Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe

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The Best Peppers for the Onion Mask

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tylertyler82: My head stunk so bad (especially after sweating in the sauna) it was embarrassing, I just said freak it, I'll make peace with my thinning hair.

Angel Ortiz: If you use it every day won't you wash the natural oils from your hair that help your hair to grow

Reborn Hair PPP: Hi Connie. Thanks for uploading these useful videos. How do you expel the garlic and onion smell? I don't like the idea of using ANY shampoos since they strip your natural sebum leading to a sebum overproduction. I was thinking of applying lemon juice or baking soda but I am afraid they may lighten or dry your hair. Any advice would be admirably appreciated!

Reborn Hair PPP (Prayer, Patience, Perseverance)

Ann Mill: and I'm sorry to bother you but I just need to know so I help my niece thank you so much God bless you and if you could call me I'd appreciate that also

Ann Mill: hi honey this is Anna actually my mom is with my niece right now in Phoenix Arizona and I need to know does it matter if the paper is a green pepper or 4 has to be a yellow pepper and how long do you leave the peppers in the vinegar

Ann Mill: hi I also have my niece and she's losing her hair is there any way you think you could call me 253 426 9378 please God bless you I need your help 19 year old niece who's going bald has mites in her hair in extreme hair loss for no reason so please call me thank you

Kimberly Solis: for how long do u leave the treatment on

Rosalyn Inman: Hi, I have a good length of hair around my balding areas. Atleast 8 to 10 inches. Should I use the second mask immediately? My balding areas are well defined. I do not want the smell to linger.

Parthiv Patel: Do you wash your hair with shampoo after you use the mask? Thx in advance

Olatoun Adewumi: Hi please if I have left over onion juice for daily use how do I store it

Anita M: Hi Connie
Sorry to sound so dumb but when do you use the essential oils?  Do you mix it in with the shampoo when you wash your hair.  Also, I think my (already) thin hair is thinning due to menopause/hormonal changes. Have you had any feedback on this type of hair loss?  Thank you.

Linda Kizzee: I going to try this,hope it works.

Black Caesar: This works, I've been doing it a week and already 3-5% of my hair has already grown back.

Black Caesar: Hey Connie, what do you do to get the onion smell out of your head? or how do you cover it up?

Karina: Hi darling! Was curious if you're still using the mask for your hair and if there have been any differences since your last hair update? Also, which essential oils did you add? I was thinking Rosemary? Xoxo

adiri021: can you make a large batch and keep it in a jar, or do you have to make it fresh each time?

Angelina Kenaema: Hi Connie can I use onion pepper n vinegar?

verge0113: Hello,  May you use onion juice (pre bottled)  1 teaspoon is equal to half of a medium onion?  Does it matter which type onion is used?  Any information you are able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

Nelson Cheung: Hello Connie, I love this video by the way! I will give it a try! Is it okay if I just use the only the garlic, onion, and pepper mix without the other powders? I think I might have alopecia, my bald spot is getting bigger and starting to spread. I hope this will help! Thanks again!

ro866432: Looks like a good smoothie lol, ill probably have to make a batch for my scalp and one for my tummy
Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe 5 out of 5

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Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe