How To Stucco A Cinder Block Wall. How To Skim Coat CMU Walls

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StuccoPlastering: Morning Michael Donnelly, Google changed it's comment section so I hope you will get this, if your at Home Depot pickup some set, Don't over mix, next buy a hawk and trowel and a green float. cost, under a hundred bucks. best wishes, kirk giordano plastering

asdfdsasdfasdfasdfa: kirk! real men don't drink ;-) best wishes...

Christopher Herring: Hi Kirk, enjoyed the education from your many youtube videos. Preparing to stucco over a cement slap (which covers cinder block) - a bbq island. Questions - I don't see the use of lime in your videos? With straight edges I see no need for any metal sheathing, edging, etc. - assumption correction? Finally, since we are dealing with concrete I presume no added weeping barrier is necessary? Thanks again for the advise and expertise. 

elysian war: hey my house has concretre blocks that are painted with housepain can i stucco on that or if not what do i do

StuccoPlastering: Hey dude, It takes skill & time in.Lime sticks extremely well to the surface of the straw bales, and chicken wire is therefore not required as it is when using a cement stucco. Portland cement will not stick well to the bale surface and chicken wire must be used and in fact is required by most building codes. Lime retards the growth of mold (a serious problem in straw bale homes if there are any moisture problems). Portland cement will not retard the growth of mold. Kirk Giordano plastering

StuccoPlastering: Mr Coreyp, no worries. I don't respect a man who doesn’t drink. First, pressure wash your block wall, and then apply the bonding agent. I assume you going to apply stucco after the bonding agent? Have a good evening and sorry for the delayed response. I don’t go on this site every day! Kirk Giordano plastering

SoulDaddy55: Always a good idea to not have shadow covering the work you're trying to show.

StuccoPlastering: @Dirtykielbasa Hey Bud, if you want the knockdown dash look exactly you will need to dash it, it’s a bit more difficult than dashing an interior, but the same principals apply. Perhaps you should just consider a float finish where you use the sponge float, it is easier. The walls will have a look like 80 to 100 grit sandpaper. Best wishes and have a great evening. Kirk Giordano plastering

inboxnews: cratch?

Juan Manuel: hi my name is juan i am.doing a.sttuco wall but i using sttuco bag from home.depot but when i sttuco.this cratch and i.dont know why and worry about this would u please.tell me why this happen??? thank u

StuccoPlastering: Hey Chad, I believe I was around 600 bucks. Thanks and have a great day! Kirk Giordano plastering

StuccoPlastering: Evening Laned1, thank you. I have been doing this for over 30 years and still enjoy what I do. It helps to enjoy your work, I guess. Have a great evening kirk Giordano Plastering

StuccoPlastering: Hey Peter Agostini, thank you, calcium chloride cement or what us stucco dudes call (luminite) is good stuff but it does have a 6 month shelf life. I've used it where a cup would set a 5 gallon bucket in five minutes but as it's gets old it now can take 5 to 8 cups for the same results. It's use it or lose it. Thanks for watching and have a groovy evening. Kirk Giordano plastering

powerrangjer2001: plster ok ..but i dont know how to make plaster simen.. call give some intruction... :D

koffeedragon: Hi Kirk, Love your videos... they've helped me to ask better questions when collecting stucco estimate. I have a wall in Phoenix, AZ, and parts of the wall will be hit with water from a sprinkler and drip system. The block shows efflorescence in spots. We'd like to stucco the wall and color it. Sometime you install a screed - but in this video you did not. Should we you use a screed on this block wall to prevent damage to the stucco from the sprinkler system?

StuccoPlastering: Good morning Richard Medina, I seriously doubt it, it would simply enhance the fact that it has not been built properly, some folks actually like that look. Your best bet would be to skim the entire wall for a look of professionalism. Have a great day! And thanks for watching. Kirk Giordano Plastering

StuccoPlastering: Hey elysian war dude, you would have to first prepare the painted surface. The stucco is only as good as to what it applied on. If the paint fails the stucco comes off. Pressure wash or scrape the paint first to remove dirt, grime, moss and loose paint, next apply bonding agent. Now apply stucco Best wishes, Kirk Giordano plastering

dpompian: I am repairing a shower that has a wall that is 50 year old plaster over concrete on the exterior of the building. The corner between the exterior wall and the framed wall disintegrated where the corner mesh rusted and I can see the foundation. It was recommended that I fill in this area with a scratch and brown using a bonding agent. Next I'm going to Thinset 1/4" cement board with a Redguard coat prior to tiling. Would you give your opinion on this strategy.

Juan Manuel: i mean crack the cement crack and i dont know why thanks to take the time to answer my question

StuccoPlastering: Evening dpistoltube, yes, you can stucco a 500 year old cinder block, brick, stone clay etc. wall. Simply and most importantly make certain that wall is super clean, Pressure wash very well. Thank you for watching a have a good evening! Kirk Giordano plastering

miguel pirro: YOUR JOBS LOOKS UGLY,

iznob123: thank you I will try and let you know if it works out. John

CATTLEDOGwatchNsheep: you don't always have to take mud from the top of the hawk.& in the real world guys with there own business get things done. don't freak the dog & sell the pups like you union guys. if he wants to blow his elbow out using that tool thats on him he's a big boy.i have one but i only use it on slick coats while finishing the wall. as for not expecting much watch his vids he does clean work that looks good upon completion, & i've seen a bunch of you union guys try & work in AZ you got run over

Jakob Lazarus Thibault: Hello. Thank you for the video. I have some old textured cement blocks over 100 years old. They have been painted and the paint is on there pretty good. I also have new blocks and brick in this wall. I want a semi consistent finish. I was going to use Quickwall but is there anything I can do over the painted block that would help it stick? You mentioned JS Wall Crete, would that prep it?

Ricky Romo: should I mix adheisive to the wall and mortar mix prior to stuccoing the wall? ok to text me 909 -714-0022

StuccoPlastering: Hey homebrew, I don’t brag about being a ninja stucco dude, however I really very good with nun chucks, so much in fact that I did a few videos as my kids asked me to show their friends with my ninja abilities. They are of course on another channel, but those skills help me with being able to play around with plastering mud. (Hand eye coordination stuff) Here’s my tip, stop waking your girl up at night unless you going to entertain her. Have a groovy day! Kirk Giordano plastering

David Termini: Hey Kirk, Thanks for showing this video. I lived in a small house years ago that was built by a retired plaster guy for himself. The outside was stuccoed with a finish of tiny little black,white,and other colors of rough edged rocks like a fine gravel and had a little sparkle to it. Is there a name for this? Thanks Dave

chad elliott: how much would a job like this cost?

Manuel Reyes: gracias sir k.g, u r the best at ur trade. very pro! and so cool about it. -manuel r -dal. tx

joel arseneault: Hey Kirk. My girlfriend is upset with you. See, I watched your video, read some comments and when I came to the reply about you having ninja plasterer skills, and threw I the comment about being able to use nun-chucks I laughed so hard I shook the bed and woke her up. Not sure if it was supposed to be funny but it just caught me off guard... And she's not really upset. You made my evening ! Cheers.

StuccoPlastering: Your welcome Manrey, And thanks for the groovy compliment. Best wishes. kirk Giordano Plastering

StuccoPlastering: Howdy crapter dude, That’s an easy question. A scratch coat can last forever if it’s thick enough. Maybe you house has both coats with a scratch finish? I have seen this many times. If it’s just the first coat, depending how long it’s been on and is fairly clean you can apply another coat whenever you like. Usually a second coat is applied after waiting at least 48 hours for the scratch to cure. Best wishes and have a great day! kirk Giordano plastering

StuccoPlastering: Thanks cattledog, your right I am a big boy. But I also believe that fella meant well. Plus, I try not to take comments personally; we all have our own methods. Best wishes to you, and have a good evening. Kirk Giordano plastering

TheRagingFoxhound: I am not sure how to say this... Why do you use a pool trowel? Why do you remove the mud from the back rather than the front of the hawk with the trowel? I am a plasterer myself and when I see these techniques, I do not expect much. I was trained union by men who are skilled machines.

StuccoPlastering: Hi Evan, I used thin set this weekend, but I was setting tile, with it. (that's what it's designed for) For your use I would recommend a fastset plaster you can but it this material at Home Depot. I believe they now sell a product called rapid set Eisenwall it's pre -mixed with sand and cement., just add water. Read the directions carefully, because it will set fast and can't be over mixed. It's what I would recommend for patchwork. Best wishes. Kirk Giordano Plastering

Michael Donnelly: Hi Krik; Nice work. If I had to do this to a small wall outside my house on Saturday morning (whihc I am doing). Assuming I have zero of the products needed, can you tell me exactly the items I need to buy at Home Depot on Friday night, and about the total it will cost me? Just bought a new fixer-upper and I have been viewing a few of your posts, Thank you ---- Mike

Carl Good: Good content but there were times I couldn't see what he was dining because the camera was pointing the wrong way and much of his work was in the shadows and difficult to see.

StuccoPlastering: Hi Cotoloe, it could be you used too much sand, or the plaster could have dried too quickly or you didn’t' wet the application between plaster coats or about 20 over different really good reasons. Without knowing the material or what you applied it to (wood lathed wall or brick or cinderblock) all I can do is guess the most common reasons. Sorry and best wishes. Kirk Giordano plastering

StuccoPlastering: Hey Brew, I used Portland, premium cement plaster. Whatever the sand grit you are matching determines what size sand you use. You can match any light sand finish with course sand if you keep troweling it down after it sets. (Takes Practice)This Portland premium cement is great for block, brick and concrete. Just make sure it's clean. Best wishes. Kirk Giordano plastering

StuccoPlastering: Howdy Power ranger, you’re welcome I hope you’re having a groovy New Year. Kirk Giordano Plastering

StuccoPlastering: Hey Sdurf, Great question, to not see the grout lines in a bock wall apply a coat at least a quarter inch thick. Color coats are an eighth inch thick so if anyone were to just color them they would show, especially when the wall gets wet. (I bring this up because I am often asked, can you just apply a color coat over my block wall?) This quarter inch thick minimum applies to most Portland stucco mixes. kirk giordano plastering

StuccoPlastering: How true, My oldest son who knows how to use the video camera and is a computer wise young man, was not helping me this day, instead it was my brother who has been shown how to use this video recorder at least 20 times but unfortunately couldn't see the screen well enough to aim it accurately, Sorry about that, and thanks for the comment. Kirk giordano

StuccoPlastering: Hey guy, the cement board or wonder board is great for kitchen, or bathroom tile work, but I as a plasterer would not go this route for this project. I would use rapid set for both the scratch and brown and rod the work true and plumb, then apply the tile to this surface. This way is faster, stronger and without any joint seams. If you’re not sure how to apply the rapid set, stick with your original idea. Thanks for the question and best wishes. kirk giordano Plastering

shitter2006: Hey there Kirk., Hopefully I get one more question....It looks like just a scratch finish so I figure do it right and I am going with metal lath..then applying the right coats. Any special nails to use for a cinder block house and di I have to go through the mortar ir can I go through the block? Thanks a ton!

BrewPub: Hi, what is the plaster coat/stucco composed of? Can I use Portland Cement + Aggregate (fine & coarse) + Water for plastering an interior brick wall corner?

StuccoPlastering: Afternoon Dragon dude, thank you, I have never use a screed on Concrete, Cinder Block or bricks as it would be sort of like tit's or a boar, useless and serve no purposes. you only use a drip or weep screed (same metal piece two different names) when protecting a mud sill. A mud sill is usually wood and needs protection from water. A screed also serves as an outlet for water an expansion and it gives us an excellent stopping point. Have a great day! kirk Giordano plastering

TheRagingFoxhound: Part 2: I am not trying to tear you down, but giving you constructive-criticism. Focus on the fundamentals. My father has been a plasterer for over 25 years. He started training me when I was 16. I am 19 now. I could have gotten my journeyman card. I have quit plastering to pursue a higher education. I will never lose what I have learned. My dad always used to tell me how the trade is dying or how many people "think" they know what is up. He was always passionate about his work.

StuccoPlastering: Howdy homer, that’s just too funny, Seriously, fellas like him don’t really bother me. However, If he starts doing plastering video’s and explaining stuff better than me than I am going to get worried. Best wishes and have a good evening. Kirk Giordano plastering

TheRagingFoxhound: Hey hey. My father learned non-union, then went union, then when I was of age, he trained me. I learned from other plasterers while learning from him as well who were both union and non union. I learned in WI BTW. There are bad plasterers in both union and non-union. To generalize all union boys as bad is just idiotic. His work is acceptable and can be sold, but it is not impressive. His speed and technique lack impression. So long as it gets done according to regulation is all that matters.

frankie Pezzolla: Would the same application apply to a concrete wall?
How to stucco a cinder block wall. How to skim coat CMU walls 4.8 out of 5

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