Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -

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Amazing FOTGA DP500IIS. DP500 2S... II S? Follow Focus. affordable and delivering!  REVIEW
Amazing FOTGA DP500IIS. DP500 2S... II S? Follow Focus. affordable and delivering! REVIEW
Neewer Fotga DP500 DSLR Rail Review
Neewer Fotga DP500 DSLR Rail Review
Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -
Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -
Review Fotga DP500 Follow Focus
Review Fotga DP500 Follow Focus
fotga dp 500 follow focus.
fotga dp 500 follow focus.

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Mario Kluser: Nice! I wonder if the whole combination also works with a battery grip attached to the camera.

Amp “acehan80” Ent: can you send me the link to the quick release plate?

Craig Snedeker: Is the rig plastic or metal? It looks almost exactly like the Neewer products (not the follow focus), using the same knobs (that say DP500) but for a much smaller price. 

SittingNow: You might want to try out zip-tie lens gears from half-inch rails. They make your life a lot easier if you're using a follow focus a lot. 

Robert Xavier: Curious, are follow focus mechanisms needed anymore?
Does continuous autofocus cover that?
Or is follow focus for something else?

pruskis13: Could you do a little video about follow focus play? Would be wonderful to have a close up of a  static camera.

randall paul: That thing is noisy as hell Damian  Nice idea and good review   I was looking for a B roll rig compatible with our lamparte which is very expensive.  But the machining is amazing and all silent operating.

mentalmetal1: I'm looking at this brand. how did you find the rails for $75?

Chris Simmonds: Hi Damian, thanks for the video. I use camranger to focus so I would only use this to operate the lens zoom. In your opinion would this work on the zoom?

TONYLOUIS100: What if you are using a battery grip as with my Panasonic GH2?

Sandeep Chopra: Nice description!

Juan Carlos Velasquez: would i be able to use this rigs and follow focus with a canon T5i? thank you.

Jim Hancock: This is a fine follow focus, for any price.... makes it very hard for American made to compete, but $500 plus is absurd for a follow focus.... I have a couple of these and they are heavy and well made... Now Damain, are you loaded? I noticed the beer in the shot.... why would you demonstrate the focus with the rings untightened? Would you demo a car with loose lug nuts... yeah, try staying sober for your videos... :)

Edan Cohen: You sound like Kyle Gass from Tenacious D 

Gert Hellevig: I got the DP500-2. It does not work with practically any of my 15 lenses :( When I turn the main wheel on the DP500, the attached lens'  focus ring does not turn, or if, a little but incorrectly, and after each focus, less so. There is some mechanism inside the DP500 that disconnects the wheel you turn with the hand from the ring connected to the lens. When no lens is connected, it looks like working "as planned", It is about friction, but my lenses are high quality, and the focus rings, in most cases, is quite smooth. I cannot find any way of adjusting the "counter strength" on the DP500, nor can I find service provider (in Russia, Saint Petersburg).
   Does anybody know about this kind of problem? How to solve it?  Cheers - gert

Boa Thor: Got it. And it is really awesome.

Paul Collins: Terrible don't seem to understand what you are talking about. Sorry

Damian Dodd: At the beginning when I said "Whatever that is" I didn't mean the Mattebox, I was referring to "Arca PU60". I now realize it means Arca-Swiss PU60 compatible. 

slidetek: I've enjoyed all of your videos, thanks! You've pointed out a lot of good (and bad) things for me. It's nice when somebody else makes the mistakes for me!

 I picked up this FF, and it's mind blowingly well built. I picked it over the Kamerar, and glad I did. This has better internals (now I've had a chance to compare), and the single post of the Kamerar tends to torque ever so slightly causing uneven contact. This FF begs to be touched!

Completely comparable to some FF's costing a heck of a lot more. I got the one without the Arca plate, and added a Manfrotto QR plate instead. It's slightly different, and has a lens support in the front - which is pretty useless as I use the collar to mount large lenses. I also got the larger lens gear wheel, which makes the movement even finer - highly recommended. Keep up the great vids!

JJ Sadler: Is that QR plate and base compatible with the manfrotto systems
Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed - 5 out of 5

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Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -