Refrigerator Repair- Replacing The Freezer Door Gasket (Whirlpool Part #12550116Q)

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Anser a: i took the lower door out how to put it back for this same model

suzie creamcheese: No magnets. Seal keeps slipping out

Interkot: Honestly, not a great video. The camera is too far, hard to see all the details.

C Flint: I replaced the gasket on my freezer following your directions.  All went well.  However, the gasket leaks at a couple spots where the gasket has deformities from being folded.  I did heat it and let it come to its original shape.  It also appears to be of very low quality in spite of the fact that I paid around $200 for $5 dollars worth of gaskets.  The gasket is installed correctly.  Any suggestions??  The freezer door doesn't appear to be shutting very snugly.

Shiner1955: Great Video, question to replace the gasket on a kitchenAid lower freezer drawer do I need to remove drawer Front first? 

ltcis: Thanks for taking the time make this video and walking us through the procedure. I'd never attempted it before, and after watching your video, the job was a total snap! I really appreciate it!

PartSelect: You're very welcome! Glad we could be of help to you.

nwcurtis: Thank you very much, this was very helpful! It was nice to know what to expect.

PartSelect: Hi James, Thank you very much for your feedback here! It's always highly appreciated. So glad we could be of assistance with your repair - great job. Cheers.

James Biehle: Very useful video. Two tips were particularly useful: preheating the gasket, and watching that the interior door panel doesn't drop out. I replaced the gasket on an upright Kenmore freezer and, seeing the bit about the interior panel, I took the door off,laid it on my dining room table, and replaced the gasket there. It was much easier to see where I needed to adjust the fit in this position, plus, the interior panel stayed put as I worked. Thanks.

ROB NAVAEI: I have a whirlpool model number 21TEA. The thermostat on it is bad. It comes on and off erratically. Can you tell me where the thermostat is located. This is a single switch temperature control. Do you sell the thermosts ? This fridge is an 05 model. Thank you.

Robert Johnson: It is much easier to put the new gasket on the inside part of the door first. After getting the gasket on, screw in the inside part of the door. The gasket is very snug so it is very difficult to put on when the inside part of the door is attached, even when attached loosely.

huyenton Ton: Mate ! you do not need remove all screw ,just loosen screw , then remove rubber , put new gasket back

Paul Svenson: Thank you for this video. It has been most helpful! Paul in San Diego

geob01: Mr. Cousins complaint sounds to me like humidity is getting into the unit past a bad door seal. You can't HAVE puddles without a supply of air carrying vaporized water.

yasm2002: Thank you very much I sent you email ,,,

soundofblue: Hi Partselect, awesome video! - quick question though - my fridge door no longer closes shut - have check the door alignment and is fine - would it be the gasket or the magnets? Would you recommend any tests before replacing a gasket?

yasm2002: Steve, I did the test and I think there is no problem with the gasket. My freezer is Kenmore model # 253 928 7412 ... like I said , there is no problem with the defrost timer and defrost heater ,,, The alarm turned on every 12 hrs and we turned it off, ,, the freezer still very cold but not freezing point ,, this issue for almost 2 months ,, what else I should check? freon low? I can hear the motor running and stop sometimes so maybe nothing wrong with motor.. what do you think? Thanks

Charles Cousins: Forgot the model number - GR9FHKXPS01. Thanks!

Charles Cousins: I have the same question as Dan Rowe below. I am getting ice build up inside my freezer, and water in my fridge. The gasket SEEMS fine. I tried the paper test, and it is a little easier to pull out around the corners. The gasket seems to be sagging and bowing in places. I also noticed THERE ARE NO HEX SCREWS VISIBLE. How would I replace the gasket? Do I have to replace the entire door?
Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Freezer Door Gasket (Whirlpool Part #12550116Q) 5 out of 5

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Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Freezer Door Gasket (Whirlpool Part #12550116Q)