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moviking: Great idea & vid, thx for posting :)

CH121S: i like it. but i wanna see you vape on it. cause i wanna see how awkward it is to use that button if it at all. thanks for the idea though!

tvf200gatlin: BTW, I found that soldering small lead wires first, then soldering those onto the switch wires made it possible to test for shorts before having the switch permanently soldered.....if this makes sense.

tvf200gatlin: It looks like MadVapes is out of stock. In comparing my SmokTech eGo Mega dual coil cartomizer, it looks like the diameter is the same as the empty eGo tube. So you might want to buy one of these cartos, then after it's used up its useful life (about a week of vaping for me), you can then cut it up to the desired length.

Dave Drogowski: Soldering directly onto the battery seems sort of dangerous and not optimal for swapping out / recharging. How about epoxying some battery terminals to the bowl and cap, and wiring to those?

defdock: id guess the same way you charge an ego. just screw it on the ego conection and let it charge. idk crap about this mod so idk if thats even possible, but thats what im assuming

tvf200gatlin: @penru I think you'd lose all of the cost-effectiveness of this set-up if you had to compensate someone for their time and labor in putting this together for you. Also, since my soldering skills are not really great, I wouldn't feel comfortable in making one of these for someone else to use. If you got all of the materials together, maybe you could find a friend with some decent soldering skills to do it for you for free or for a 12-pack of beer or something....?

tvf200gatlin: It is rechargeable. Use any eGo charger.

tvf200gatlin: @care0line93 try vaporgeek's website under > TOOLS /ACC /DIY » Adapters/Connectors » eGo electronics set

tvf200gatlin: @dormidoj - Yes, I just use the USB eGo fast charger.

butt head: great idea but what about making it rechargeable???

Ryan Welsh: This might be a dumb question: If your wires are soldered directly to the battery, what's your method for charging it?

tvf200gatlin: It will accommodate anything with a 510 or eGo fitting, although I have had random inconsistencies with the depth of the center contact point - about one out of 10 of the Smoktech mega dual coil cartos won't make contact. This sometimes happens with my regular eGo batteries as well...

tvf200gatlin: It's not awkward to hold it, but it's most comfortable if you use your thumb for the button. This means that you're not quite holding it as you would a regular pipe, almost, but your thumb lies up the stem instead of wrapped around the bowl. If you've got small hands it might be a little awkward, though.

tvf200gatlin: I think I ground out the inside because the battery wouldn't quite fit. Then it was prone to rattling around, so I added the rubber washers as shock absorbers.

tvf200gatlin: @LordThree - I'm not sure about the e-power switch, because I've only used the eGo electronics kit. My battery is 3.7v 1200mAh, so you should be fine with any battery as long as you don't exceed 3.7v. The main thing that's going to fry the switch is excessive current (amperage), and that all depends on the type of atty/cart you have on there. (e.g. LR and or high voltage attys/carts)

MrMeanpie: I think it would look amazing with something like the rocket sax clearomizer

care0line93: i cant find the electronics for this build you got a link

tvf200gatlin: @thedavetionary I wondered about this as well, but when I took apart one of my other e-cig batteries, I found that the wires inside were soldered directly to the batteries. The cells inside my camera battery packs are soldered as well. As far as the charging goes, I don't swap the battery out, but just use a standard e-go charger on the switch fitting, just as I would with any e-go battery.

tvf200gatlin: @kevinwat11 - I soldered some extra wire to the black and red wires that needed to reach the battery. I also needed to run an extra black wire so that the negative on the battery would make contact with the outside metal body of the switch. Normally, when wiring this straight into an ego metal battery tube, the negative pole of the battery can just make contact with the tube. But since the battery in this epipe is in the plastic pipe bowl away from the metal tube, I had to run a jumper wire.

jonathan rooke: Really good pipe mod, i use the same pipes in the uk, i never thought to recharge with the ego switch, i will have to do that next time. thanks tvf200gatlin

HughPawsey: tvf! Great video. Was wondering if this mod would accomodate a ce5 clearomizer instead of the cartomizer you're using?

Yoda: did you solder more wire to the pre-existing wires on the electronics or did you rewire it?

tvf200gatlin: Anywhere on the sleeve. The sleeve itself is the negative contact.

juliens64: if you want to sell it contact me i'm very interested in. But i can't do it.

Alfie Ford: do you solder the black wire were it starts from the circuit board these are probably dumb questions but im kind of newby and you skipped from the diagram to having put all the wiring in?

tvf200gatlin: @19neuhart82 I ordered another cheap pipe online, but the stem part of the main pipe bowl was too small to work with the eGo tube - I imagine that you could use other pipes, but this particular mod represents a lot of trial and error, a lot of wandering down the aisles of home depot, and about $30 worth of odds and ends parts I bought that eventually ended up being rejected.

tvf200gatlin: Sparks on the battery or the switch? Either way, this indicates that you're shorting something out. If you've got sparks on the battery solder, I'd say you're shorting the battery by heating it up too much. If it's in the connections on the switch/tube, I'd say you have some wire insulation melted off or you have excess solder bridging the gap between the positive center pin and the negative body of the tube.

tvf200gatlin: @19neuhart82 Also, I got lucky with the Haojue because the bowl was exactly the right height to fit the battery and exactly the right diameter (once the ridges were sanded down) to fit the bushing/cap combination.

Joe Dormido: So, do you just recharge the battery with at standard ego charger?

InvaderMyk: I've collected all the necessary parts (but using an inherited pipe with similar dimensions). But, even after searching high and low for months now, I can't find the 3185 Empty eGo Tube anywhere. Any suggestions on an alternative?

sonikdream: What is your shopping list for the shorter version of the pipe?

Alfie Ford: one question man the black wire can that be soldered anywere to on the inside of the connect sleeve or does it have to be specific

tvf200gatlin: @sonikdream They're the same thing, except one has a shorter cartomizer/cone combo, and the other has an XL SmokTech dual coil carto with a whistle tip. I also like using the SmokTech Mega dual coil eGo carto, but I've noticed that with the switches I put on the pipe, the non-joye products sometimes don't make a great connection, resulting in three flashes of the led. Next time I'll use the switch from an actual Joye eGo battery - they seem to work fine with any carto brand.

x7xBlAcKxAcEZx7x: hey im trying to find the electronics for this build but all american vendors seem to be out that i can find and vapor geeks only ships canada know any sites that are in stock and will ship to US

19neuhart82: Will any other pipes work besides the 5" Haojue?

LiamChadey: Great instructional video. I followed it to the letter. I even managed to buy exactly the same pipe on ebay for £1.50. For the battery and ego tube, button and controller pcb, I dismantled an old ego mini. It works perfectly. Thanks.

LlamaBreath: So, I got as far as soldering the battery up, I soldered the positive and went to do the same with the negative and got sparks + heat/smoke from the wires and the ego connection!! what have I done wrong ?

me myself: I really want one of these, but I do not think I could build it myself... Any chance of hooking me up?

tvf200gatlin: I left out video of the actual soldering because I really suck at it and make a horrible mess. Sometimes it takes me several messy attempts to get the solder to stick where I want it to. I found that adding little bits of extra wire gave me more room to work and more room for my mistakes.

butt head: Thanx think Im going to try this....

19neuhart82: That is awesome. I may have to try my first DIY mod. If I have trouble with it would you build me one for a reasonable price?

tvf200gatlin: Liberty-flights has some in stock as of today...
DIY E-Pipe Mod 4.8 out of 5

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