SG Works SKS Bullpup

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یمنی افتخر: Rocking a 30 round mag that actually holds 35! Fixed the stripper clip lid works perfect, this gun is worth every penny. CP red-grn. dot 40mm from wally world for $30 nice! Get this gun don't wait it

Robert Bohenko: how much does it weigh all together?

DnBnation2849: to the dumbass recording why dont u film the gun shooting next time lmfao

pappybugington: I'm not sure how far back the bolt goes but how screwed would you say a left handed shooter is?

Fernando Rosales: why didn't you show the rifle being fired ,we don't want to see your accuracy just the rifle's bullpup

Jason Jelenek: I wanna feel like that!!!!

subrulou: Good day sir. It's been 4 years now, do you still like this bullpup set up? and have you had any problems with the action being so close to the face?

Richard Crowe: What would you say is the maximum viable range for shooting this configuration?

Phoenix mendoza49020: cool two ways to reload by taking out the magazine or just do old school stripper clips to load the ammunition in instead.

yodady4: planning on installing this on my Yugo M59/66 do you have to remove the front sight for installation? or just the rear leaf sight? 

mastaace46: Have you had any issues with it jamming as others have claimed? From the sounds of their issues it seemed the deflector wasn't allowing enough room for it to eject the shell. I have a Chinese sks and thinking about switching the current stock to this. thanks

Gevito236: Thank you for the stripper clip demonstration as well. 

freshpootube: You really should recycle those containers...

freakylabelman: I am building my own 1953 Russian SKS. Already got the same bullpup kit on it still fine tuning everything. Since I'm a steel fabricator with a background I'm machining I'm modifying it to take am mags to help swap 40rnd mags thru quicker. Love this platform love the idea of it in a synthetic bullpup casing makes for a amazing machine all around

dan daman: I love seeing the devastation!!! Im building one...

mr grunta: The skk is better as it takes a ak47 mag no probs

zackary smith: film the gun when its shooting not the target i cant see what the gun is doing

John Ricciardelli: This is a great stock. Good stuff.

Mike Whalen: I think I bought my first SKS back in the 80's. It was a Russian. I bought another ruski around 90. I'm liking the idea of this bullpup mod a lot. Did you ever figure out the cause of the jam?

Alexander Fontenot: It might have been a light load that didnt cycle all the way
SG Works SKS bullpup 5 out of 5

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SG Works SKS bullpup