Knife Review: Classic German Knives By Carl Schlieper (German Eye) And Otter

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Blake: I have made a Facebook group for these knives (German eye knives and other quality knives)

Christopher allen: sir i have eye brand i need to know the date of manufacture could you send me e-mail address so i can send you pictures?

Brandners Homestyle: Very beautifull knife from Otter. I will try to get one. Thanks for your good videos!! Michael

MrDagon007: @jodavidable Oops, I didn't check which video I was replying to, sorry the small one is not a Mercator type knife. You may be able to find it on their site, but I thought they made just a small batch for a trade fair in Solingen (where I bought it). A worst send them a mail with a screenshot of my review and ask.

MrDagon007: @jodavidable Surf to and select the category Mercator-Knife at the left. Cheers!

Uushilumbu79: The smaller knife you should find here: 1) website: 2) click on "shop" 3) click on "Schließmesser / lockbacks" 4) type: Sodbuster

buzz kirschner: nice review Eye knives are perfection buzz

MrDagon007: I couldn't find exactly which carbon steel they use. The blades are pretty tough (perhaps the hammer-forging has something to do with it) and I have the impression they keep an edge longer than carbon steel Opinels. I don't have a Case CV, and I barely used my Tidioute (=GEC) with 1095 blade, so I can't really compare. Anyway, I think that you'll find the Carl Schlieper blade performance sufficient.

Brian Robinson: do you have any idea what type of steel Carl Schlieper knives use? I know its carbon but Id like to know exactly what kind. Or atleast how it compares to Case's CV or GEC's 1095. Thanks

Old Wood Lover: Hi APR is also Finnish Knife maker. Not very well known but... they have web site and their range of knives. cheers

MrDagon007: The only KC knife that I have is the lovely Robert Klaas Monolith, I have a video where I compare it to the Buck 110. Klaas is the "mother company" that actually outsources KK production to China; but the Monolith is if I am not mistaken Solingen-made. Eventually I'll buy a traditional Stiletto and do a review. For Paaso, well Scandinavian knives in general, do check my clips about Roselli and Martiini. Finally, I don't know what you mean with "APR" !

Old Wood Lover: Hi Great reviews. Could you please do some reviews on APR and Paaso and Stiletto of Kissing Cranes as well? Thank you.

Coffeedude55: Great review. Now I want to run out and buy one. Thanks!

MrDagon007: I examined the Boker Titan Defender in the Boker factory shop. It is truly excellent, you can't go wrong with it.

Thomas Aasen: Thankyou for your good knife revius. I have just got myself a Caly 3, 189 blade. I am now waiting for Benchmade 940:) And now...Have u heard of Boker Titanium Defender? It looks grate. Love to hear something about it. Keep up the good. Thanks

MrDagon007: Yes, my other Schliepers have a stronger backspring as well. Of course, with the longer blade you can easily give more torque.

yobbos1: I'm surprised most of my Schliepers have very strong backsprings and a good fit. Always grateful to see beautiful European knives reviewed, thank you Dagon.

mwillblade: You review beautiful knives !

YayILikePie: Huh. I didn't know Otter Messer was still around. I thought Linder had bought them out some years back. Very nice knives. Of the two, I do like the blade shape on that Otter.
Knife review: classic German knives by Carl Schlieper (German Eye) and Otter 5 out of 5

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Knife review: classic German knives by Carl Schlieper (German Eye) and Otter