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DIY TINY HOUSE WITH NORRIS AND RACHEL: Great video! Hi, love watching your channel, I'm big on DIY, currently I'm building a tiny house. You guys should come check us out!

Richard McDaniel: I just built a 10x12 shed for storing my woods using Ryan's shed plans [Check Details Here⇒>https://t.co/byOcxJksyb ]. I love the easy step by step instructions, they are so clearly penned down that even a newbie can use them to design like a pro. It's amazing!

James cooper: How about a slope for drainage 👻

Greyflannel04: I like everything except how you left the trim on the roofing..looks incomplete and like it wasn’t finished.

imcarlvideos: A non-cyclone area?

Troy Colon: Hey Ryan, thank you so much! I have just completed my storage shed and wow!  [ Details Here⇒>http://bit.ly/ShedPlaning ] How nice looking and firm it is. This is far better than most other ones I've seen around.

Anton Shkabara: Check woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

Garzon Laperle: You can learn more about it on WoodPrix webpage.

James Pyle: Wow this stuff is priced about 10x what you can get if you just buy the stuff in the store..

Yura Kovalec: I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

Ernesto Vanscoy: Following Ryan's shed plan guidelines you are sure to know what to do at each point in time without getting lost whatsoever [Check Details Here⇒>https://plus.google.com/109305854848533008884/posts/2qkzY1DiTEW ]. I was able to build my shed so fast even beyond my expectation. This is because of the easy to use method and the clear instructions.

Kenan Kodro: Wow! Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible on Google also has some neat plans in it for those that are into this amazing craft!

Toros: Good work. What is the height of it? And the size?

jaime del salto: what kind of wood used and where buy it

Chuck Dinsmore: nice work. I would have liked to have seen a top view how you screwed the beam to the post around the 1:33 mark.

MAI CHAU: Video for build flat foot Gazebo

Michelle Solanki: This idea is simply great, thanks! Bt the way, head over to Woody Hyezmars site, you can google his name, he’s giving away his woodworking book, I think still…

OmazingE30: awesome work... whats the name of the song.. i like it!
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Flat roof gazebo - DIY gazebo - YourGazebo.com