Capuchin Monkeys As Pets

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Capuchin Monkeys as Pets
Capuchin Monkeys as Pets
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Devin Martinez: This video is a joke... Everyone look up Monkeyboo! He is a sweetheart and wait... He's a capuchin

BigRazdon: 6grand in america ? i can buy one right now 300 euro in ireland but yes i agree there dangerious get one nutoride as soon as possible 

Elle Hax: What a piece of crap! Obviously those monkeys dont love him because he is selling them! Adopting a monkey and taking true care of it is different than raising it as a product! freak this evil bastard that creates life to profit! Don't pay any breeders, ever! If they make money from it then they are going to breed again and again. ADOPT!

Travis Reilly: There is one thing I don't or can't comprehend, why do some people say your selfish for owning any pet?

Emma Lipscomb: no its a bad idea devin martinez dude look up capuchin monkey attcats

hlnl56: ALL pets can be dangerous. You always have to be cautious. 

william waddell: what about tamarins

Nick Montes: Thank you!

Kman Mallet: if u look at his web site they mainly sell tamirins or finger monkeys.... they want u to buy them. my freind has a 14 year old one i didnt get pissed on and it didnt act aggressive at all

Nik Gienger: If you get a male cant you just remove his testicles?

Andre Roberge: haha hangover

Biloca Castro: Monkeys are not meant to be pets, live them in their own habitat being what they are, wild animals. Marmosets bite too, pee on you, etc. when they mature… The more you buy them here in the U.S> the more poachers will hunt and kill in Brazil to get them here to sell. Leave them alone!!

eXtreme Power Couple: Plz don't record next to a fountain. It's hard to hear you 

ruubz001: does the same go for squirrel monkeys ?

Carlos Rosa: Actually if you create a bond with a monkey when it's growing up , it will have a connection with you and not be mean to you, and thats with almost ALL animals. if any animals love someone a lot or create a bond with you will not abuse you.

Paddy Hackett: Come on, you just want to have people support your business and buy marmosets that you sell.

latrae mewanu: Beautiful Capuchin Monkeys for sale .Contact us via or via text on (301) 349-6581 for more info & pics.

Primatologist: I'm not telling you that you should not WANT a monkey. You want a monkey because you are selfish (as are all people who want to own any animal- I'm selfish for owning my dog because I like dogs and think they are cute- I own him for my own benefit). Even if you do all of those things, you can not force a primate to become domesticated. They are wild animals. Their populations in the wild are dwindling because of the pet trade. Most people, by the way, can not do all of those things.

MonkeyBoo: MonkeyBoo is not sad! and Boo is domesticated! Monkeys are wild animals right? Hmm you know horses are wild, dogs, cats, pretty much any animal. Think about it, primates are much smarter than most other animals, the other animals have adapted to live with people, some animals (horses) are basically used as slaves, do you stand up for these other animals also, or are you a hypocrite? I bet you have a pet bird! LMAO

sexynred13 .: your'

Bahama Bob: What the freak dude? all I said was that I agree with that guy that they did actually show a monkey peeing in movies. I know its freaking fake. But the guy in the video said they don't show them peeing, which they freaking do in the night at the museum. I never said what happened in a movie must be true, but they did show them peeing in a movie, and it is true. It's called a representation of something that happens in real life, done in a movie, you jackass

MrSlothymcsloth: It all depends on how well you train/care for them...

MonkeyBoo: Hmm what do you think I was wrong about?

Inita Lesinska: capuchin

Primatologist: Selling STUFF on YouTube isn't irresponsible, but selling ENDANGERED OR EXOTIC ANIMALS is terrible. These animals should NOT be allowed in ANY human homes- they are not domesticated and their health and mental welfare rapidly declines in human homes.

MonkeyBoo: $600 is a scam, report those scum bags

HammieLoveRox: Excuse me first people are to say monkey are a bad animal if you don't like them then why comment they are cute and if the are in the wild there trained so I get your point but pet ones are trained

jerry hopper: Yup got to get one for shcool

Primatologist: You obviously don't know about primate biology or behavior. Neurosis is EXTREMELY common in pet primates. This can be for a number of factors, including being removed from their parents at too young of an age. Neurosis isn't only caused from neglect. Neurosis can also be caused by inadequate exposure to con-specifics. Furthermore, yes HUMANS DO HAVE DISEASES. Diseases that we can and DO transfer to pet monkeys. We also cause them to get diseases like diabetes from inappropriate feeding.

2011HADRIAN: I would say a marmoset since: 1. Most monkey videos from his channel are about them 2. The do not get very big

292christopher: It's quit common for primates to through poop

ᵖᵒᵒᵖ: I'm just going to be honest with you, no one knows who you are and really don't care. And it also goes to show how far arrogance spreads. If you honestly don't think Capuchins are that bad, just leave your opinion to yourself, being an ass won't help your reputation.

Bahama Bob: dude, you started the insulting thing, my only point is that you can't say they never showed us a monkey peeing on someone.

Bahama Bob: of course I know it's fake you dope, I was just saying that they do show examples of them peeing on people in films

peter lauk: Would spay or neutering help with the aggression you discuss?

Primatologist: I do spider monkey research in Punta Laguna, Mexico every summer. These primates are happy and healthy, and are not required to wear a leash. They are also part of a large fission-fusion social group in which they can mate and establish appropriate dominance hierarchies. Spider monkeys in zoos are exposed to other spider monkeys with whom they can form social relationships. Spider monkeys in zoos aren't forced to wear leashes when they go "outside".

Confedyank: Watch the Zoo Keeper, there's animals that talks in that movie, including a Capuchin Monkey. So, according to you, it must be true? Or should I ask Mr. Ed?

Primatologist: Do you still have the monkey? I don't see him in any of your videos. This man is educated about primates and is trying to save the life of monkeys that don't deserve to be tortured in human homes until humans realize they can't properly care for them. I am a primate behaviorist. I can assure you, you will change your mind from experience. It is extremely cruel to own a monkey, especially because so many people end up giving them up which causes the monkey to become depressed and neurotic.

deadmeh: Why should they be not kept as a pet? They live longer suffer less and are mostly free. Humans have been domesticating wild animals that are less intelligent for thousands of years. Who are you to judge how the animal feels or the people are cruel and heartless when you don't know anything about how it is being nurtured in these homes. Also you saying that anyone who has a different opinion sucks is intellectual disingenuous and screams that you are uneducated and cannot shift perspectives.

RaidBossGG: go adopt a child

Bahama Bob: that waterfall is too loud

linda criag: Do you stupid??

pjkanderson: Nelson Brown is a scammer!

Sarah Al Zahrani: Thanks!!

D Nelson: they only turn violent when they aren't spayed or neutered because of stress from sexual maturity

Confedyank: I believe what you're looking for is at an orphanage, not a pet, lol.

MonkeyBoo: Well, Boo is very happy, he recovered from the surgery within 24 hours. Boo may have some wild instincts, but he is not a "wild animal" Boo has never been in the wild, he has no concept of it. I can take Boo outside without a leash he stays right with me. He has never even really climbed a tree, and we offered! he is much happier inside, it's what he knows, it is his world. Perhaps I had Boo's canines removed so in the event he runs into an ass like you, he can bite you and not hurt as bad

Confedyank: I'm just saying for actions of animals that they actually do. I'm not referring to acting. You honestly can't say movies are real. They're called movies, & not Footage for a reason.

roseline joss: adorable babay capuchin monkey for any loving home . email me now for more details (

MonkeyBoo: if you promise to hold your breath waiting for Boo to "attack" me, I will give you$5k if he does! Maybe you don't know as much as you think, let's do a LIVE monkey debate! I will make you look stupid! Let's do it!
Capuchin Monkeys as Pets 4.4 out of 5

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Capuchin Monkeys as Pets