Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -

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Amazing FOTGA DP500IIS, DP500 2S... II S? Follow Focus, affordable and delivering!  REVIEW
Amazing FOTGA DP500IIS, DP500 2S... II S? Follow Focus, affordable and delivering! REVIEW
Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -
Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -
fotga dp 500 follow focus.
fotga dp 500 follow focus.
Unboxing Fotga Dp500
Unboxing Fotga Dp500
GH2 DSLR Rig: Part 4 (Shoulder Mount)
GH2 DSLR Rig: Part 4 (Shoulder Mount)
Dp500 Fotga Part2
Dp500 Fotga Part2
GH2 DSLR Rig: Part 1 (Rail & Follow Focus)
GH2 DSLR Rig: Part 1 (Rail & Follow Focus)
Sweet low cost follow focus - Drag control & A/B hard stops - Fotga DP500II REVIEW
Sweet low cost follow focus - Drag control & A/B hard stops - Fotga DP500II REVIEW

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Damian Dodd: At the beginning when I said "Whatever that is" I didn't mean the Mattebox, I was referring to "Arca PU60". I now realize it means Arca-Swiss PU60 compatible. 

SittingNow: You might want to try out zip-tie lens gears from half-inch rails. They make your life a lot easier if you're using a follow focus a lot. 

pruskis13: Could you do a little video about follow focus play? Would be wonderful to have a close up of a static camera.

Craig Snedeker: Is the rig plastic or metal? It looks almost exactly like the Neewer products (not the follow focus), using the same knobs (that say DP500) but for a much smaller price. 

Robert Xavier: Curious, are follow focus mechanisms needed anymore? Does continuous autofocus cover that? Or is follow focus for something else?

randall paul: That thing is noisy as hell Damian Nice idea and good review I was looking for a B roll rig compatible with our lamparte which is very expensive. But the machining is amazing and all silent operating. . 

Chris Simmonds: Hi Damian, thanks for the video. I use camranger to focus so I would only use this to operate the lens zoom. In your opinion would this work on the zoom?

mentalmetal1: I'm looking at this brand. how did you find the rails for $75?

Jim Hancock: This is a fine follow focus, for any price.... makes it very hard for American made to compete, but $500 plus is absurd for a follow focus.... I have a couple of these and they are heavy and well made... Now Damain, are you loaded? I noticed the beer in the shot.... why would you demonstrate the focus with the rings untightened? Would you demo a car with loose lug nuts... yeah, try staying sober for your videos... :)

Edan Cohen: You sound like Kyle Gass from Tenacious D 

JONvincible: Thanks for posting this. I stumbled across this follow focus while searching YouTube, and I almost can't believe the features you get with this one for the price. The hard stops look awesome, and the build quality (at least from videos) looks top notch as well.

Gert Hellevig: I got the DP500-2. It does not work with practically any of my 15 lenses :( When I turn the main wheel on the DP500, the attached lens' focus ring does not turn, or if, a little but incorrectly, and after each focus, less so. There is some mechanism inside the DP500 that disconnects the wheel you turn with the hand from the ring connected to the lens. When no lens is connected, it looks like working "as planned", It is about friction, but my lenses are high quality, and the focus rings, in most cases, is quite smooth. I cannot find any way of adjusting the "counter strength" on the DP500, nor can I find service provider (in Russia, Saint Petersburg). Does anybody know about this kind of problem? How to solve it? Cheers - gert

Sun Maximus: Nice description!

Boa Thor: Got it. And it is really awesome.

Juan Carlos Velasquez: would i be able to use this rigs and follow focus with a canon T5i? thank you.

TONYLOUIS100: What if you are using a battery grip as with my Panasonic GH2?

Paul Collins: Terrible don't seem to understand what you are talking about. Sorry

Alexi Liotti: Hey what focus ring/ gear are you using ( before you switch to the fotga one)? thanks

UV films: BLUE MOON.. Beer nerd alert

Lucas Farrow: Hey, looking to hook this up to a magic arm such as this video This seems like a solid follow focus but would a 3/4" thread work?

JJ Sadler: Is that QR plate and base compatible with the manfrotto systems

Jon Hillenbrand Photography: Looks like a nice FF. I have the one from Kamerar and this one looks better.

slidetek: I've enjoyed all of your videos, thanks! You've pointed out a lot of good (and bad) things for me. It's nice when somebody else makes the mistakes for me! I picked up this FF, and it's mind blowingly well built. I picked it over the Kamerar, and glad I did. This has better internals (now I've had a chance to compare), and the single post of the Kamerar tends to torque ever so slightly causing uneven contact. This FF begs to be touched! Completely comparable to some FF's costing a heck of a lot more. I got the one without the Arca plate, and added a Manfrotto QR plate instead. It's slightly different, and has a lens support in the front - which is pretty useless as I use the collar to mount large lenses. I also got the larger lens gear wheel, which makes the movement even finer - highly recommended. Keep up the great vids!

Damian Dodd: The DP500-2 is the newer versions of these rails and FF. Looks like online they have the FF at $158. The rails, QR riser, and lens support I show is also the DP500-2 but it seems to be out at A'zon. The DP500 is there for $70 but that's what I initially bought and found the replacement Quick Release piece for $30. Looks like they sell a combo of both FF and Rail System for $250. I like these they are priced well for what you get.

tornadocapoeira: can it work with nikon

Damian Dodd: I got it on Amazon, you can do a search for FOTGA DP500 II Quick release base plate, but it's $47. (More than I paid.) Looks like Amazon has the DP500ii rails with that quick release back in stock, and it's $67. (Less than I paid.) Just search Amazon for DP500ii

Damian Dodd: Yeah that's what happened to me. Amazon/The Seller had it mislabeled as the quick release version. It's $65 for the DP500 without QR and $130 for the DP500II with QR. But search Amazon for Fotga DP500II Quick Release and it's sold for $47. So you actually save $13 by adding the QR plate to the DP500, if shipping's free.

halffulltome: Yeah, he didn't use the most correct terms, but neither did you... First of all, he said "focal points" not "focal length". You said, "prevent it from losing your camera" Losing your camera? So you're asking if the QR lock will keep track of your camera so it doesn't wonder off and get lost? *have *they're Basically you're making a comment in English without the faintest idea of how to use the language.

Andrei Fasola: Hey Damian, A few questions: 1) Is there any play? 2) Does it hold well over time? Thanks for the review. Andrei

Damian Dodd: @Kwenaethata Lepang - Assume you meant they "can't" ship to you. That sucks man. These are well built for the money. Maybe you can get a friend to mail you one.

Scott Hayes: thanks for the review

RSBSTEADICAM: Dude, it's not a "lens holder" it's a lens "support." Does the QR has a lock to prevent it from losing your camera? Can the placement of the QR plate affects the CG? These "guys" are rail locks. It's not the "focal length" it's a "stop" or the end of focal travel. There not "tightening rods" they are "hard stops" or the chief reason for a follow focus. Basically you're doing a review without the faintest idea of what you're talking about or the reason for having the device in the first place

Philip Ypon: How much did you pay for this Fotga rig? Does the follow focus comes with it? Thank s for sharing this review. Cheers!

Damian Dodd: @Greg Allen Well I don't own the Kamerar so I can't truly compare the feel of the two. The Quick release of the Kamerar is nice. The Fotga has the movable hard stops. I guess the Kamerar's white ring removes so you can load several with different scenes marked focus? They both seem about the same quality otherwise.

Damian Dodd: @DjDrop1 No the Fotga is smaller.

Jeremiah England: *"Does the QR HAVE a lock..." not "Does the QR has a lock..."

Damian Dodd: @agus telo I'm not going to buy that for a proper review, but it seems decent for the price. Quick release is useful. The Fotga has settable hard stops which is nice when filming solo though they do make an audible clink sound when it hits. That eBay one you mark with a marker and have to watch when to stop.

Vitaliy Karpenko: Nerd

Damian Dodd: @cubul32 No I didn't get the Fotga Matte Box. I kinda want a Matte Box but since I don't use the square mattes I don't think I'll buy an expensive one, just one that shades the lens.

Andrei Fasola: You didn't try by any chance their DP500 matte box, did you? Talking about the aluminum two fixed stages one. I've been looking for reviews - almost non existent. The product is scarce too - the matte.

Kwenaethata Lepang: damm! they can shipp to my country Botswana Africa

RSBSTEADICAM: What you are doing in the common vernacular is called "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." Good luck with that... "has" for "have" come on!

Greg Allen: Thanks for the review... How would you compare this follow focus to the Kamerar FF-3?

Hillsidesanctuary: Hey Do you know if Forga do a rig where you can have a follow focus system, light, monitor and mic?

Damian Dodd: @philipalexand3r You can get the rings on Amazon or Ebay.

Damian Dodd: @tornadocapoeira Yes this can work with any DSLR.

Vitaliy Karpenko: Nice focus setup, good job Nerd lol

The Limb Reaper: Can't be too much of a nerd if you're drinking a Blue Moon while doing a review.

Damian Dodd: @Hillsidesanctuary I haven't seen full rigs that Fotga makes, but you can add to this rail system front handles, some kind of cage or C shaped piece with 1/4 20 mounts on it. A 4 hole bar, to that a shoulder pad and weight. That's the fun of this stuff.

The Limb Reaper: Here's the big question of the day. Now that I watch this again, I noticed the rubber ring fits "closer". Doesn't the difference in diameter [between the 2 different style of rings] affect rotation speed, as the difference in diameter, of sprockets on a bike? The first, larger diameter ring, would be a slower focus wouldn't it? I have a Sony NEX-VG20 and want to make some type of FF rig for it, so I'm shopping options here.
Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed - 5 out of 5

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Fotga DP500-2 Follow Focus & Rails Reviewed -