How To Stucco A Cinder Block Wall. Skim Coat CMU Walls

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Mark Stanton: Do you wet the cinder block before applying the stucco?

jims tools: KIRK your videos are AWESOME. What paint can you use on a house foundation or does it have to be stucco all the time ?

oreokookie: hey kirk...great video....was wondering how you might handle an old, inside basement cinder block wall??...I tried to mortar it, but the mortar dried soft- you can scape it off with a chisel....I'm assuming the old block sucked up the water from the mix...I wetted the old blocks first, but after a week the new mortar was soft....not sure if I have to seal it first, or soak it more....thanks, and I'm impressed at your takin time out from big jobs to answer all these posts!!

J Garcia: Hello Sir
Just wanted to thank you for the awesome videos and ask a question if I could.
Towards the end of this video you mentioned that you had built out a wall 7" for a client, did you have to reinforce it with wire or something? I'm in a situation where I have to either build out my CMU pillars or add some extra steel in order to hang a gate.
I already wrapped them in a layer of 3/1 to about 1/2 ", can I just add more to get me to 1 1/2" total?

heretic: Hey Kirk, Thanks for the great videos! I have an 8' tall 20' wide CMU wall that needs to be stucco'd. The problem is two layers of paint over the wall. I'm looking for the cost effective solution. Sandblast, Bonding Agent, or Paper and Wire?
Also adjoining walls will be using weep screed and I'd like this installed on the Block section also for aesthetics.. are there any problems with this?

bmlsb69: Hey Kirk check out this documentary called SAND WARS, not the title given by uploader. It's about construction sand, and how we are using it up around the world..pretty interesting.

Bob Miller: Could you describe your stucco mix. Is it a pre-mix or do you mix it yourself? If so, what makes up the mix? I ask because I have a concrete block garage that has a light stucco on it that's cracking and even falling off in some places and I have to go over the whole thing. Years ago I mixed some stucco and I believe I used white portland cement and lime but it's been so long that I can't remember for sure and I can't remember the proportions.

T Sesay: Hi Kirk,
Can you stucco over rough/textured cement block? the bottom of the house was made with cement texture cement block. the garage was enclosed with non textured cement block want to find away to tie both together without looking so obvious. thanks for the response!

Debbie Johnson: Hello Kirk, I have a regular old cinder block wall in my backyard I would like to finish it in some way. My neighbors on the other side have done some professional landscaping and we are getting a lot of water coming in from their side when it rains that we never had before (in the 8 years we have lived here) This creates big puddles in our backyard. When it is dry out (we are in AZ) we just see white marks on the wall which I am guessing is from their daily watering. I am wondering if there is a way to SEAL OFF our side of the wall so that the water will stay out and whatever we finish the wall with will not get water damage. Thank you!

redlad81: Have to say your using a swimming pool trowel no way that joint will not crack not in one day coat if it's sand/cement mix yes it might not pay you to call twice but block wall needs to be scudded, scratched and finishe coat cod that the right way to do it I'm from Ireland and be honest tellin people not to screed walls is bit silly stucco is easy way to plaster a wall not too worried about the finish in Ireland you would be laughed off the job if you put one coat over a bare block wall and expect it to grip and stay on the wall because it won't kirk I am a fully qualified plasterer with 18 years experience and yes you might do things different in America but what I've seen of your videos a Irish plasterer would do twice a good a job that guarantees 100 years not that that I know will crack and pop off the wall first frost you get

fitmommie22: I have a cinderblock home and I want to remove the vinyl siding and replace with either brick or a stone veneer(the sheets) - I was reading about using a moisture barrier such as stoguard and then use a bonding agent - what do you recommend? Do you have any opinions of stoguard for air/moisture barrier? The home is from the 1950s - thanks!

christopher bilyk: Hello Kirk, great video. I have to patch an area of a cinder block wall that I pulled an air conditioner out of. Once I get the cinder blocks in place and mortared I need to stucco the exterior. I noticed you didn't use any metal stucco netting. Is that not needed? I just apply the Quikrete stucco mix to the cinder blocks and blend it into the existing stucco?

Levi Barros: Is it always necessary to use a darby and level things out? Or does it depend more on the purpose of the wall and the thickness of the coat? In fact, could you sometime make a detailed video about all the secrets behind using a leveling darby/rod? I've always found it a little on the tricky side. Saluti :)

blackxcherry22: I like the original look =l

wastegate: crappy camera work

Keith Granger: I bought a gallon of Weld Crete and used it on an area where I splice in to old brick masonry. Fine. The dealer said I should weld crete the entire new CMU block as well. Is it necessary? Maybe thin coat? I have a lot left. The CMU blocks were installed new, stood for a year, and were pressure washed 2500psi recently.

jonny chingas: Can't see what he's doing his shadow is covering his work

michael kekatos: Kirk is extremely informative. I don't do stucco and with his help iwas able to do a 115 ft. wall .. Thanks Kirk

slumdog: Hi Kirk. I am a plasterer. Started many years ago, then changed career in my youth and have now come back to it 15 years later. And I have to say I am really enjoying it, absolutely love that feeling of completing a job to perfection, mainly renovations and extensions at the moment, but I really am interested into getting artistic with it and including sculpture work into feature walls. Fingers crossed I'll get the time to train in plaster of Paris coarse and follow my ambition. Have you done anything similar before? If so, I would live to see a vid on it. By the way you're a legend and I watch most of your vids. Respect and regards to you and your family.
How to stucco a cinder block wall. Skim coat CMU walls 5 out of 5

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How to stucco a cinder block wall. Skim coat CMU walls