How To Install Repair Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Dodge Ram 1500 02-08

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Joseph Melcher: Thanks for the video I learned some new tricks, I am a retired mechanic , I did not have the luxury of a lift so it was on jack stands in my garage. I never knew the half shafts popped out that easily Thanks for the tip. I have 250k miles on my 2002 dodge ram . I replaced the hub bearings at about 100k each time almost on the exact mileage. I left my axles in place and just manipulated the axle to reach the bolts that hold the hub in. Your hubs popped out pretty easily, mine not so much. After much banging with a 3 lb mini sledge and heavy duty cold chisel I discovered something interesting. On the ends of the hub where the bolts go through there are 3 indention's. I hit the 3 spots with a a few blows and the hub that was rusted in popped right out. I have done this on the same vehicle 4 times already after discovering this and replaced both front hubs in about 2 hours on the ground with jack stands. Popping the hub initially was the hardest part of the job before I found this trick.

Marcus Keeler: very informative. I, like many guys on here, am very proficient with this type of thing but it's good sometimes to get a heads up on things like socket sizes, torques and tricks

slackstein2: I watched this video just for a general idea of what needed to be taken apart, however my 2007 dodge ram 1500 had totally different axles and different suspension parts 

mr83ttop: Great video! I just bought a 2002 dodge ram 1500 and my hub assemblies are bad. Now i can repair them myself and save on labor!

Frank Rendulic: Just finished one. Had to undo the upper ball joint to get clearance to remove the half-shaft inner end. One plus to this was also gaining clearance to remove the hub bolts with an impact wrench. Outside of that, the video was spot on.

Donovan Van Gorkom: Help, I have been hammering away at the old hub assembly for more than two hours with a 4lb and then 6lb sledge.  The hub is dented up from all the hitting but can't separate the rusted old hub.  I am not hitting gently.  The knuckle is aluminum on this 2002 2wd dodge.  I have added tons of penetrating fluid over the course of the hours, but the hub has not budged AT ALL.  I took a break after an hour of hammering, and built a punch from some reducing bushings (black pipe) stacked from 2" down to 1".  I've been hammering at that for another hour, but still nothing.  I am applying gentle heat to the knuckle now as I don't want to make the aluminum brittle from heating, and then I will try some more.  Any hints????

Don Liscotti: Informative video, but I wish you'd stated that it was a 4wd in the title, I need the 2wd version, (no axle to remove) will keep looking for the 2 wd video, thanks

MrWillis5719: I just cant help it but I love that Pontiac in the back ground.Thanks How much are your hubs? 02 ram 4wheel And I subscribed I just got off the phone with the dealer he said there are two different kinds for the truck, and they want $150.00 for 1 of my truck..I see now how much  Oh well disregard every thing except the first part, I just got off the phone with your wonderful staff and ordered  a set of bearing hubs, Take care.  

Kevin Jones: I have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 "2wheel drive", do you have a video to do the front wheel bearings for my truck??

towerhillbilly: Just did mine.I couldn't get the axle out so I just undid the top control arm ( one nut and one whack upwards).
Push the axle back i n flush with the hub and the whole assembly can be cranked around as needed to remove and reinstall the three back bolts.
Thanks for the video...A real confidence builder.

Josh Fickling: Why do you pull the axle? 

Cuda Garage: Great video and extremely helpful!! Thank you.

1A Auto Parts: @ Kyler Wetherington
Thank you for watching. On this application you can reuse the spindle nut. Here is a link to the parts used in this video on our website. 888-844-3393

Kyler Wetherington: I am about to tackle this project soon.  Is the spindle nut reusable or do I need to replace it?

Darin Young: Working on mine right now.  Thanks for the videos!  
My inner CV was a bear to get off though.  The internal retaining clip was rusty, making it very difficult to pop the CV off.  Used some PB blaster and just wiggled and pulled for a while until it freed itself up.  At that point it pryed right off like in the video.
The hub is a pain...rusted stuck  

Mike Steckbauer: A good way to break the hub free is back the hub bolts out a quarter inch and then hold a socket on the bolt while someone turns the steering wheel. that will press the socket against the bolt and hub housing. popped mine right out

Scott Hardman: Hey 1a auto today I got the hub in the mail and I did everthing you guys did in the vid but the old hub will not come off I have the everthing off but the old hub what do I need to do I hit it I have pulled on it and it will not come off I dont know what to do any help will be good I am going out to buy 3 in 1 oil and see if the will help more the wd 30

Drastic55: So I am unable to get out the axel shaft. When I go to pop it out with a crow bar it stops just prior to the end of the slotted shaft it fits on and won't budge anymore no matter how hard I pry.....any suggestions? Yours seem to come out quite easily. I'm running an 06 ram

Wayne Beck: I like the video. Do you have to remove the axel to do this if the truck is 4wd?
How To Install Repair Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Dodge Ram 1500 02-08 5 out of 5

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How To Install Repair Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Dodge Ram 1500 02-08