Feather Industries AT-22 Review

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Alex Bellotti: Guitar case? Is this thing meant for "El Mariachi"?

john RJ: The gun has had a lot of bad raps but is what they intended to produce. It is far better than the AR-7 and more reliable. It is awesome for kids from 6 years up because of the size. We shoot CCI mini mags most of the time with .22's and they feed fine. As far as complaining about jamming? I have had $2000. match grade guns by big name manufactures that jammed and even their factory mags didn't work with the guns they came with. You find guns that are good and bad in every manufacturer whether you pay $200. or $4,000. I like the AT22 and ended up getting another for another kid in the family. Also: regarding jams or imperfect operations, kids need to be able to operate guns in all conditions and should learn how to clear jams, even clearing jams that require disassembly like what happens with the SIG .380acp pistols. We don't live in a perfect world and man made things will fail...just part of learning how to deal with it.

Seymour Butts: My first firearm , early 90’s for less than 300 bucks . Had a lot of fun with it

DunkTheCookie: do any other magazines work with this rifle? I don't want to spend 40 bucks on an 8 round may..

Cory Cas: I bought this feather 22lr and I liked it but it was almost like I had to be careful handling it with a soft touch because it is cheap plastic and sheet metal, the sights are toy PlASTIC! and the magazine is very scary sheet metal cheaply made with a outside channel in its build and the wire stock felt like u didn't want to have too much pressure on it and the forearm too was cheap plastic not polymer just plastic! I sold it! but I had fun with it! if I knew then what I know now I would kept it and modified the crap out it with suppressor! the 9mm version was being compared to mp5 back then because u could but the muzzle shroud k grip accessory with solid stock the same as the mp5 version the 22 could get the same!

KQX571: Bought this rifle in the mid eighties, still have it.
 Best .22 lr I ever had.
 CCI works great, but it took every make of .22LR I ever fed it.
 Keep it clean and it will last you 30+ years too.

Crystal Clear: First rifle I bought on my 18th birthday. I wish I still had it but I sold it. It was a fun rifle and I use to shoot indoor at a neighbour's basement. Many supressed experiments. Thousands  and thousands of rounds went through mine. I bought mine in 89 and I think it was like $249.00. I could also get 500 rounds of 22lr for 10 bucks.

blunts and bullets: I own this gun. It is fantastic. It its jamming you don't know what you're doing. I can dump 3oo rds without a jam. Clean your guns kids

H Vuu: AR-7 mags do not work even if you notch to match the AT22 mag position. The mag feed ramp need to be higher on the AR7. It will not work as I have tried.

aonix kupm: That is a pre assault weapons ban model NO DOUBT. The collapsible stock was removed, and was stored backwards in the front grip on post ban rifles.

Kanda' Eirsie: Greetings...
Feather still exists (Boulder CO IIRC) and the from factory price on my last order was closer to $800 for an AT22, 5 20 rnd mags, Useless cheap sling, and carry case.  Ended up buying a great sling from a surplus store and I use the bag to carry my Ruger pistol it was so small.  So Yes - It DOES break down really small! A nice plus.  Don't get me wrong, I love this gun, BUT it is like an MG car - It runs great WHEN it runs...

Kanda' Eirsie: Greetings...

If your GF is too weak to shoulder a Ruger 10/22 - she's too weak to carry a 20lb Turkey from the oven to the table...  I'd look for a more durable GF Dude!  She aint gunna be much help carrying a 40lb pack full of food, water and ammo in a SHTF situation!  Not good wife material in my opinion!

Kanda' Eirsie: Greetings...
I have or had 2 each Feathers and AR7's.  Both are great Camping guns, light and accurate.  All 4 however are jammo-matics..  Never have I successfully fired all rounds from a full high-cap mag.  Never, not even once from either of them.  Of the 2, I prefer the Feather because you can put a sling on it.  But still, I take my Buckmark Rifle on bunny-busting trips.  NOT the feather or the AR7's...

Baxterh2583: Feather is still around. Good little pack rifle. I love my Ar7 and the feather. I tend to shoot the feather more

rkrzbk: I want the 9mm one if I can find it at a good price. I'm not sure if they're still around, though

rkrzbk: I think feather got hit hard by the 94 ban. Does anybody know when they went out of business? Or if they are still around?

michael casey: You can fire it with the stock collapsed and the barrel can be removed with the stock in any position as well. They perform great with any brand of .22lr you feed it.

Grimoire of Gaming: what i mean is, can i shoot it with the stock collapsed? because if the barrel comes off with the stock collapsed, will shooting it with the stock fully in cause the barrely to loosen or fall off?

machinehunter711: you can not shoot it without the barrel attached. the breech is welded to the barrel.

Grimoire of Gaming: If the barrel can come off with the stock fully closed, can you still shoot it when the stock is closed?
Feather Industries AT-22 Review 5 out of 5

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Feather Industries AT-22 Review