AK47 Barrel Removal (BF Hammer Method) Pt-2

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The Zappening: Hi Hank Hill

Zoul762: I use the allthread method for pressing the barrel back into the trunnion. Just Google Allthread barrel press, & you will find the way to build your own barrel press.

brandonion1985: Can you reinstall the barrel using the same method?

xjaywitax: Reminder that heat expands metal, while cold shrinks it...

xjaywitax: @comblock2 put the barrel in a freezer for a few hours and put the trunnion in the oven for a little while. Easy peasy.

Zoul762: @troopcom if it were me I would use an angle grinder to delicately grind the welds off. Be sure to stop before you break all the way through the side of the receiver stub and just peal it back, then use a file to smooth out the trunnion. If they welded over the rivet holes you will need to re-drill them.

troopcom: I need to demill my AK 74 variant, but the front trunnion is spot welded to the receiver. What should I do?

agumon12: @Zoul762 Yeah, i bought myself the romanian barrel from arms of america, it's taking forever to ship. I wasn't too happy about the price, but *shrugs* lesson learned, next time, buy yugoslavian or an AK 74. lol.

Zoul762: @agumon12 To get a low cost Romy barrel go to arms of america.com And for a good deal on a Bulgy 74 kit check on AK Builder.com

agumon12: @Zoul762 I like how you think. :D alrighty, i'll just get a bulgy kit or something similar. Though I am having the most difficult time trying to find a Romanian type barrel for my AK. I really don't want to spend $100 for one.

Zoul762: @agumon12 You can convert a 7.62 to a 5.45, but by the time you buy the parts to do the change over. You will have paid out enough to buy a 5.45 kit. So it would make more 'cents' to just buy a 5.45 kit & build it the way you want it. You will end up with one of each & two is better than one.

agumon12: @jopit78 I have no idea dude, nobody seems to want to answer anything related to barrels or converting a 7.62 to a 5.45 versions... I'm getting so fed up with this "Secrecy" crap.

jopit78: does anyone know if a yugo 7.62 barrel will work with a romanian kit?

Zoul762: I use the all thread method to re-install the barrel. If you go to gunco.net & do a search for " Allthread barrel install kicks azz". It will show how to use a piece of 1/4" grade 8 all thread to press the 7.62 barrel back into the trunnion.

comblock2: how do you press the barrel back into the trunnion without a press?

Zoul762: You can use a 3/8x4" or 5"steel bolt with one steel nut & one brass nut to protect the barrel. Or a few brass washers will work too.

Dan G: What size brass nut is that?

Zachary Taylor: hmmm this will save me money when i tape the barrel pin to the front sight haha my wife found two barrel pins under the couch i dont know how they got there

Mike Warlong: That is a good idea of taping the barrel pin to the rear sight. I have lost more than one just dumping the removed parts in a box. Great idea, that is the way I'll do it from now on. Thanks!
AK47 barrel removal (BF hammer method) Pt-2 5 out of 5

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AK47 barrel removal (BF hammer method) Pt-2