Ruger Mark III 22/45 Re-Assembly How To

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mrbakerskatz: Check out Ammohead 73 on the tube It is the best way that I've seen to reassemble this pain in the arsh

0BAAC0: Life-saver. Thanks!

Scott Davis: Dude, I now remember why I don't take this apart. I watched a bunch of videos and one even had a small little girl put one together, making me feel even more like a failure. Just as I had given up for the night, I found your video! Halaluja!!!!! I ran downstairs and reclaimed my balls and mancard! You sir are a saint. Thank you for your video. Now I just have to save it for the next time I decide to shoot this thing!

johnny5finger: I have one of these on order..........thanks for the video. I will use this video as reference myself.

Richard Hoepfner: @ 2:49 That's what I just did. I've got the pin stuck in front of the hole it should be in. I can't get the thing out.
Any suggestions? ??

Mojopin: thnxs helpful video

snakezulu7: Bought a new 22/45 LITE yesterday, put 100 rounds through it today, then disassembled it for cleaning and what seems like it's first lubrication. I then watched some freak ass go on about all that hammer and rod stuff that made it difficult for him to reassemble. Just mimic the guy in the video and his actions and you'll be fine. Thank you for making this video, bruh.

Oswald Mazzetta: Great video. Thank you very much.We are about to receive our first .22/45 Target and this info will go a long way towards helping us the first time we clean it.

Sharon & Oz Mazzetta

filoIII: How about the hammer assembly position????  Foward.  Up down????????    And the little rod on the bottom when reinstalling the mainspring???  Up?   Down?  No one talks about those.

Franklin Porter: number anger? I totally understand, happiness level when shooting, 100%!! anger level when cleaning? 1000% thanks

Shooting Fields: Thanks simple instructions!

Joe Hupy: THANK YOU!! Saved me a trip to gun smith; this was after watching 5 other videos on how to do this. Marking as favorite for future reference.

Deadratsalad: Thank you for this video,this helped me greatly.

Steven Hatfield: you have Not seen the half of it. These are junk one you take apart to clean. No hope ever.

Steven Hatfield: never ever take a Ruger Mark 3 apart. junk will not go together

randy scott: You are the MAN. Thank you, much better than Ruger factory video.

Inquisition: Sir thank you for putting up this video. Every once in a while I fire my 22/45 and had a fun time cleaning it and a unfun time putting it back together. And I took it apart many times and each and every time I regret even buying the gun and make promises to sell it IF I get it back together. But with all due respect this is the last SHTF gun I would ever want.

da Bob: THANK YOU.

Even the shortest and simplest videos have all this happy horse crap about tipping the gun up and pulling the trigger WITH THE MAGAZINE IN. I tried a million times and almost decided to put it under my truck wheel and end the *^&#@ thing for good, but simply dropping the mag allowed it to go in easily.

Why on earth is the "tip the gun up with magazine in" even part of the instructions when, at least for my 22/45, will not work???

Okay, I feel better now and won't kick my dog or throw the gun out the window.

Floyd Morse: You kick ass, yes the hammer. Was getting ready to....arghhh... :)

Ashley French: You are a God sent, thanks.
Ruger Mark III 22/45 Re-Assembly How To 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mark III 22/45 Re-Assembly How To