How To Replace Noisy Miata MX-5 Speedometer Cable

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How to Replace Noisy Miata MX-5 Speedometer Cable
How to Replace Noisy Miata MX-5 Speedometer Cable
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My Miata was TOO LOUD...
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Bill Geddes: Great tutorial, King- thanks for the tip spinning the cable to access the under-dash release!

Tripp M: Thanks for posting this video. I was a bit disappointed that after doing the speedo cable, I still had a rattle in my dash. Turned out to have a Mud Dawber nest in the ventilation duct! Fortunately it was easily removed with a vacuum and screwdriver. Now my lovley M is much more a pleasure to drive.

John G.: Mike, Thanks for the excellent instructions and also the parts to fix my Miata. No more noise! You rock!

is undisclosed: Thanks so much King! You identified all issues and made it easy. Keep on Posting!

TJ Forehand: Thanks Mike! Just replaced mine in 30 minutes (it was already on jackstands for brake work). I'm 5'8" and 260lbs with stubby fingers and short arms. If I can do it just about anyone can!

Olaf Henke: THanks Sr. This is exactly whats going on with my Toyota PickUp. I hope I manage to replace it.

Robert Putnam: Great video. I think replacing is far better than trying to repair an old part. I have learned the power of doing things once and being done. :-)
In the Marine Corps posturing and presence were always the big thing. . . if the uniform was not perfect, they would say, people will never hear the message. There is some truth in that, but there comes a time when we no longer have to posture, we can just have fun. . . and while you are having fun, you presented a great video. Thanks.

buck wheat: This guy needs his meds increased...

Justin: Love the sound effects you make haha

PjPjPaul: Thanks for this video!

Timothy Phelan: Seriously, thank you! You made that extremely easy and very detailed.

boingo102: thank you so much for this video, saved me so much time and money. 

sam notsram: +Mike MiataKing    Hey Mike, thanks for uploading the video it was really helpful, I managed to successfully change the cable, however the speedometer dial does not seem to move as fast as the old cable when I accelerate any ideas? thanks

Manuel Rodriguez: Is true you are the king of miata

Charles Mcgehee: Mike,  You are a very skilled teacher.     

chingon: so has any one tried removing the inner cable and replace it with another one
i would like to know if it is possible to remove it even though it is tight sealed 
i mean there must be a way isnt there?

Steve Moore: is the gold crown really neccesary???

John Ferrari: Hi again Mike. was able to disconnect the wiring harness from rear of speedo and thought that was it after taking for a spin ( it seemed at first to be quiet, BUT, not to be. Also learned that the harness controls the transmission/overdrive, as it would not get out of 1st gear while driving. Guess it's in the front end suspension - maybe idler arm?

John Ferrari: Hi King Mike. I'm pretty sure the cable in our 94 Corolla needs to be replaced, but it only squeaks when coming to a stop. it's as if there is a suspension problem. plus, there is no noise at all when accelerating or cruising; only when stopping and the noise is not a constant. A few times I've driven the car, first thing in the morning when cold and there was no noise until after a few miles had been driven. then suddenly the noise would start when slowing to a stop. last night it was very loud after being driven more than the usual of late and it also seemed noisier as I turned the steering wheel back and forth, making turns. I'm no mechanic nor do i attempt any fixes unless very simple.  This noise only started about 7-10 days ago. Your advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Michelle Motsko: you are awesome! thank you so much! have thru two mechanics already and the third one was a charm. he figured out my problem and is fixing it.
How to Replace Noisy Miata MX-5 Speedometer Cable 5 out of 5

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How to Replace Noisy Miata MX-5 Speedometer Cable