Frozen Kindle Fire

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Frozen Kindle Fire
Frozen Kindle Fire
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Kindle Fire: Frozen Over?
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jocie calderon: omg im so happy i looked on youtube thank you it worked for me lol!! thank you

keisha ward: it work on my tablet

Claire D.: I was playing minecraft and it started lagging so I restarted it and now it is stuck and won't turn on!! 


The Best of life: A thank u i just tried it and it worked lol 

knije talbert: THANK U!!!!!

THEREALTING JAMROCK: Thank u omg. It work god.bless u thank u so much :-)

Lenise Stevens: Omg ur video was a blessin i was gettin ready to cry thanks soooooo much this video made my night

Kristjan Goodwin: Thank you so much 

lookylooky100: I have the same problem with my Kindle fire. What I find that helps is exactly what you did you reset the Kindle. The only problem is I have to do it some more times later. I'm not sure if it's the Kindle or YouTube that has the problem but presetting helps.

Fernando flores: THANK YOU SO MUCH 

Lyric Hills: Thanxs 

Marcelo Barillas: THANK YOU SO MUCH I got a kindle fire 8.9 HD for my birthday and it frose while i was playing a game and i started to get afraid so i saw you on youtube thank you so much

Natalia Fiol: I have the same problem right now! How long did it take for it wake up? I have a kindle fire from amazon.

Burgh ZeSheep: DUDE I LOVE YOU!

Nunya Buisness: THANK YOU

Chloe Bleak: Thank You!

Sindy Barrera: Does anyone know how to fix my kindle fire its a blank screen I reset it and still blank please help me out email sindyluvspanson@gmail,com

Messi Goalas: I figured that out 5 minutes after it got frozen. Good tutorial anyway.

Allison Lewis: i followed all the instructions every thing went well until it reach the screen to open the slide is not moving still 

Deenajuliet_: Thaaaaankkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuu soooo mucch cx 

Nariah Johnson: he really helped me

TheFirestar1989: ty for help to unfreeze my Kindle fire

Esi Cartwright: never mind i have a different kindle lol but its a kindle fire i dont see the differents

Tyler Blanton: OMG thank you sooooooo much mine was frozen and I felt so bad because it was my moms birthday present from her bf and I thought it was done for good so thank you this helped alot

samantha cano: omg thank you!! I got so scared I thought it was broken for ever you are a life saver 

billyshnouser: mine freezes almost every time i restart it. it is probobly a hardware issue but please help!!!!

Alan Palmer: its bad you have to wait till the kindle dies then recharge

Jose Pires: Fair play! You da man!!

oscar hilario: Omg thank bro I needed this so bad you are a genius

Gabby Griffin: Mine is currently stuck on the "kindle fire screen" && it wont turn off or on! Help!! Please

Richard Davis: Have just got a Kindle Fire and down loaded a book from Amazon. The device has frozen to a blue screen with the heading Magnifying glass symbol, Books, Videos, Apps & Characters headings. I have tried switching Off & On again but still get the same blue screen....HELP PLEASE!!!!! I had downloaded a number of books which I cannot access, I can only the book which caused this to happen. I live in Europe and not the states if that is of any good?

TheFirestar1989: my kindle fire just frozen today. i am to see if this work. 2/13/2014

Esi Cartwright: what botton did u press the only utton i see is the off on botton and the speaker botton

Meiji Webb: I always go to u tube when something happens and my kindle froze I just got it I tried what you said and it worked ths

Olivia Mitchell: My kindle was frozen all night, and now it wont turn on or charge. The power button shows green and blinks but wont turn on, I have had it for quite a while and hadn't used it, but kept it charged just in case I needed it. I bought the fault in our stars and am wanting to read it, but the kindle wont turn on..

Michael Winters: Thank you for the advice on this video. My kindle had belonged to my Dad and it has sentimental value for me.

Blake Dutra: Thanks

Chloe Rose: I was crying so much. Thank you!

ian rix: THANK YOU! , this happened to me while i was talking to my gf on face book and i dont want my mom to know about my gf , THANK YOU!

Michelle Lewis: i have a kindle fire that i bought from my sister-in-law and my husband was trying to reset it back to factory setting to wipe it out of her info, and done something. now it is stuck on the kindle fire screen.what does this mean and how can i fix it?

buffyranger1: Thank you soooo much. I was able to follow you on the video and my Kindle turned back on!! Great!!!

Patrick O'Connor: Thx

Sara Harris: Thanks had mine freeze while making sounds black screen and I just didn't hold it long enough...seems fine now

gasdorfy munchy: I have a long power up time too, 3 times longer, today I can't play youtube videos on silk theirs no updates to fix , they put you on a 3 hour wait on the phone if you call for support they eat your time telling you to reformat , I don't understand why it doesn't work all I did is power it down and sleep 8 hours ....I wake up power it up silk crashes 5 times I can play videos now? 

oscar hilario: Omg thank bro I needed this so bad you are a genius

assasin brandon: Does it work for kf3

clawdeenawolf: My Kindle Fire was frozen while loading a game. I waited about 30 minutes and it was still frozen. But then I held the on/off button and it turned off.I turned it back on and it was fine. Thanks you were very helpful!!! :)

Deseree Rivera: hey, my kindle frozed and i held the button and all of a sudden it turned on. I thought everything was perfectly fine up until a few hours later it shut off on me while i had the charger connected to it. i pressed the button and held the button and its doing nothing. :( its been a whole week and my attemps to hold the botton fails repeatedly. Now i've been researching how to force open my kindle fire to mayb reboot the power inside but still no luck. what should i do?

gabrielle stephens: he helped me when my kindle fire froze twice thank u so much
Frozen Kindle Fire 4.5 out of 5

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Frozen Kindle Fire