Capuchin Monkeys As Pets

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Capuchin Monkeys as Pets
Capuchin Monkeys as Pets
Capuchin Monkey Room Tour
Capuchin Monkey Room Tour
baby monkey nala gets a bath
baby monkey nala gets a bath
Helping Hands: Matching Capuchins with Those in Need
Helping Hands: Matching Capuchins with Those in Need

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Nanana aaana: A reasonably large monkey isn't a good pet they get just like he says when they get older

Khaled Saeed: why  is their a big bird in the back  round

CandyQueen: If it did happen to go crazy on me and bite my neck I could just go into double chin mode and then he wouldn't be able to find my neck. Jk

Paul Skinner: Your amount of knowledge about a capuchin monkey would not fit in a thimble. Do not submit such poor information 

Crystal Kehoss: Just as horses are not for everyone and Pit Bulls are passionate animals, so is the same for a Capuchin. However, there are those of us who are quite capable, Michael. You may want to rethink this post as it could be contributing to the demise of private ownership and enrichment for many people since the government is trying to ban them all. I'm just saying.

jacque dennis: Also if yours do all you say they do you dont know crap about them. Those are signs of BOREDOM and the attacking well that is where you let them think they were the alfa top dog head crap and that is also YOUR mistake.

jacque dennis: I own a white face capuchin and i hate to break it to you they don't throw poo or even food and has never peed on me. He isnt aggressive even with his human siblings. I agree many people dont have what it takes but i dont appreciate you lying to people when we already are fighting bans every where. marmosets are called alligators with fur for a reason they hold the most bites and escapes and are nervous around children. Just because they are smaller doesnt mean they are safer. Monkey Boo is a GREAT example of a capuchin that is properly raised. 

Eli Edlen: Although I agree a lot with you man your full of crap I own two. They were older monkeys an they never throw poop or food at me it's all about how you treat the monkey an raise it . Nice pun to get people to buy your marms 

kingCong3e: I hope the capuchin monkeys sue you for slander sir !!!!! " Capuchin monkeys will kill you and eat your children, but I have a closet full of baseball monkeys I'll sell you" That was a dirty sales pitch. 

Atlanta hirsch: wow the human in white shirt is sexy. I want that human animal

Stefan Telasco: What if, at young age, you fix and remove the canines from the capuchin monkey?

Ricia Brown: Why not just get your Capuchin fixed?

Juan Carlos Gonzalez: You are a fan of primates? Nice. Monkeys are not primates. Primates do not have tails. There are only five primates, gorillas, orangutans, bonobos, chimpanzees and humans.

Sophie Sykes: I have one of these, had her since birth, shes about 35 years old, older than me haha, and shes sweetheart, couldn't ask for a better companion

This Isn't my real name Google.: Well I did see that Malcolm in the Middle episode, I don't think this is bull.

Rawle Durham: they will throw poop that's nasty and funny like bruhh

Derek Lopez: he said they can bite you and scratch you. so do cats and dogs. so im getting a monkey!

Ameer Al-saffar: I love the monkey but I was afraid of the risk when i saw the video i decided not to buy.

Darrius Hamilton: I do respect your opinion about capuchin

Capuchin Monkeys as Pets 5 out of 5

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Capuchin Monkeys as Pets