Prevent Stretch Marks! Make Your Own Organic Belly Butter (Belly/Body Butter Recipe)

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Prevent Stretch Marks! Make Your Own Organic Belly Butter (Belly/Body Butter Recipe)
Prevent Stretch Marks! Make Your Own Organic Belly Butter (Belly/Body Butter Recipe)
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How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks
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Beauty Tuesdays: DIY Body Butter
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homemade stretch mark cream
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Preventing and Removing the Appearance of Stretch Marks with Babies #4 and #6 (in utero)
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Making Body Butter at Home

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Beautiful Healthy Mom: I love this!!

iamgoldilocs: thank u!

Colorful Canary: :)

Chi88Chi88: What works well is to melt down the blended oils put into the freezer to stiffen and then whip in my stand mixer. Very effective and fewer steps.

Leona Rodriguez: Let them say what they want..cocoa butter got rid of MY stretch cocoa butter :)

Keeth Y: thanks for the vid, this is what ive been looking for, thank you!

Colorful Canary: Thanks - Glad you like it :)

Colorful Canary: You're welcome :)

missy5sanalee: thank u I always do this recipe some times I add shea butter to the mix, so can I add rose hip oil while pregnant?!

Leila Shalhoub: Hi I've been looking for a video on how to make cocoa butter body butter since I purchased organic raw cocoa butter. My purpose for it is to remove scars and stretch marks. Question: can I just use cocoa butter and olive oil ONLY for purposes mentioned?

lostnspace001: is the olive oil extra virgin or plain olive oil?

Colorful Canary: :)

Andie Frost: Could you just use the coco butter by itself?

Colorful Canary: Yes, I just added sunflower oil because I ran out of olive...You can add any mixture of healing oils or just straight olive with cocoa butter. Equal amounts of oil to cocoa butter is all that's needed :)

scarletfire28: That was amazing, I didn't know you could do that! Thank you so much for sharing!

chozart88: what is the best way to store this so it doesn't spoil? Do you recommend refrigerating? If so, how easily does it melt? I'm wondering because coconut oil, for instance, freezes very fast in the fridge and then would take a while to melt.. also, how long would you say a batch like the one you made lasts? Thanks so much!

SafePet Haven: I'm still thinking silo-sized or at least vat sized, to submerge my entire 5'10" body from chin to toes...

Colorful Canary: You're very welcome :)

Spuds: Hey, I'm currently researching how to make me own lotions and found that the skin absorbs cream better than oils or water. So I think your recipe is just oil, if however you mixed this with water and used an emulsifier like bees wax you would create a cream and skin would best absorb the properties of your ingredients. Boom!

raghad safar: I'm gonna use normal butter and try!

amanda westerberg: Nice

Colorful Canary: Bees wax alone does not emulsify well, then you need to add unwanted ingredients such as borax which is not beneficial to the skin. Also, it wouldn't be a butter then but rather a lotion. I prefer straight oils and butters rather than lotions, but yes a lotion could be created from the ingredients :)

SafePet Haven: How sweet of you to make this jar of body butter for your pg friend! But do you have a recipe for a vat-sized container? That is what I'd need LOL!

Colorful Canary: Cocoa butter has been used for 100+ years as a preventive of stretch marks. Cocoa butter helps make your superficial skin more elastic and gives your skin more room for expansion. This helps prevent the occurring of stretch marks. It's not to cure stretch marks that have already occurred but will help prevent them from developing in the first place. Several family members and friends who were typically prone to stretch marks have used this with quite good results, so that's good enough for me.

lorsarpi: Thanks for the recipe! So nice! Could you post a DY cream for celulite¿?

Vannesa Carolina: Hi have you used this while pregnant? Do you know it really works preventing stretch marks. I'm 5 months pregnant and I'm struggling finding out what to use on my belly. Dnt want stretch marks :(

Colorful Canary: It should be fine at room temperature for about a month or more. If you make smaller batches every month or two it will be fine. If you refrigerate it, it will take a few hours at room temperature to soften or you can place the sealed bottle in a warm water bath. :)

Colorful Canary: Thanks :) Yes everything I use is always organic. Anyone who follows my vids will know that :) <3

Colorful Canary: 100% pure cocoa butter is extremely hard, if you want it to be able to rub into your skin you will need to blend it with an oil. :)

Colorful Canary: Nasty? Cold pressed organic oils??? Everything I use is food grade certified organic. And what's bee butter supposed to be?

Colorful Canary: Thank you very much! :) <3

Colorful Canary: I don't have children, I have made this for several pregnant friends and the one's who used it religiously every night before bed at least (some used it morning and night) had virtually no stretch marks, one friend had her baby 3 weeks ago and only has one little mark under her belly button. Everyone's skin is different but it has been show that cocoa butter prevents and lessens stretch marks in all skin types...Good luck with your pregnancy :)

SafePet Haven: But I wouldn't be wrinkled nor stretch-marked!

Colorful Canary: A little goes a very long way with this high cocoa butter content. :) Maybe you could decuple the recipe - teehee :)

krystaldaddy: Thanks for the video. I'm watching plenty of DIY body butters & this is one of the best. It's really easy and doesn't take as long. So thank you for filming it! ♡

Caroline Lewandowsky: I love this body butter idea....have ever made lip balm or lip gloss? With SPF? Thanks a bunch!!

Colorful Canary: Np :)

Daphne Bumpass: Love it

iamgoldilocs: this sounds pretty good... im pregnant too and wondering if it would be ok to use an essential oil like orange?!

Colorful Canary: The list of oils acceptable for use during pregnancy are: Geranium, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Citrus: Grapefruit Tangerine, Clementine, Lemon), Neroli, Chamomile, Rose. Always use any essential oils sparingly when pregnant. :)

Ruby Feline: Love this, thanks so much!

Leila Shalhoub: Thank you so much for your prompt response I will be trying this as soon as I get all ingredients. Very much appreciated!

Colorful Canary: to lorsarpi: I haven't tried making one yet...But I will definitely give a a go...For cellulite the only thing that has helped me in the past was religiously dry brushing every night with a soft natural brush in an upward direction...Results can be seen in a few weeks but it's time consuming and I'm a bit lazy when it comes to doing that sort of stuff...Thanks for reminding me though, I should get back at it. :)

Colorful Canary: I used organic extra virgin olive oil, but you can use any oils you like, I've also made it with only organic sunflower oil.

tstanleymk4you: thank you. Very helpful. :-)

Krystal LM: I went to two of your videos without even knowing they were yours - Loved both of them! Very helpful! Subscribed!

Colorful Canary: I've made balms, gloss, toothpaste, deodorant...I have a playlist "Colorful Canary - Organic Skin & Body Care Recipes" on here. I haven't done a video with one with SPF as I ran out of the non-nano zinc oxide. Raspberry, roship and sesame oils all have a small amount of SPF too. :) Your very welcome.

Mi Styles: Cocoa butter doesn't prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks occur depending on how much elastin you have in your skin, it's a PROTEIN. Moisturing won't effect that at all. You should really look at science first instead of making false claims. cocoa butter is only effective AFTER you get the stretch marks, for healing and fading.

Teh Pudding Prince: I love your all organic DIYs! How did you come up with this recipe? (:

amyjils: ok... she use cooking oils with her coco butter... that is nasty.. I use shea butter, bee butter, and, another organic natural butters that treat the skin and hydrate the skin..
Prevent Stretch Marks! Make Your Own Organic Belly Butter (Belly/Body Butter Recipe) 4.9 out of 5

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Prevent Stretch Marks! Make Your Own Organic Belly Butter (Belly/Body Butter Recipe)