to hide bike

aussiesurvivalist: Really great vid, thanks for sharing.

meatloafzombie: Good vids and mindset Beast. Whats in the crown bag? I keep good pipe tobacco in mine when out in the woods.

Urbanwild1: Nice video. And wow--they sure have come a long way with bike repair products--those are some dandy items!

Appalachian Freedom Outdoors: You sir are a very colorful character!

Phillip Galey: brackets to run a 24" on the fr, when I put a motor on the fr and get a trailer put together. IMO, the nuvinci may last forever(?). IMO, changing lower unit bearings or head bearings would be a small item. Right now, I'm scoping out the frame to weld in a socket for a small sail

siafulinux: I remember years ago, when I was a kid, we bought this stuff to fill a bike wheel's inner tube with a type of rubber that it made it "puncture proof". I wonder if that is still around? It would be useful for a project like this.

Patriot36: Great video as always Jeff. Thank you!

Shannon Michaels: Have you seen or heard of the apocalypse bikes? 4 wheels, baskets and a trailer hitch for pulling a wagon.

fixedgearforlife: The bicycle is the best choice for a bug out vehicle. What I've been doing is getting into shape. I can ride my bike 100+ miles in a day, on my fixed gear.

Jake ryan: I have recently purchesed a trek and a mongoose mb...and about to get a third....been buying full winter/arctic gear and ride/commute aprox 80 miles a week...i have two saddle/side bags ...a high seirra backpack...and boxes full of survival gear..almost a hundred gallons water...plus my 2000 gallon tank plus kerosene and propane....purchasing a new bow and arrows soon for me and my son..tarps for collecting rain water and of course guns and ammo I say bring it... I'm ready

Phillip Galey: Actually, for the weight which may be carried and for the small number of maintenance tools, and for the possible distance which may be traveled, the bike is better sense—few there be who can carry a pack for any distance, especially, living in the city, and suddenly hitting the trail; a sprain is

mrcain: @beast12101 The bikes used for the "Ride the Divide" race would make superb bug out vehicles. Now I hope you can help me with this question: Which would you prefer in a post-apocalypse situation: Horse or bike? I'm comfortable on a bike, so I pick bike. That said, there are some good arguments for the horse.

illyounotme: People forget that a bike might be the best form of transportation in a crisis situation. A bike is near silent, needs no fuel (besides you), can increase your pack carry, extremely mobile, easy maintenance, and relatively inexpensive.

GuldenBattleSpur: Excellent vid ,in everyday traffic from home to work(major cities) there are always big traffic jams and they are getting worser each month. In a SHTF,and other disasters it is total chaos. You're best transport will be on foot, or on good bike. In certain countries see them use horses or donkeys,camels and even lama's.

Eat Carbs: Great video. Someone suggested painting it a darker color... I also think that might be a good idea. Or some black duct tape :P I'd also think about taping a light my fire set under the seat, maybe a small compass and a few other items.. just in case.

ZethieFoxy: get a bike trunk, bike seatpost cargo rack, and tools, ec oil expera chain and brakes etc, atleast thats what id have in mine never know how long youll be bugging out, always beter to prepart for more than 3 days. ill show ya pics of my mike whenever i finish it and fix it up

Phillip Galey: All things considered, bikes are so simple that, with a small tool kit and just a few parts, I expect distance of more k's of miles. IMO, complexity is a term not useful of mention; but with this exception: disk brakes. And, for his 4k $ dream bike, Rob Penn chose calipers. rode my Specialized 3k miles on Armadillo tires, no flats. Finally, I discovered the wonder of full suspension, baskets fr. and r. I have the nuvinci laced in, with brackets for the 700c; and, I'll make brackets to run a

Mraussieadventurer: Just add E.T and you have got a flying machine lol great job man

Ebbonified: what exactly is "bugging out"?

TheScooterdude80: I am using a folding bike.

cooperdisciple: Just an FYI.....I used to use a set of Masterlock Street Cuffs to secure my Honda XR650L to the back of my car at night in my apartment parking lot. Since the parking lot is well lit I figured this would be sufficient. I have since found out that Street Cuffs are very easy to defeat. Needless to say my Honda (and the Street Cuffs) where stolen one night. The cuffs where not cut but the lock latch was tripped with small screwdriver.

AbdMalil1: Thinking about some bug out roller blades or Heeleys! LOL Thanks for the info.

CampfireTalk: Great thoughts, just yesterday evening I was teaching my daughter how to ride a bike & it kind of gave me bike fever : ) I thought for a minute part of your bike gear was Canadian Whisky, thanks again

TheWilsonrules: i'd paint it more dark blend in to your surroundings


Ebbonified: I might recommend a bike configuration like a "fixie" (geared in only one ratio, minimizing moving drive parts) or a single speed. This lack of complexity in the bike's design would lead to fewer problems later. You may think that you'll need the low gears to take a load up hills, but your reduction in watts output for more gears may be less than you think. The average bike chain lasts about 600-800 miles before stretching begins to wear at the teeth on the cassette and chainrings, bring extra.

vention4wh: Good system. If I bug out I'll throw my bike in too. It's more of a commuter and has pannier bags and an electric assist system. I should get a trailer hitch style bike carrier too. I've got a cuff lock like that one. It's great but when I was riding by a crowded bus stop the darn thing fell out of my bag and was bouncing on the concrete. They all looked at me like "what the heck are you doing with hand cuffs". I was embarrassed. LOL!
Bug Out Bike 4.9 out of 5

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