Ruger Mark III 22/45 Re-Assembly How To

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speedypt: Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I couldn't remember how to reassemble this after not doing it for several years.

miragexl007: how does your mag drop freely?  I heard this is a problem with this gun.  mine doesn't drop freely.

miragexl007: older vid, thanks.  I just bought the 22/45 mk 3.  I heard they are better than my original mark 3.  I'm liking the mag release position and how it breaks down..and thanks for the tips here.

Shantella Munoz: thank you

jdparsons1: I watched 5 other videos before yours and you helped me get it back together!   The "Insert magazine, pull trigger" trick worked.   The bolt pin kept popping out of the top every time i tried to close the mainspring housing.   Thanks!!!

Hanomag Shadowfeet: Great Video and I feel your pain...just bought this gun a few weeks ago so my kids could plink and discovered the issue you clearly show in this video. And when its brand new and not broken in at all, you NEED a sledge hammer! What a PITA! Its still sitting with the housing hanging out of the grip till I get back home and try out your tricks!

sysjls75: I own three Rugers, one  Mark II, a Mark III and a 22-45(Mark III). I installed a Majestic takedown kit in two of the pistols. You still have to completely disassemble the pistol, so the Majestic kit only gets you part way. This video is one of the better ones I have seen dealing with the take down of the Ruger pistols. These guns are iconic and are exceptional in their performance, but the gun was designed by a sadist considering what one has to go through to take them down. You would also want to think that Ruger would provide the best instructions and videos on their own products and they are just sub par.

Rudy Calderon: I couldn't agree more with some of the comments here! After seeing the correct few seconds of your video I had my .22 back together! The Ruger site was pretty useless in assembly!
Thank you very much!!

dude33: Thanks so much man the trigger magazine trick was what i was missing but thankfully I found this video..great work

ihopetospeed1: Thanks man! I got it the first try!

I've been struggling with this damn thing for HOURS

Benjamin Schepler: Thanks

wayne lambird jr: Thank you I wanted to through this thing up help alot.

luckyned7: Thank You!!   Have my sledgehammer right next to the insainly evil contramption as we speak!

Anthony Lloyd: What a freaking pain !  I needed to use your tips AND the Ruger instructions to solve the same problem as gtrplyr19722010 below.  Works great now.

Tom S.: Dude - you totally saved this fun from the sledge ... Thanks

Rob McDonald: U need to watch more videos this gun isn't as hard as u describe it. U make you tube videos to help not discourage

Bob Miller: Also, see other YouTube videos on this procedure. Again, it's not hard once you know how to do it but the problem is remembering the procedure if you haven't done it in a long time.

Bob Miller: Actually, if you shove the mainspring pin in the wrong place (as you mention in this video), you are not f****d as you say. I know because I did just that when I first reassembled my 22-45. In fact, I almost gave up and sent it back to Ruger. But then I found that if you simply remove the barrel, you can pop the pin right out and you are back in business. Also, this gun is not that hard to take apart and put back together if you follow directions. See Ruger's video on their website.

DressUpYourPet2: Point gun muzzle down, bang muzzle on soft wood 3 times to raise the hammer up to UNroosterED position or the mainspring won't fit in! When inserting mainspring into butt of gun, make sure the mainspring ass'y has spring pressure on it as you push it in or you can't reassemble. If it goes in the butt and you feel no spring pressure, its wrong! so wiggle the gun so the hammer strut fits into the mainspring -you will feel spring pressure when its right then you can latch it and be done with it!
Ruger Mark III 22/45 Re-Assembly How To 5 out of 5

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Ruger Mark III 22/45 Re-Assembly How To