Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe

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Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe
Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe
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BIO:DIY Onion Juice + Hair Growth
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Onion Mask results after 1 month

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Beauty Inside Out: Onion Juice for Hair Growth
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Prakash Nath Sadan: Thanks dear

Mz Yems: Looked like a smoothie lol ... Good video

Linga Lilley: where do I purchase those powders from? thanks for the video.

Mailliw Rajah: can i use just the apple cider vinegar not with the pepper?

Cheryl B: HI Connie - I Watch all of your great vidios and I started using the onion juice every night. pleae tell me if i should wash it out each day or not Thanks!!

Muhammad Alis Fan: Is it suitable for men as well?

twosure94: Propecia causes Permanent Impotence in a high-percentage of men who take it ! Merck is LYlNG about the safety of this freaking drug !

Mimiprecious007: Would you let me lmow when are you going to upload your video on ayurvedic powders please beautiful :)

jayanthi jaiaraman: Has any one actually tried this recipe? 

Nightt HAwkk: I just have a question do i just rub it in with my fingers or a cotton ball ?? 

Alexandru Driment: Hi howconnie! I started using this mask from yesterday but I have a few questions. After you wash out the mask can you use any shampoo to wash the hair? Isn't bad for the hair or scalp to wash it every day?

dsanchez3000: How long will this mixture store for? How do you store it?

Mz Yems: Is it alright to leave it on the bald spots rather than wash it off ?

Mz Yems: Hi Connie I decided to stick to the onion and garlic mask only as I have a sensitive scalp ... My question is is it alright to leave this mask on daily? Thank you ... By watching this video I feel hopeful with prayer x

mizzcdr: I will try the onion mask again today. I woke up this morning and the onion smell is not so intense. My hair is soft and I'm feeling the stimulation on my scalp - which gives me hope. Today, I will strain the juice out constantly apply it to my scalp....and/or put the mask in cheese cloth and lay it on my scalp. THANK YOU CONNIE FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE!

Kisho Zarco: you mean 15 to 16 minutes or 50 to 60 minutes?

jemajo francisco: hai did u get ur new number of strand on ur scalp? how long does it take to promote new hair.. ??? does it work... plss nid help

usman ahmad: hey thnx very much for sharing this can i make a paste and store it in a jar n use it everyday rather doing this every signle day for atleast 1 week cheers

Desirae Douglas: What if you have scarring alopecia, would this mask still work?

melissa haren: I have cicatricial alopecia and ive been using this method since late june 2013. its now the last day in September and I have the mixture (onion and garlic) on my scalp right now. since late june to now I have an inch of growth on my crown after going bald. it was depressing and life altering. but soon after I went on youtube looking at everyone with long hair and on the right hand side of one black girls with long hair video I saw an onion for hair growth video and I decided to give it a try

ivan A: Civilation that we live in today makes us stressfull...And Natural engrediands are on village were we have peace vs concrede jungle...:) God bless you all..

jay fells: if i have hair can i use this im not balding but my hair seem like it hasnt got any longer in a year its usually down my back but its remaining at shoulder length now

Javajin: "As always if you have any questions please leave them below" for what

p0kethepenguin: can I make a large amount and freeze the remaining and then melt it when I want to use it?

melissa haren: yes that's what it does and is for hair growth and thickener

Mireya Rivero Ruiz: Rinse your hair with water and a tablespoon of baking soda. This should be the first water you pour on your head before shampooing. That's how I got rid of the smell. Hope this helps.

etam1616: You only need the powders if the little onion particles are getting stuck in your hair strands, but if they aren't then don't even worry about it. The ayurvedic powders are just another option, but it's not the primary mask to use. The first recipe is the one you want to use.

jemajo francisco: can u note me plss :((

howconnie: I get 7 applications out of the amount of mask that I make.

Tamara Smith: I needed to see this...thank you!! I will definitely try this on my sides, which have been thinning for years. I've been covering it up all this time but now I'm ready to do something to get it back growing. Thanks again!

Brit Eman: I don't have serrano peppers but I want to use Cayenne pepper but how much of that should I use?

sudhi siva: Can I just use onion and garlic? Is that mean you have to wash your hair every time after you mask then? Thank you in advance..

Zaeem Ansari: How important is the red chilli? Is it possiboe to use any chilli?

melissa haren: you can used a milder pepper like cayenne powder. I mixed cayenne powder and whit/yellow onions blended together on mu scalp and saw results.

SarSrik: wow these are Indian herbal powders, we have used it at home several u get it here in the USA? cool

mike thomas: rinse out with conditioner and yes use every day

Soljah_Muzik: the pepper is supposed to heat the scalp and therefore increase blood flow to the scalp. whether or not it might also inflict damage to the scalp or hair fiber i dunno. the most pointless ingredient here must be the Vinegar! as i dont see any benefits it might have and almost surely destroys the oils from the onion and garlic, and quite possibly the natural scalp oils. bottom line, i still havent seen ONE person to come forward and testify that this formula actually grew some hair on his head..

howconnie: Yes, I pick herbal powders up from the local indian spice shop

etam1616: Correction: It's 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar... you can put it in a little spray bottle and use it every time you do your mask.

etam1616: This is encouraging! I buy aloe vera juice in the big container because I have to drink it daily for digestion, so maybe I'll add that to the recipe as a substitute for the water! Thanks!

howconnie: Use any herbal powders you like

nosillaxoc: The powders are great for hair growth even without the onion juice. The powders are known to strengthen, grow and darken hair. The pepper (you can also use diluted peppermint oil) helps to stimulate the scalp that promotes hair growth. Consistency is key. If you stop using you'll stop maintaining/growing. Happy growing.

Kamalou Kamal: thats well known tree in north africa oil of argan ,in morocco algeria tunisia...

Unnikrishnan Ashok: You meant to say that you apply oil after removing mask? Can I apply it during the application of the mask as well as after removing it? Some people have reported to have shed more hair after applying the mask. Would it be because they applied too much of the mask into the hair at one go?

howconnie: As long as your scalp has dead skin build up, the onion sulfur will adhere to it. I haven't found a trick to get past that stage.

melissa haren: I leave it overnight and yes it can be used all over the head for thicker fuller hair/regrowth

Destiny L.: So the first part the plain onion mask did you put it all over your hair or just the certain parts that you want hair to grow?

howconnie: There is a chance that you can grow your hair back. The fact that I have hair is a true gift from God. Just keep trying stuff until something works for you. Diet is very important too.

BritishMoralHQ: Peeps also search - wonders..bless..

hamiltong20: Hi howconnie, will adding pepper to vinegar cause dryness since I think pepper is hot. I am balding at the crown and was soo impressed with yur video that I want to try it right away. But I am a lil scared of applying anything that will damage my scalp. Please share your opinion. Thanks for the awesome video. Also, can you please spell out the kind of pepper that you are using. Thanks!
Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe 4.8 out of 5

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Follicle Stimulating Ayurvedic Onion Mask Recipe