Frozen Kindle Fire

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Frozen Kindle Fire
Frozen Kindle Fire
Frozen or Stuck Kindle Fire
Frozen or Stuck Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire: Frozen Over?
Kindle Fire: Frozen Over?
How to fix a frozen kindle fire
How to fix a frozen kindle fire
Kindle fire HD freez over (HELP!!!)
Kindle fire HD freez over (HELP!!!)

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Brianna “Brianna Dramatic” Flowers: Mine just froze for the first time lol sucked, but after watching your video and reading the comments I held the power button for about 20-30 sec and it restarted. Makes me a little upset that its 2015 and people are still experiencing this lol but maybe they will fix it. Hopefully lol.

Arianna Hernandez: Thanks it worked 

liz rivera: 'thnnnnk yu mine did the same but i held it longer thn bf nd it works now :D ty ty

S F.J.: jach

OCA_designs: At least you weren't on pornhub lol

Grand Theft Auto V Music Videos: mine just stays on the start up screen any fix ?

Nia Booker: did not work thank u

Lobyre Solages: hold the power button down for 20 seconds or more.....

Jaedan Neumann: Thank You SOOO Much It Helped A Lot THANK YOU =D

Ezekiel Medina: Solved press it for more than 20 seconds

How to blah blah blah: Visit my channel, it's a crap video but hopefully it might help :/

Aiden Saldana: Thanks very helpful I wasn't holding it long enough as well

Alan Woofy: Thanks

Amanda McGeehan: Mine froze to a dark screen! I held the power button and it reset? Working Ok atm, but need to not have it happen in the first place!
Will update and hope! Fingers crossed! 

Tuckhayes green jr.: thanks so much man i thought i had to go take it to a store and get it replaced xD

Meiji Webb: I always go to u tube when something happens and my kindle froze I just got it I tried what you said and it worked ths

lookylooky100: I have the same problem with my Kindle fire. What I find that helps is exactly what you did you reset the Kindle. The only problem is I have to do it some more times later. I'm not sure if it's the Kindle or YouTube that has the problem but presetting helps.

jocie calderon: omg im so happy i looked on youtube thank you it worked for me lol!! thank you

Golden Lion: I was playing minecraft and it started lagging so I restarted it and now it is stuck and won't turn on!!

Gabby Griffin: Mine is currently stuck on the "kindle fire screen" && it wont turn off or on! Help!! Please
Frozen Kindle Fire 5 out of 5

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Frozen Kindle Fire